Youtube has CENSORED the most popular star wars force awaken review by placing it behind an age gate

youtube has CENSORED the most popular star wars force awaken review by placing it behind an age gate

being someone who watches youtube not signed in i notice these things when they suddenly happen...i know ive checked in on it within the last few months and it wasnt there then either

cant have all those paid promotional reviews go unnoticed by this "evil man saying mean things"

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To play the devil's advocate here, don't the Plinkett reviews generally have references to prostitutes, physical abuse and sometimes diarrhea?

Jew tube strikes again

literally no other vids are age gated, i just went thru the most popular ones

>the most popular.
>Isn't even close to being the most popular.

Whatever you say RLM shill.

Hopefully people will continue to flag all RLM videos until they lose their monetization status.


Why would they censor it 2 years later...

They're generally low-brow trash made for teenage morons.

Probably because YouTube is about to take away their monetization status.

I got nothing to do, I'll take the bait.
Get one of those download youtube videos, copy the link, paste it there, grab the download link, slam it in the browser, watch.

>YouTube is about to take away their monetization status.
Is it because people on Cred Forums keep flagging their videos? I've heard if you do that enough YT automatically takes away your funding.

it's working guys!
keep reporting

Youtube hates its content creators. It has been actively finding ways to demonetize as many videos as they can.

No. They just hate low quality garbage.

And why would you want to watch that shit?

>youtube has an age-gate
oh no, how the fuck will we ever get around this lads? Surely we were all upstanding netizens who have never lied about our age to access a porn site or buy a game off steam. I also assume we all discovered Cred Forums after we were 18, as per Global Rule #2

this topic isnt about the fucking ability to watch, its about the fucking sudden selective manual choice youtube age gated the most recent star wars plinket review which has close to 5 million views where as most of their vids get around 1-2 mil

this is the same shit all corporations do to youtubers, they attack the biggest video(s)

age gate is just a passive aggressive way to reduce viewership "look mommy this must have bad things in it...lemme watch paid promotion soyboy's review instead"

So are you saying... that if I decided to flag all their videos.... and if enough people did the same thing... youtube would revoke their monetization?

the problem is that you now have to have an account to watch it

I mean, to be fair, I think Plinkett vids should be age gated.

What are you on about? We already know that jewtube favors the big boys, everyone already knows that. One example was Logan Paul's dead body vid, they didn't do shit until enough people complained.

I don't see why you're bitching when this was and has always been that way, you have money you rule.

You have to sign in to watch it now, which will limit its audience


No you don't

just add nsfw before youtube and press enter

now if only they would censor it completely

ask jack if he would let his kids watch the reviews

To be fair, most kids are smart enough to lie about their age when making accounts like I'm sure you also did when you were one, but even if that wasn't the case I don't think there are many kids even watching RLM, it's mostly just edgy teens and failed adults since that's the audience that gets pulled with their brand of humor

Point being, Youtube could do a fuckton more than just adding an age restriction like straight up demonetization and account flagging and whatever else shady shit they do to other accounts, I mean sure it's a bit weird, but barely noteworthy in the grand scheme of things

wtf when was this URL hack found?

i always just used embedresponsibly's website

Fuck off

Because someone flagged it for age inappropriate jokes dumbo.

Everybody has an account except you virgins.
Normies even log in with their fb Accounts

Hooktube is a thing.

whats the new utube user, I uploaded my Cred Forums prequel edit but it was blocked worldwide

>behind an age gate
The youtube age restriction isn't enforced by the API. You can bypass it by watching youtube through mpv + youtube-dl. When will tech illiterates learn?

It was the worst Plinkett review anyway. half the video wasn't even about TFA and the other half was Mike lobbing softballs instead of addressing real issues people had with the movie.

It's not about the ability to bypass, it's about it serving as a deterrent, because if it deters 10 viewers then it's done its job..


DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!