Does anybody on Cred Forums collect these? Are they really worth the price?

Does anybody on Cred Forums collect these? Are they really worth the price?

They have big 50% sales every now and then, most people buy them then.

Plus anything that hasn't moved in a while is 10$ off at any given moment.

Probably not objectively worth it but I like them enough to waste some money. I've always been more into special features than most ppl I know, so if you're going to watch all the extra shit you'll get a lot out of it.

Are you suffering from some sort of mental illness?

Collectors probably know a lot about Criterion and can explain the appeal

Why would you buy it when like half of the yify rips are criterion? Just download them dude.

A sure way to spot a pseud


I don't really get people who collect them on brand status only. I guess it's an okay way to discover new stuff, but I only pick them up if it's a film I like and I'm interested in their special features/essays which they usually excel at.

If it’s a movie I love, I’ll buy it. I just got th Criterion “Silence of the Lambs” and it’s the best the film has ever looked.

people who like criterion are the worst. they are so full of themselves for thinking they know film even though they are all certified shit

But I thought those really are kino?
Thanks. I was interested in using it to buy films I’ve never seen before.

They used to stand for something 20 years ago. It all changed when they released Armageddon. It only went downhill after that. Nowadays their releases of absolute fucking tryhard Plebbit shit and literal who trash, also Lena Dunham outweights their what seems to be by pure chance good picks by 100:1. I mean I understand why they chose the path they did, but mehhh...
Just buy the ones you personally know that are great. Don't buy anything blindly, thinking it will be a good movie just because Criterion is slapped on it. That means fuckall these days.

what do you want

>Are they really worth the price?
Most of them, no

It's literally called the Criterion Collection, you massive faggot. Not everyone is in irredeemable streaming pleb like you.

>Judge Dredd

> Does anybody on Cred Forums collect these?

Yes because they are the highest quality of transfers/restorations for various types of films and have great supplements

> Are they really worth the price?

Depends. You can find good 50% off deals through the website and Barnes and Noble twice a year. Also you can find some deals on Amazon.

Its best to just buy the movies you really love and want to see it at home in the highest quality.

most pretensious collection of films.

>they are the highest quality of transfers/restorations
stop spouting this meme

only for the films of Bresson and Tarkovsky

I buy them when they have a film I want, but I don't just buy anything they slap their logo in.
I've only got 4

Don't bother. Only pseudointellectuals watch criterion

and you watch marvel movies then?

>if you don't lap up shit you must only enjoy popular things

I plan to start buying more. Right now I only have Stalker and La Dolce Vita. The next ones I plan to get is some Wes Anderson before his new one comes out.

I collect Criterion. Like others have said, I usually just buy during the 50% off sales. I recently picked up Wild Strawberries, The Gold Rush, Blood Simple, Rashomon and Elevator to the Gallows.

>nice strawman
no one actually owns or likes tiny furniture

Why are these threads always filled by faggots who just blow hot air

now you've done it, you're gonna get annihilated by contrarians

Im really excited for the virgin suicides release :3

I like them. They're neat. Though I wouldn't go full blown autism and collect for the sake of collecting. Including shit I don't watch.
I have Punch Drunk Love, David Lynch's crap, Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence, Malick's kinos, Hunger, and some others. I want to get Thief.

>the most mainstream hollywood shit in the collection

>muh kurosawa

Sofia is kino and best Coppola

Aden maybe they just appreciate the extras, audio and visual quality Criterion brings to the table

>muh need to start a fight on every thread because I'm deeply insecure

Pleb retard

Can you explain what’s so bad about Criterion films and what the better alternatives are?
I’m new to movies, so I don’t know if these posts are typical contrarianism or legit.

I kind of want Filmstruck because it's hard to find a lot of those movies on pirate streaming sites.

hard to argue with such powerful buzzwords

Anyone know when the next one is?

Haha no. Kurosawa is baby's first step into non-mainstream hollywood film. Idiots like you get stuck on Kurosawa and convince themselves that he represents peak cinema. There's much better stuff out there that isn't accessible to every child and pseud that wants to convince themselves they know film.

Sofia makes thought provoking films from a female perspective, which will you never understand because you either place women on a pedestal or are a bitter virgin

I collect them on my hd since they're for americans only.

I'd say it's mostly the buyers. Like with those who watch Rick & Morty. Or Pink Floyd fans. Or black metal fans.
Not all, but a lot are pseuds. Elitism.
Criterions aren't bad though. They can be pretty cool when they come with neat interviews, extras and packaging. For example the packaging for Dr. Strangelove.
Restorations are also good but not always the best out there. Arrow has cool releases as well.

it's physically impossible to still be region locked in this day and age

It's a shame that brainlets like you tricked the world into thinking Kurosawa represents Japanese cinema.

I've never even seen a kurosawa apart from dreams m8

Is that supposed to help your case?

nothing will help my case when the version of me you're arguing with is imaginary

stick to anime

I've bought a number over the years during the 50% off sales and deals through Amazon. They do a good job in their restorations and usually have a good amount of special features. Far more than most current releases anyways.

I'd recommend trying Filmstruck. You have access to their catalog and can determine what you like rather than blind buying cause there's definitely a lot of shit in their collection.

The progression is as follows:
>Consumerist numale (Capeshit, Star Wars, Pixar, Netflix originals)
>Pseudoconsumerist numale (80s Hollywood, Ghibli, Wes Anderson, Citizen Kane)
>Babby's firsts "movies" (Scorsese, Chaplin/Keaton, non-Godfather Coppola, Hitchcock)
>Pre-arthouse (Norman Lear sitcoms, Peter Bogdanovich, Billy Wilder, non-Citizen Kane Welles)
>Entry arthouse (Bergman, Lang, Kurosawa, more well-known Fellini)
>Arthouse (Antonioni, Rossellini, Bunuel, Stroheim, lesser-known Fellini)

I collect them insofar as I buy ones that I've watched before and liked or ones that I'm 90+% sure I'll like. Only buy during 50% off sales, though. People who think they're geniuses because they collect/watch criterion or just buy anything with the brand name on it are idiots.

if you have to ask, don't buy

My post wasn't about anons like you

OP, get a region free blu-ray player and purchase Arrow academy, studio canal, masters of cinema etc. releases. Almost always they literally the exact same transfer used in Criterion releases and a 1/3rd of the price.

you are retarded

Where's my boy Malick on this list?

Barnes & Noble has them every July and November. The Criterion site just had one a few days ago.

delete this, turn off your phone

This is my watchlist, what should I watch tonight?


Kurosawa is not real arthouse. The only reason people view it as such is because it's foreign and non in color. The stories themselves fail to surpass almost all of those directors.

The Red Shoes

Autumn Sonata

That's a good one. I felt like Bergman was essentially criticizing himself with this movie.

Dreams is pretty abstract.

Bicycle Thieves
Joan of Arc
Autumn Sonata


The only honest movie list is good old fashioned imdb and if you don't like it you can get the fuck off my Cred Forums

>that list
wtf i hate normies now?!

Being abstract doesn't mean anything in determining artistic value. Bresson's movies are less complex than half of hollywood's movies yet he's one of the greatest directors of all time.

This list is Reddit af

Mon Oncle for a good laugh.

I have downloaded every single one from the main collection, the laserdiscs that didnt make it, and the arrow/eclipse collections
Generally no, unless you really like a movie
I bought the Kurosawa box set and the Fanny and Alexander one, money I never once regret spending

I own Eraserhead but that's it

thank god my friend told me filmstruck is a thing.

I own and like Tiny Furniture...

Dodes'ka den

>actually collection physical media in current year

just fucking download them you pleb retard

they release a lot of good stuff but if i can get a semi decent transfer of a film from an 'inferior' distributor, i will, they are just too damn expensive