Where were you on the night of May 18, 1999?

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In my dads ballsack.

a babby

I can't remember but I do know that my buddy and I were both obsessed with Darth Maul but only his parents could afford to buy him a lightsaber so I always had to play as Qui Gon and he'd just beat the shit out of me repeatedly and it really hurt

watching the towers fall down on TV


Friday night? I was probably playing with Nintendo 64

With some friends at the theater waiting for the midnight release. That was one of the most surreal experiences in my life.
>tfw 1999 was 40 years ago

i wasn't born yet

I was one year old

Well it was a tuesday, so I was probably playing N64 after finishing my homework

At that age I didn't give a shit about movies, just vidya and cartoons


>all of these youngfags in this thread.
Fuuuuuck I feel old.

I was at home because I gave no fucks about Shit Wars

Probably playing Nintendo or some stupid shit

user, i......

watching my favorite wrestler Owen Hart

I was literally coming into this thread to shitpost and pretend I wasn't born yet, but seeing all the underage in this thread has made me feel old and depressed.

at home mad as fuck because i couldn't get any play with the girls at my high school

wat game?


You must be 18+ to post on this site.

At the Mann theater in line super excited to be a part of history.

Star Wars was a mistake.


I bet all of you fags loved TPM on the first viewing and only later started hating it because that was what all the cool kids were doing.

Don't be. There's nothing more embarrassing than unironically being gen-z. And as if happens to be, they're the most likely generation to be clinically depressed and seek medication.

In my Jedi Robes preparing for the Star Wars movement. Too bad it moved to clearance.

The only thing good to come out of Star Wars was Joseph Campbell's renewed popularity.


loved it the first time and love it still

I was filing a flight plan with my friends Smee, Maimen, Dr. Paveleer, and Juan Ovyu.

right here

In my room reading this

Sleeping before school the next day probably. I didn't see that abomination until awhile after it premiered.

damn i remember reading this in first grade

i remember fucking advertisements and promotions of star wars everywhere. the toys and the soda. i also remember getting that globe toy from taco bell along with that one with the ship that shoots laser when you press the trigger and even a jar jar plush that would talk i think

I was 4 so I don't think I saw it, I don't remember anything at that age. I do remember revenge of the sith, I liked it but my old brother didn't. Thought obi wan telling anakin he was the chosen one was emotional.

Those are very late 90's sounding nick names.

i was 10, so probably i was playing with my snes knock-off in my bedroom

you know what it do

You know saying "I didn't exist" is perfectly legal right? It's 2018, do you not pay attention when the years change? This stupid "I can't believe time moves forward wahhh meme", you people need to get over it.

Probably staying up playing some Pokemon Gold before going to bed.

>Where were you on the night of May 18, 1999?

I was actually waiting in line outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood waiting to see the midnight opening with my GF and some of my closest friends. It was a wonderful experience that I will always cherish.

I was three... probably.... sleeping

Good to see someone still appreciates kino
>comfy as fuck Tatooine scenes
>wondering just what Sheev's endgame is
>seeing the Jedi order for the first time and getting a hunch that they might not be what you thought
>best fucking lightsaber fight in star wars history up until that point
>Duel of the Fates
Man I wish I could go back and see it for the first time again

if you're born in the 2000's you're underage. I don't care about the math

Actually was indifferent to it, as I am with everything Star Wars.

And also I remember having this vader yoda cube

I'm not using underage in total seriousness. Just how people who've started coming here after 06-07 are still "newfags".

i was 1 so i was probably sleeping or shitting or eating

How about "very annoying people that I can't stand were born much later than me and who had an easy life and never knew the magic of the 90s like I did"? That would fit I think, considering "underage" is wrong if you were born in january or february at that time.

mah nigga

>Not making it Vader/Anakin
They literally ad one job

what the fuck, I was born in 1998 but I distinctly remember having this little globe.


why you make me feel them feels

they did have one

As far as I'm concerned, people born in the 90s are still underageb&s


So almost nobody in this thread can recall being at the release?


I didn't go to the midnight premiere, but I did go that summer. It was like the day school got out for summer or soon after.

it'll be interesting to see how kids that are younger than 10 now turn out when they grow up. I'm a 1998 youngfag but I remember when smartphones came out and I didn't have one until high school, people nowadays just hand their toddlers an iPad and let them get lost in bizarre perverse youtube playlists.

I was 4, so probably gone to bed after watching Thomas the tank engine and playing with my action man

Probably at home watching Liar Liar on VHS on my dad’s lap

I miss the ol days, bros. When I was young, happy and unknowing.

Word on the internet was the movie sucked, I didn't bother seeing it till it had been out for a month.

This thread should be deleted because it has devolved into a 90's nostalgia thread.

1999 was 19 years ago.

i was 5 and i liked it but was really bored at parts, then ep 2 came out and was shit.
>went back to rewatch tpm
>was bored throughout 95%.
worthless movie.

I went with 3 of my childhood friends.
After seeing the movie, We got attacked by 2 lesbian hooligans. I will never forget that day.

I was drinking all day every day to cope with hating my job and my long-term girlfriend having just left me.
Good times.


jesus get off the board already grandpa

Probably playing video games of some sort.

I was 4 years old. My mom would never have taken me back then, she was very protective.

I was stewing in my mothers womb

in 5th grade

The force is female now, nerd. Get over it.

ty for the old memory.

describe the experience in detail user, especially what the lesbians looked like. It must have been very frightening for you.

>I remember when smartphones came out
Smartphones came out ~1999/2000. You were one or two. No way you remember or cared about that.

I was 2 years old

good foreshadowing of what was to come.

i actually went. it was fun outside. was only an ok movie sadly

The definition of "smartphone" is debatable but I would consider the first iPhone to be the beginning of advanced smartphones as they are today, which happened in 2007. Either way my bumfuck poor family was always back in time a bit.

>word on the internet
>the internet is 40 years old

I was one, probably at home with shit in my diaper


what is math

was 6 years old, thought it was incredible back then, as well as laughing at jar jar. I do remember being bored by the political scenes

we went out the cinema walking towards the spot where we were going to be picked up by my dad. 2 females on a scooter stopped and attacked me and my friends . They where 2 bull dykes wearing " buffalos". this happened in Bruges. Boot related

Asleep in my bed probably having nightmares about aliens or the bonfire pig for the 1000th time, only to be woken up by severe back spasms yet again.

Holy fuck, the nostalgia. My older brother used to collect Star Wars memorabilia. He was 10 years older than me and had that on his desk in such a way that I only saw the Yoda side. Never looked at it closely until I went in his room after he went to college, blew my mind that it was just a reflection.
Also, random story about that brother.
>be 6ish
>older brothers were both 10 years older than me and total chads
>oldest brother secretly collected all kinds of things
>would tell his friends he only collected baseball cards but his favorite collection was his star wars action figures (unboxed)
>he almost had the whole set, and frequently asked me to find him figures he didn't have
>i would smuggle them into a different toy aisle and hide them, then he'd buy them after school
>used to keep them in his closet in a garbage bag so his friends wouldn't see
>mom wouldn't buy me the vader action figure
>remember that my brother has one and assumed he wouldn't care if i took his out to play with it
>run it back to my room, rip open the packaging
>mid light saber battle, i realize that i just fucked up big time
>brother gets home from job, goes to his room
>i walk in, holding back tears, and tell him that i ruined his collection
>'shit user, you could've told me'
>bro walks to closet, pulls out a different garbage bag from the top shelf
>inside are another four darth vader figures
>'just keep that one. have fun user.'
Fuck man, I forgot all about this. Star Wars seriously helped shape some of my best memories.

idk probably at home reading a star wars book

Roger Ebert gave it 3.5/4 stars and thought the CGI was so good that it would spawn a new generation of cinema

I still enjoy it to this day despite all it's flaws, some times you just gotta roll in the shit with the pigs if that is what makes you happy.

Are you still good friends with those three people user? Or have they all moved on like mine? :'(

I was 9 so probably watching the original trilogy in anticipation to rent the new star wars on vhs from hollywood video.

Playing Kingdom Hearts on my Gamecube

Ebert feared the Mouse before they even owned SW.

Anyone remember the Jar-Jar head with the sticky tongue, those thing were everywhere at my school and I remember throwing one into some thorn bushes after this kid kept trying to "lick" me with it.

i honestly don't remember if I liked the movie. I did like the podracing and had the N64 podracing game.

Wasn't even born yet

Lrn2math fuckin retard

I was sleeping. But I remember seeing it on the weekend and there was a giant inflatable Mountain Dew mountain you could climb up outside the theater. Keep in mind this was at the height of the Pepsi Challenge era. Ah, what a time to be alive. No terrorism, no muslims everywhere.


Supreme gentleman detected

May 18th is mid-year, so + 9 months is well into 2000, making you too young to be allowed to browse this site. Regardless, anyone born post 99 is gutter trash, even worst than millennials.

Fuck off, twerp. Even if you're 18, it means you only started browsing this site this year, making you a newfag.

God, I would given anything to go back to pre-911 years.


that's a very pure story user, thank you for sharing

That's a very naive outlook.

No it just means they can start stating when they were born without getting banned.

Probably using a computer for the first time and making shitty geocities pages in between looking up boobs on the internet and dicking with Active Worlds.

having a wank in my room most likely

born in 1980.Remember Soviet base in my city which was targetted by around 50 nukes. Remember convoys of tanks on train wagons moving to Russia in 1992. I saw Havel, John Paul II in person.
I remember my first ecstasy in 1999.
Partying in techno houses 2000-2004 with two recovering heroin addicts models who switched to speed and ecstasy.
Eh, these days will never come back.

based darth maul


Forget about 1999, remember 1995

Youre underage as fucking hell. Good god you retards with your stupid revisionist history on the prequels. TPM was not well received from the outset it was a resounding "meh" from a lot of the biggest fanboys.

You can't user, you just can't...

89 here. I don't remember, but I did see this when it came out in theatres. I loved the pod racing and Maul. Lucas knew his target audience.

I was 5, I remember pod racing greeting cards and balloons on display in the store when this movie was out. How anyone could be excited for this beats me. Everybody knows what it leads to. Not too excited for the GoT prequels for the same reason.

I was 8 so I was at home. Went and saw it the next day after school though. Then I saw it 2 more times throughout the week

I know I saw this at the kinoplex with my Dad, but I don't have a single memory of it. Yet I can remember seeing Godzilla (1998) twice as clear as day.

so many fucking children ITT God

no wonder this is the most reddit of boards

>When the intro theater orientation clip is more kino the film you are about to watch.

This happened to me that night.


UA had some of the most kino policy intros of all time


what a convoluted fucking strawman

The was the first cam I ever downloaded. Glorious 2 cd shitty cam of an even shittier movie. Me and my bros wanted to like it, but we couldn't really follow the stupid plot.

Shut up nappy

Forgot how bad lesbian gangs where in the 90s jesus

Post the "smartphone" that was out in fucking 2000 you underage autist.

Spent 2 days downloading a Cam Rip using dial up.

Wake up and it is finished. Go pop some popcorn. Pack a bowl and get ready to watch. Start first file and it is some shitty modern Eddie Murphy film.

Where did you download it? Directly or through P2P like Limewire?



Its was my day of birth so hospital

My mums boyfriend took me to see it. I was 4 or 5, I only hazily remember Maul getting sliced in two.

We went fruit picking that day too. Take me back god

Isn't Mike Stoklasa in this somewhere?

Planing the 9/11


i remember that scene differently. is this one of lucas edits?

prolly not a lot. Probably finished uni exams. I had significant mental health issues at that time.

Ah yes, I remember the awesome smartphone called Nokia 3310. Fantastic little device.

sounds fucking sick

My dad took me and my 8 month pregnant step mom to the opening night in Universal Orlando which was about a 4 hour drive. I was like 7-8 at the time and I had fun. My step mom was also pissed and ended up giving birth like 2 days later.

>Not having it on aeroplane mode.

One job.

Why did they all love it?

Did you have guys lightsaber fighting in front of the screen in your theater?

This is what everyone did.

Everybody fucking loved every part of this movie until 2004. Then they started bitching about it.

I still want that Yoda magic 8-Ball thingy that Taco Bell had

>I think little Anakin Skywalker, and I know everyone's gonna say it, stole that movie
Holy fuck, if only that guy knew what would eventually happen to Jake Lloyd. This video is like watching another dimension, the hype for TFA was nowhere near this close.

That guy at the very end though...

Yeah, that guy got fucked over.

Busy fapping to giant asian titty porn.

It was a different time...

In the Grauman's Chinese theater on Hollywood blvd, with the rest of the people who camped out for 2 months.


I was asleep in my bed because I was six years old.

Perhaps you should check yours? If he was still sperm on that date then even if he became a zygote that night plus 9 months till birth would put him in a late February 2000. Best case scenario is they'd be 18 by just a couple of days now, more likely 'in his dad's ballsack' is still underage.

I remember seeing the ads in KFC with a large Jar Jar Binks Poster near the menu