Anyone else /comfy/?

Anyone else /comfy/?

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damn that's probably over 2000 calories right there

>tfw eat the leftover cheese with a spoon once I run out of fries
Who else /shamelesslostcause/ here?

>Amerifat """food""""

you're gonna touch your laptop with greasy taco bell fingers
ffs just eat away from the pc

That’s kino. Be proud.

dude just dip your taco/burrito into the cheese cup.

hey I remember those chips from a reviewbrah video


They’re call fries, friend

that's the only reason I order those damn fries, also they need to bring back the rolled chicken tacos

*tips large Baja Blast*

Fuck that they need to bring back the Zesty Chicken Bowl. That shit was like 3.29 and it filled me up always.

There's only 1 thing that needs to return..



la interlocutor de las extinguido lux.....

>taco bell went from being almost literally dog food to top-tier fast food kino within a few years

What went right?

fuck im hungry man

fuck you OP, i'm hungry

I finally got to try this recently. Don't get the hype. It's a chicken sandwich. Little better than mcchicken quality.

Sauce is great though.

nigger those waffle things look 2D holy fug

Those ketchup packets are god tier.

>who else /fat/?

I'm making some lasagna right now, but it won't be done for another hour or two. I'll post it if this thread is still up then.
I'm about to get comfy as fuck

macs are pcs you fucking retard

Why does it have a Mac keyboard?

Theres a child in that image, zerosugar

>not using your fingers
You haven't even come close to hitting rock bottom yet

Why should we be comfy? Your screenshot contains the dullest franchises in the history of movie franchises. Each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.

Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody?just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.

>a-at least the books were good though r-right
The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

I... didn't know Taco Bell sold fries.

That is not a pc though fuckface, not in any sense of the word

i do it with my finger. get on my level pleb.


>being this autistic about the label "pc" and caring this hard
i think you're the one that needs to kill yourself, friendo.
a laptop is a pc. a mac is a pc.
now fuck off.
also, phones are basically pcs too.

they the fuck does taco bell have FRENCH FRIES!!??

They’re really good

So many fat people ITT right. Kill yourselves.

A personal computer is a computer you can build yourself. a mac is not one of these. now fucking end your life normalfag

>Buffalo and Polynesian sauce
A fellow man of culture, I see

isn't that what op is doing?

nah its a real breast where as mcchicken is processed. the taste is light years apart. the chin-fil-a is delicious. no pickle add cheese.

sometimes I order a chicken quesadilla and wrap it around a beefy 5 layer burrito. so good

Amerifat junk food mixed with Spic junk food...

>nah its a real breast

how the fuck would you know, virgin?

they are super jewey with the fries, you get like 8 in a box

You're right. Eat more OP.

because i have eaten real chickens roasted on a spit and its the same everything. def not processed. that's their promise too. real meat. realer meat anyway.

Literally none of that is even close to mexican food, virgin.

I never had any interest in taco bell until these bad boys came out in 2011. I was hooked ever since. Still skinny too

jesus christ i dont think there is a person that fits the "19 year old that just discovered Cred Forums" stereotype more than you, faggot.

I only have 10 dollars to my name. Redpill me on the most food I can get from Taco Bell, I'm about to go in 15 minutes.

>macbook pro
>shittier food
Obvious americunts in this thread
u cunts are ruining this board, fuck off.

You use an overpriced facebook machine and take pictures of it to post on Cred Forums. You're a fucking normie son


dollar menu or no dollar menu?

>raw bread
Could be better could be worse



hell yeah user the $5 craving's deal box is fuckin good. ate 2 of them last week i'm sad to say.

10 of these. 4400 calories.

I eat 1200 calories all day.

Your food alone is 3 times that

cheesy bean and rice burrito, double decker taco, shredded chicken mini quesidilla, soft taco, hard taco, cheese fries, loaded potato griller. I think that's $9 and change. Get a water cup too. It's free

>wrestling stickers
>pokemon stickers
>watching wrestling
>in a wrestling discord
>nu-wars keychain
reddit was a mistake

This is good advice.

>you will never have one of these for the first time again while driving around and smoking bowls in your shitbox car


>eurofags worry about calories like they're an anorexic woman
>they don't lift everyday

>>pokemon stickers


el hermanito de la negro goblino Mexicano muy gordo y un pinche pendejo

Are you fat and on a diet or just a little womanly babby man?

Thanks bros. I think I'm going to get the following

>Cravings deal with Baja Blast - no ice
>2 Nacho Fries
>2 Beefy Fritos Burritos

This gives me 2 tacos, 3 burritos, 2 orders of fries, and cinetwists for dessert

underage, only high school kids smoke in their cars

inb4 vikander_curling.webm

>Wild Wild West on
Yeah, I'm good here.

good luck bubby. I ate Mcdonald's at noon but i'm thinking at 8 i'll swing by da bell and pick up one of those boxes

so you were not younger... in the past. interesting.

Good choice. I’m op and I can eat a lot, I binge eat a lot for the record. My go to order is the $5 cravings deal and two nacho fries and it makes me so full I can’t even finish the taco in the cravings deal. You’ll be stuffed with that order.

This thread made me hungry, so I scrambled up some egg whites and onions, and had a bowl of oatmeal on the side. 300 calories for everything. Start making daily changes in your life that will help you, otherwise you'll be in a hell of your own making by the time you're 30.

Now, that'll be $2000, plus tip, plus monthly patreon donation, plus speaking fee. And that's that, bucko.

bout to hop on the tube myself and watch my waifu Asuka dom sum skinny bitches.


Those Taco Bell swirls are the fucking best

Yea boy


wait people unironically eat at taco bell? do you guys just liquid shit all the time and are used to it or what?

>implying el presidente isn't a man of food culture

absolutely based. look at all that meat and cheese.

i never got that meme
my body processes junk food fine
taco bell has never made me feel like shit
maybe mcdonalds

based sequential dubs

people on the west coast have your attitude because you boys are blessed with excellent taco joints. To everyone else though, tacobell is acceptable. It's like living in and NY and ordering a sbarro's pizza. Wtf are you dong

Do you get liquid shit after eating a taco? Perhaps you should eat something your digestive tract can handle, like soy milk.

They're cheaper than the others.

they cleaned their room after the whole Ecoli thing back in the early 2000's

Sadly I'm /fast/ this day.
Well, time 4 lower body workout.

I fucking love getting that OP

>No pickle


Yeah I guess you're right. I live in Cali and never understood the appeal of Taco Bell when I can walk down the street and get authentic tacos/burritos/quesadillas/chips for the same price (or slightly more) that are made fresh in front of me.

How are those nacho fries?

carne de perro

Oh those are tasty. With their coffee that is surprisingly not too bad for a fast food chain.

I live in SD and have literally hundreds of authentic mexican joints within five miles of my home. I still get TB most of the time. Sure it’s not as good in terms of mexican food. But it’s still good in its own right.

Fair enough, I haven't tried Taco Bell in probably 2-3 years, so maybe I'm due for another visit soon based on people's posts here.

>Nacho Fries & Dip
320 cal
>Cravings Box
500 + 500 + 170 + 170
>Overall (No Drink)
>Overall (Lg Drink at 410)
So yes, if you have a soda it's over 2000 cal.

that's why you get diet mtn dew and make it your only meal of the day so you can eat it forever without getting fat

looks good. but you'd be better off enjoying it watching a film instead of this board.


hope you enjoy your lasagna user!

youre being pedantic as fuck and you're not impressing anyone

Is Cred Forums the new Cred Forums? Why must Cred Forums destroy everything?

Factor in a pint of vodka is 1,000 calories. That's a real good time.

>hating on Kino Bell
You have to go back

I would hate getting my computer all greasy but that's just me do you senpai

I really don't understand how people get fat. I eat what i want when i want(which means junk food a lot). Never even been overweight. I guess different peoples bodies and/or brains must work differently. And to get a couple things out of the way,
>hurr just wait till you hit 30
i'm 46
>what are you doing on Cred Forums you should be blah blah adult shit
you are here forever

>Why must Cred Forums destroy everything?

>unironically asking this

They're just seasoned fries like other places sell. Only difference is the seasoning is added after the fries are cooked, like the cheese dust on Doritos.

Who else /5dollarboxmeal/ here?

This is getting tempting.