Why are internet reviewers so bad at making films themselves?

Why are internet reviewers so bad at making films themselves?

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>lumping James Rolfe in with the rest of those faggots

Just going to leave it here.

Those who can't do, user.

Who's the faggy 12 year old in the top left?

Well just to focus on one quadrant of your image OP, Let's just say that when future generations sift through the smoldering rubble of postmodern America, they would do well to locate a hard drive with RedLetterMedia content on it. They could study Mike and Jay and, with that thin slice of information, fully understand what it is that killed western civilization.
Those two are bitter, cynical nihilists. They have devoted their lives, the prime years of productivity, to pithily lampooning cultural ephemera and implying "we could do better than these idiot filmmakers, but we're too cool to actually try."
They are every strain of societal AIDS melded together into a super AIDS of cultural death...
Well into middle age, they're still obsessively analyzing adventure stories for children. They're childless, unmarried, stubbornly avoiding an actual profession, opting instead to beg for Patreon donations. They are subsisting on the patronage of even more embittered, more lonely, more cynical losers who need virtual friends to swim in their vast Petri dish of misery with them.
Look in their fucking eyes, man. It's a joyless, pointless existence they're living.
They are so afraid of sincerity or honest artistic effort that they'll leave behind hours of footage of them chuckling about Tommy Wiseau. They are artistic cowards and abject failures in every respect.
Each time you catch a glimpse of them, you're reminded that we peaked as a civilization a long time ago. We're done creating. We're done feeling real emotions. All we can do now is analyze, criticize, and ironically pick through the dessicated corpse of our once great nation.

because its easier to understand what makes a film bad rather than what makes a film good

only know Mike, avgn and nostalgia critic. who's the other guy?

Making a quality film on a low budget requires a lot of talented friends and a great screenplay. Making a decent youtube review series requires 1 talented friend and parroting or signalling against the opinions of online communities.


I tried discussing this with my gf.

Personally, I would rather celebrate the worst movie maker ever than the best film reviewer, because putting yourself on the line and actually creating something for other people to engage with is what actually brings humanity forward, as opposed to simply using complicated word salad to overintellectualize childish schlock.

She's a big fan of many of these internet reviewers, so it led to major fight. Should I let it go? Can I learn to love internet movie reviewers? They just seem like such talentless hacks, abusing the modern day financial landscape to make easy money doing very little and contributing even less.

Probably the same reason regular critics are. Despite being Pulitzer-winning writer, Ebert was shit at screenwriting.

>Can I learn to love internet movie reviewers?
You dont have to. You have to accept eachother for what you are.
On the other hand- growing up would do wonders for you, so I suggest you do that.

here I was baiting for a shitposts and you gave me decent, empathic advice, with only a hint of vitriol. Nice, thanks user.

Why would you expect more? Criticism isn't creation.

Redlettermedia are professional hack frauds. I know this is a joke/meme that even they buy into but in reality its the truth. Essentially everything they make is purposefully schlock paying homage to schlock. They’re essentially the gold standard for shit. They’re not “artists” and have never pretended to be anything other than, at best, internet comedians. And all of that is precisely why I love them.

>Be James Rolfe
>crowdfund $3 million to make a movie for your fans
>hire competent actors
>hire a good composer for the music
>have actual production design that doesn't look like cardboard and duct tape
>be tongue-in-cheek enough that you can get away with some cheesy monster movie effects
>release movie
>fans got what they paid for
>end up making a profit

On the flip side...

>decide to make a movie with no actual budget
>don't hire actors, just use your friends
>don't hire a composer, use shitty stock music
>production design amounts to foamcore and spray paint
>Try to be intentionally cheesy, end up being like The Room in how incompetent your filmmaking is
>release movie
>looks like dogshit, no one buys it
>lose thousands of dollars of your own money


The best critics ARE artists.

The AVGN movie is still garbage, just like Space Cop

Someone post Jay's videos, I'm retarded and can't find the link in my history

Best internet reviewer coming through.

Ashens movie was alright. Not great, but I do find myself rewatching it now and then.

I enjoy James's documentaries about movie making or whatnot than AVGN.

>People who are able to do something well can do that thing for a living, while people who are not able to do anything that well make a living by teaching.

Don't you get me started. No they fucking aren't. Just no. A kid with a box of crayons has as much artistic vision as a film critic, the only difference is the kid works in a more complicated medium.

It’s easier to talk shit about a film than to make one.

People who actually make something will be the best critics of that process. He's not wrong.

yeah, those persona 5 and resident evil 7 let's plays this year are really raking in the viewers.

That would imply that these online opinion regurgitators were actually good at either of those two things.

Critiquing is super easy. It's hard to create.

Is English your native language?

They aren’t Cahiers du Cinema.

We are not all born Jewish and within the invisible walls of Hollywood.

why do you ask?

Man, I'm pretty good with cringe, but this is too much.

AVGN movie really didn't turn out great. He also had to deal with the harsh reality of paying to film on location which set him back significantly.

james rolfe is a massive faggot as well. least fagotty is mike by a mile.

I don't know why James did this

He actually betrayed fans who just wanted to see their fav internet guys and game review on big screen



I agree with this. Watching them grow over a number of years, it seems to me like their channel's expansion has been more of a happy accident than anything else. Popularity to ad sales to revenue to new shows and gear and such.

There's other more serious reviewers, but there aren't any others who's tone, attitude, and independence are like RLM.

Yeah, there was no jokes at all.

He couldn't make a decent movie either.

Wait do Ralph's movies blow? I haven't watched one yet, arr they worth watching?

>implying Space Cop isn't KINO

it isn't

it's just bad with no fun factor


>Look in their fucking eyes, man. It's a joyless, pointless existence they're living

They used to not have them is the thing, like them reviewing movies was just something they did on the side for fun but it has evolved into their jobs and lively hoods and I think theyve grown to realize that which is why they feel so dead inside now.

oh nice a fart smeller job

uhhh what the fuck

I like james, but his movie was actually the worst one, because he actually tried and was invested in it, and it turned out to be the biggest turd of them all.

Idk man I think Jay over time has come to believe hes an artist and Mike probably honestly had potential.

I hated his comedy relief so much.

I do give it props for that Warwick davis moment. That made me laugh pretty hard.

They have no taste usually.

The AVGN movie was awful and I defend some of his recent AVGN episodes

I find Jame's long hiatus to make the movie really made his popularity wane while other nerd reviewers overtook him. It was a bad move all around.

not even that, you just read off of a wiki. AVGN is a work of pure passion though. Rolfe is an autistic hoarder.

99.9999999% of all art made ever is bad, this is just how hard it is to make something that is good

Once you review that many modern movies you realize how much are absolutely shit. It is enough to break anyone.

modern culture is nothing but regurgitation of classics. 1999 is pretty much the cut off point.

This. And it actually surprises me to read something like this on Cred Forums.

>I think Jay over time has come to believe hes an artist
Literally what the fuck are you talking about?

I'm inclined to agree, to bring it to a general sense, it's incredibly easy to criticise something and it takes a lot more effort to create something even a fraction of as good yourself. It's why I can't really criticise teenagers for say busking badly, they have the confidence to try something.

Because it takes a certain kind of passion to keep going. Reviews are easier and don't require circumstances to line up.

Hold your horses, Oprah.

Before you leave her, I would consider reading the dialogue by Oscar WIlde called "Critic as Artist."


In a way, Oscar WIlde was a troll. But he just so happened to write great plays as well lampooning morons of his day.

>those who can't do, teach
>those who can't teach, criticize

Being a buff and a critic is much easier than being a creator, so naturally their movies weren't great (though some of those weren't even trying). That said, they're above most dumb critics simply because they actually did attempt to create something. Also Space Cop is the #1 movie in Uganda
>made his popularity wane while other nerd reviewers overtook him
It made his relevancy with his fans wane a bit, because his content is has been so hit and miss and sporadic ever since, but he's still getting like 1.5m+ views per video, he's doing pretty fantastic actually. Too bad Mike and that one fat dude are taking over the channel.

agreed, when he reviews stuff he likes out of character he's genuine and aware of some of the evident faults the film has unlike the rest of these cynical turds

I agree. The AVGN movie is the worst. There’s zero sincerity and it’s just Rolfe celebrating himself the whole time. I didn’t even laugh once, the jokes are all so fucking lame

Cinemassacre has been unbearable over the last year or so ever since they decided not to hang on to Bootsy. The content sucks. Stupid business blunder on their part to refuse to pay the guy who was keeping their reputation afloat

Just watched the Cinemassacre review of some anime game where a horse has the face of a man. Fucking garbage video, there were some fucking basic observations (ROFL THIS IS SO WACKY AND THEY ARE DRAWN DIFFERENT XD). I think I'm done with Cinemassacre, it's a good gateway to old b-movies but that's it.

Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild is the only good one.

It's not amazing, it suffers from some dated jokes and crowbarred-in talent from the YouTube network that funded it. But, it's competent, Ashens is a decent comic lead and is genuinely affable enough for the whole thing to just hold together.

The theme song was pretty kino too.

Making a film is a completely different set of skills from being an entertaining film critic.

I tried to watch it earlier but turned it off immediately after Mike tried to talk in the girl’s voice. I was embarrassed for him. I’m officially done

Just unsubbed from Cinemassacre this morning. Nice to know it’s not just me. Oh well, all good things must come to an end

Mike and Jay aren't filmmakers, they're entertainers. Sure, they went to film school but they're basically just comedians at this point.

>why put effort into making Space Cop when you already get piles of cash from your patreon for doing nothing
>spit out a half in the bag or review a few times a month

Nostalgia Critic blows and should die

I think Mike is married and has a child.

His was arguably the worst
Ironically the only person who can make a decent film is Ashens, and hes not pretentious about it and offers it for free

>rich has a fiance
>aids moby is married
>mike's gf is that jessie chick or whatever her name is
>jay is forever alone because he never got over lauren
>rich evans is the only one out of them engaged to be married
>that fat slob