What are some films like the Ninth Gate?

What are some films like the Ninth Gate?
>surreal atmosphere
>protag who is in over his head
>cute girl who helps him
>all his friends/contacts start dying off abruptly due to the danger he is in
>good pacing

That film is shit


Lord of illusions
features peak famke

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Memento, with guy pierce (sp?)



Idk, but The Omen is good satan kino

Try Drag Me To Hell

Pans labyrinth has a similar vibe

Hellboy 1 and to a lesser extent, 2

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>he can't into arthouse thriller
One of Polanski's best, an actual non-meme pleb filter.

t.no litty critic

>virtue signaling
Reminder that he married the actress in the OP and had children with her. We get it, you don't support what he did. But nobody does, people are just able to separate the art from the person.

the second half is unironically black dogshit
like most of his films

How many of his films have you seen?

all but the pirate one