Is WW2 the capeshit of war films?

Is WW2 the capeshit of war films?

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Short answer, yes

short answer, no

then what is?


it isn't if done properly

>is a single film a genre of another genre?

Vietnam is the capeshit of war movies

Have you seen Salo?

almnost every single war movie that gets churned out is ww2 when there is so much potential elsewhere, so yeah i would say it's capeshit. Only thing that didnt suck in wonder woman was the ww1 setting

>Apocalypse Now

I really enjoyed this film. Kind of pushed the suspension of disbelief at the end, but still a decent flick with a great score.

>Letters from Iwo Jima

but what's capeshit a subset of?

bullshit, they churn out ww2 shit much more by far, so your post has literally zero to back it up. It certainly is a memeworthy war, but not boring repetitive plots redone over and over

Yeah cuz it felt so different from the war stuff you see in ww2 movies.


alright tv, only one more war movie is allowed to be created, and your favorite director is on it with infinite resources. Which war or battle do you wanna see

What other wars would you want? Pre-WWI is too old to be entertaining. WW1 can be good but trenches get boring. Vietnam could use some more movies but the US lost so it doesn't have a smuch appeal. The Wars in the middleeast are just the US bombing the shit out of some place with drones. WW2 is the best candidate for movie.

Capeshit itself is the capeshit of what genre?

Korean war, by far most interesting conflict imo

Civil War and Vietnam films are best war films desu

asides from ww2 and nam it's a bit thin on the ground lets be honest

Mini series of Alexander's conquest through Asia would be kino

accompanied by his cgi talking horse that he made senator

3 and 1/2 hour long zulu remake

Alternate history movies have untapped potential.

I mean imagine how much normies would rage at a movie set in a timeline where the Confederates win the Civil War, fight in WW2, and save pregnant Anne Frank.

Or a movie set during a late 1980s where the Cold War-turned hot and it's a thinly veiled retelling of All Quiet on the Western Front

>WW1 can be good but trenches get boring
august 1914 might be the single most interesting month of warfare ever

operation shock and in iraq, iraq/iran conflict, syrian civil war, fall of ghadaffi, Chinese viet war. All perfectly fine if you give a good representative narrative of war, which hollyood hardly ever does beyond ww2

I'd like to see another war, like Bolshevik. But I guess since it's not American or English related, Hollywood wouldn't touch it

How 'bout a Doc Zhivago remake?

india china border war


Korean War - Battle of the Imjin River
My grandad died there. It has all the makings for a good last stand war film.

Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania Court House

>At 4 A.M., the exhausted Confederate infantrymen were notified that the new line was ready and they withdrew from the original earthworks unit by unit. The combat they had endured for almost 24 hours was characterized by an intensity of firepower never previously seen in Civil War battles, as the entire landscape was flattened, all the foliage destroyed. An example of this can be found in the Smithsonian Museum of American History: a 22-inch stump of an oak tree at the Bloody Angle that was completely severed by rifle fire. There was a frenzy to the carnage on both sides. Fighting back and forth over the same corpse-strewn trenches for hours on end, using single shot muskets, the contending troops were periodically reduced to hand-to-hand combat reminiscent of battles fought during ancient times. Bodies piled up four and five high, and soldiers were forced to pause from time to time and throw corpses over the parapet since they formed an obstacle in the way of the fighting. Dead and wounded men were shot so many times that many of them simply fell apart into unrecognizable heaps of flesh. Surviving participants attempted to describe in letters, diaries, and memoirs the hellish intensity of that day, many noting that it was beyond words. Or, as one put it: "Nothing can describe the confusion, the savage, blood-curdling yells, the murderous faces, the awful curses, and the grisly horror of the melee." Some men claimed to have fired as many as 400 rounds that day. May 12 was the most intensive day of fighting during the battle, with Union casualties of about 9,000, Confederate 8,000; the Confederate loss includes about 3,000 prisoners captured in the Mule Shoe

you know that hollywood arent the only people who make films?

Why does hollywood always focus on the euro front instead of asian front. Only decent movie from there is pearl harbor, and its pretty much just in the states. Would love to see a legit banzai charge in film

Mainstream DC books are about as edgy.

how can a movie be a genre of other movies? i think this board has made op retarded

>you know that hollywood arent the only people who make films?

Western front is. There aren’t enough pacific and eastern front movies

the war of 1812 but plot twist it's actually a lincoln style movie about andrew jackson starring clive owen

ww2 becuase muh shoah

do we really need to explain to you why (((they))) keep doing this?


This but unironically

the fall of Berlin. the Nazis are on a hard retreat, the russians are closing in on capital. the last ditch effort of the war. there only remains the die hard Nazis left, hitler youth and the old. the final stand...

even watching documentaries about it gets me pumped. a film shot exactly like saving private Ryan but this setting would make me shit into my pants

I know, doesn't make it any easier for some arthouse to have massive budgets for war film

Check out der undertang the downfall. Pretty much does that from an interesting unpoliticised view

>My grandad died there
Then how do you exist, retard?

You can have kids before going to war user

The damocles crusade uwu


Correct please remember to never forget


>Pre-WWI is too old to be entertaining.

>150 dead UN soldiers to 15,000+ dead/wounded Chinese
wtf is wrong with China

Chinese didnt have any artillery or air support. They were really good at light infantry/infiltration tactics though.'ongch'on_River
UN forces were completely caught off guard despite CIA warnings of Chinese massing across the Yalu River. I think one of the reasons why we never get any media about the Korean War is because we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. We had Pyongyang captured in the winter of 1950, all major NK cities bombed to rubble and still thought it was a good idea to push all the way up to the Chinese border.

Watch any Korean war doc. Instant kino. Cousin is a good one. Those men were the toughest sons of bitches on the planet. Shame it's now the forgotten war. Also fury with the deleted scenes left in is exponentially better than the theatrical cut, akin to kingdom of heaven before and after the directors cut.


Just give me another Patriot movie directed by Mel Gibson and starting Mel and I will be happy.

Based (?)

if i was dictator i could ban capeshit, jj abrams, ww2 films and hipster films funded by fox searchlight

>[...] I could have won the war in Korea in a maximum of 10 days...
Maybe if he didnt spend 3 weeks dicking around going to Seoul after landing at Incheon instead of cutting off the entire North Korean army that was trapped around Pusan. MacArthur was always focused on bombastic politicking instead of practicality. He let the North Korean army escape for the sake of the newspapers.


Good man, user, good man


I've heard that debated. Anyone gung-ho for the "MacArthur option" should read this what-if? Some forget that Stalin had bombers and A-bombs, too. And hat he was willing to use them.

Jews and American pandering makes it the capeshit of war films

As I said in
We had the war won in mid September 1950 and there was no need to escalate the conflict by dragging in China. We could've sat on our asses in Pyongyang instead of pushing to the Yalu River. Korea was a complete disaster and I put the blame solely on "Dugout Doug" MacArthur. Sure, the Incheon landings were a masterpiece but the operational failure in the weeks following are inexcusable.

Biopic about Stephen Decatur in the Barbary War

Would have been interesting if we ran in on them from the east as they moved west to Berlin

The Forever War

What's going on here I don't recognize this cosplay

Siege of Constantinople
Peloponnesian war
Battle of Leipzig

100 years war with one episode for each 10 years

The three battles of Ramla as a trilogy.

>David Lynch directing a movie about Waterloo

>David Lynch directing a movie about the Battle of Jena

Any good David lynch war recomendations




Not familiar with that one, I'll check it out

I' V E

>Serving Israel
>best job

I guess some people have certain preferences

Fury was such a steaming pile of shit

>has a Mexican
>no black

Lack of diversity is truly troubling