*takes control of all entertainment media*

*takes control of all entertainment media*

when will the star wars universe meet the MCU?

*takes control of everything*

The Jews fear the samurai.


and we'll all be better for it

Sooner than you think. In whatever movie the Avengers® will battle Thanos, the Millennium Falcon will come in out of nowhere and bail them out

What's their endgame?

*shames you for not standing and applauding the moment a The Walt Disney Corporation© approved product is mentioned*

How do we stop them?

Own everything and have people thank them for the privilege

*stops watching*

Stop paying for their shitty movies for fuck's sake

But black panther was literally pure kino. they are so close to becoming gods

If only, too many manchildren and kids are in their pocket

When we’re old men we’ll be saying to each other “Remember when Captain America wasn’t a Jedi”


but I like movies!

it don't look good do it?

When is the copyright for Mickey Mouse/Steamboat Willie up again? Disney pushing copyright law again will be funny.

2024, allegedly

>*takes control of all entertainment media*

Except theatrical movies are a dying format.

Huh. That was lucky.


I can hardly wait.

>You see, it really isn't fair to deprive a copyright holders family and great-great-great-grandchildren of the right to their individual property, so it should be extended another century
I want to believe that, in the age of the internet, enough people could mobilize to put a stop to it, or at least draw attention to it, but in all likelihood they'll just slip it into some tax bill and we'll be fucked forever