>Star Wars is dead!

>Kathleen Kennedy is an SJW!

>Ryan Johnson is the worst director of all time!

>the nu star wars is great!

These are some pretty smart sheep.

How are people sheep for contradicting all the gushing bullshit coming from reviewers and other retards like yourself? "They've erased white men and that's a good thing! Automatic 10/10 before I even see the film!"

No amount of sheepposting will change the fact that TLJ was an embarrassment.

Even sheep have patrician taste

>How are people sheep for having the least controversial opinion in the history of star wars?

>I'm so much smarter than these other sheep

>This is the best shilling Disney can buy

I love how if you hate TLJ you must be a chauvinist pig. I don't give a shit about the Mary Sue's that movie was pure trash

>least controversial opinion
To you perhaps. Because despite your shitpost you know they're right.

Besides, whether an opinion is or isn't controversial, that has no bearing on its merit.

>I always have the exact opposite opinion that other sheep have.

So mad

Where did you get that impression?

those sheep look really really pretty

After Trump won the presidency, small groups of soy eating bug men and trannies formed a bunch of liberal centered discords that they use to coordinate shitposting efforts on designated boards with high amounts of Cred Forums influence. They are trying to change the cultural landscape of Cred Forums so that we cannot use it as a headquarters for the 2020 election like we did in 2016. They will reply to this post with mutts and wojaks wearing maga capes or pictures of overweight Trump supporters because they've distributed a collection of images meant to dissuade people from liking him.

>jokes on you im just trying to make you mad on purpose

I just call it as I see it, senpai

Ok.but what does that have to do with Star Wars?

>no white men in the hero shot of the rebellion means progress

Maybe there's a sheep Wakanda out there somewhere, showing what sheep could have achieved if they hadn't been enslaved.

>No matter what happens, this board will always be the dumping ground of fat americans and their circus of a government

Star Wars has turned into a sjw shit fest and is hemorrhaging it's fan base.


Stickin' it to the sheeple! Stay epic, my man!

Sheeps are so cute.
I'm not saying I'd do it but I somewhat understand those muslims.

it's kinda funny, but you're right... I mean, the amount of shitposting and cringe levels the "detractors" of the film displayed on this board at least, support your post 100% OP. They are truly the sheep.

>being THIS triggered by mutt memes
El goblino...