*quips quippily*

*quips quippily*

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"I don't see how that's a party."


*unzips zippily*

*JUST justicely*



She's like: *SIGH* "Very well, feast your eyes on my succulent curves."

Is this real or Photoshop?

she looks happier here

>She's like: *SIGH* "Very well, feast your eyes on my succulent curves."

Its 100% real.

She likes it.

when people get a boner their writing quality goes to shit

It's true. Can't think straight.

Imagine being the guy responsible for cleaning her suit.

He 100% smelled her suit before washing it.

She has one of the most BITEABLE asses ever. I just want to chew on it and smack it and make it jiggle.

These comic accurate suits are incredible, got any sauce my lad?


imagine her farting at her fans

Where would the fart even go? It would be trapped in her ass.

this pic reminds me of something

Cred Forums sure loves jews

Really good way to put it, I just want to run my teeth over her cheeks.

Just morphs found online. Lemme see, I should have another one.

My emperor is THICC

She went from thicc to sticc. Thicc is always happier than sticc.


Truly a shame the only comic accurate suit we got on an actress in capeshit was fucking Olivia Munn as Psylocke.

Allow me to bring you some more.

Some oiled up jugs would've improved that movie considerably.

Well, to be honest, her suit's not INaccurate. How often does Widow show significant cleavage? Her suit in Avengers is still deliciously tight.

Comic accurate Scarlet Witch would have been amazing, she's got the right assets, if you catch my drift.

Made for face-sitting.

Goddamn, she's more endowed than I remembered.

thicc widow

whatcha looking at, user?


am i the only one who finds that scene where she fights renner in the first avengers movie incredibly fucking hot


My only gripe is the typical Marvel cutting, I would've loved to see more choreography.
I love seeing her move like that, though.

>tfw no rough sexe against the hood of a car while she wears that suit

The dirt and grim kinda makes her suit hotter.


Keep 'em coming lads, this is the best thread on Cred Forums right now

Considering her tits are pretty small, I'd say it's clearly real.

they used to be big before she chopped em off. shame didn't do nudity before that

Fuck, I had forgotten about that one.
>that lip bite

Here's a morph a friend of mine did. She must have some high tensile strength training bra.

>chopped them off
That should be illegal.


>SNL skit ridiculing something or other
>the low budget suit shows even more ass

I'll take it!

Real shame about that. Someone said she did it because of backpain, but surely she'd need to see a lot more endowed for that to take effect, right? I mean, look at Tessa Fowler, she has massive natural tits.

Y'know, heels can apparently cause backpain, too.

*need to BE



Natasha in "regular" clothing in underrated.
>tfw no Natasha assistant
>she alleges sexual misconduct and you lose your job

So is black window the Ten Ten of the group?

Oh, she's 10/10, alright.

Scarlet's demise is the same to those that grew up with J Connelly.

where are the fucking nudes

I wonder if we're getting an anal ASS TUE ASS with Scarlett.


Too bad she's a super cunt or at least portrays herself as one IRL. She might not be, but she probably is, dunno.

>getting paid to pull down ScarJo's jorts

What a dream.

in what ways is she a cunt?

She says "um" and "y'know" a lot, but I wouldn't call her a cunt.
Then again, I never watched the Women's March speech.

i dont see how that's a panty

>Real shame about that. Someone said she did it because of backpain, but surely she'd need to see a lot more endowed for that to take effect, right? I mean, look at Tessa Fowler, she has massive natural tits.
She just has bad posture and wasn't fit.

Apparently she went nude. The suit was really hot.
>"Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I can take it, yeah, I'll- I'll make sure it gets washed right away."

I thought she was a cunt because she was shit talking comics and calling old comics sexist n shit, but for some fucking reason I cannot find the fucking article, but I do remember her jumping on comics a long time ago, and yet she decides to star in comic and anime movie representations with the "sexism" or "sexualization of women" in tact. A cunt and a hypocrite but eh, I can't find it so I guess, my bad, should have had this shit ready before opening my mouth.

Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me, though, a lot of actors are like that. They have some opinion about something, then do that exact thing in a movie because, well, money.
I mean, just look at her "calling out" James Franco about the 'MeToo' and 'TimesUp' hashtags while being completely fine with making movies with Woody Allen.

The messed up part is right now I feel kinda bad just calling her a cunt for that one thing, as that is really the only thing I have seen her do, I don't recall her being mean or anything, just a hypocrite, which is a human trait. So I take back my remark about her being a cunt, but the whole James Franco thing was fucked up, as well as this MeToo witch hunt shit.

Yeah, hypocrite would apply, I'm sure she's not a blatant bad person.