"Because we don't actually want movies to be good or fun or entertaining, we just want a giant safespace"

Why would they purposefully try to destroy a white man's career? For spite?

that seems really petty and passive aggressive

not wanting to empower literal nazis = safespace

>large portion of hollywood are rapists
>Mel Gibson is the devil for saying mean things about Jews


How HAS he gotten away with it?

>man worth over $400m continues to work

SHOCK! He'd have probably broken 1 billy by now if not for his divorce settlement.

Hey what’s your username on reddit, I want to give you a dap

People can't even wolf whistle at a woman without their careers nose-diving

good fucking question

I just assume that everyone magically forgot about it or he said he was drunk and didnt mean any of it, but its still a literal miracle he was ever able to find work again


... I wish I was

Controversy is like chicken pox, if it doesn't kill you the first time, you become immune to future bullshit aka the Trump effect

Homeward bound

>Wanting to destroy someone's career

Why is this acceptable now?

Say what you want about the man, but he can make some pretty fucking good movies.
Apocalypto is still my favorite

Literal nazis have been dead for years and irrelevant since 1945.

Stop asking so many questions, goy



Lethal Weapon 2.

He's an angry old man, he isn't a fucking nazi. Jesus liberals need to stop using worst shit they can think of every time. Crying wolf over dumb shit is reason you have half your problems.

>great track record
>still has many friends in hollywood

Mel can do what the fuck he wants. What has this bitch ever done with her life that's even half as awesome as Mad Max 2?

It's not a miracle. Mel is still extremely marketable. He's unapologetically masculine, which people gravitate towards. Most people didn't really give a shit about his meltdown. For a lot of people it made him more human and accessible.

That’s a hate fact, someone get Jimmy Wales on the line this instant

I'm sure it's just another coincidence... I feel sleepy.......


Gibson isn't even a good director and the kikes still can't do shit lmao

Because he basically said the same things we've all thought or said out loud while drunk. It's really not that bad at all... saying mean things shouldn't be enough to end your career, especially when the cops broke the law by revealing confidential police records to paparazzi. Plus Mel was in exile for 10 years...

He didn't rape, assault, or murder anyone though. Why would you destroy a talented man's career for holding bad personal opinions and being an obnoxious drunk?




Charismatic as fuck
Handsome as fuck
Bankable as fuck


Let's all destroy the career of a guy who was completely off his tits at and said some mean things. Look at the circumstances Mel was in at the time. I reckon he was trying to kill himself. But who cares? He called Jews a mean name.



He didn't get away with it, he just followed through with his redemption arc.




Don't use Radiohead's foray into alternative music, while easily still being alternative rock / brit pop on the surface, as a source of your post in this thread. Your pic and the band deserve better :)

Mel Gibson
>the Chad Undeniable Truth
Kathy Griffin
>the Virgin Heresy

has the media changed? clearly they just want to destroy high-profile white men's careers.


He did assault his wife.

Because he keeps making his own movies. This is the key difference -- he isn't just an actor that can be blacklisted. He has his own production company and a lot of money to throw at his own projects. And his films keep winning Oscars and making a lot of money for the kikes. He knows they will never get rid of him which is why he's not afraid to always be so unabashedly "controversial".

Also the dude has been a sex symbol action star his entire life -- guys like this stop giving a fuck in old age. Fucking love this guy.

Jeez, get off the hyped/obsessed train -- it's been going for more than enough years now.

He apologized and took a decade of "time out" essentially. Yeah he said some racist and anti-semitic things in a rant on the phone but everyone makes mistakes especially when you're dealing with alcoholism.

Far less than what the metoo movement has drug up. He owned his mistake and moved on. I don't get the hate for the man anymore. He took his knocks and moved on. Far less than masturbating into a plant while the woman you were moving on was right there or trying to fuck underage boys. Let the guy create some kino again.



its his property. he can do whatever he wants




No he didn't.

She stole his house, money, and millions of dollars that she didn't earn herself.

Then she tried to steal his daughter, and she chose to record him right after she intentionally set him off whilst he was drunk by threatening to steal his daughter, and she just so happened to sound oh so innocent whilst the record button was on.

He didn't abuse shit and oksana was a filthy liar.

She literally provoked him into a meltdown by hitting him where it hurt the most.

Women have no souls.

He never said anything wrong

Another jew attacking Mel Gibson in an article, where are their stories about (((Roman Polanski))) and (((Woody Allen))) ?

He said pretty much what everyone thinks but no one is allowed to say. That's why they tried to sink him so hard, because once the taboo is lifted and people start publicly saying the thing we all know is true but are too afraid to say, the same way Hitler did in the 1920's, and make it socially acceptable to be countersemitic again undoing decades of Jewish indoctrination and subservience conditioning , it's gg for (((them))).

fucking loser



But that's precisely what a safespace is. You can't handle certain ideas so you ban them. All it does is prove that the nazis are right.

a bunch of high profile kikes didn't actually give a fuck. RDJ and Weinstein chief among them

Radiohead are Coldplay/Nickelback tier. You hipster faggots need to stick to your shitty containment board.

He hit her?

I don't understand why people make a big deal out of the Jew thing instead of the drunk driving and "I hope she gets raped by a pack of niggers."

Hell, I thought he was awesome for acknowledging the Jew thing and I'm Jewish.

Don't worry user, there's no danger of a mel gibson movie being good.

Who would have guessed??

t. pseud who preferred Duncekirk


At least they're admitting to attempting to ruin his career. Could he possibly sue them?

>Reference something
>Must be a faggot obsessed with that thing.
And aren't Radiohead, Coldplay, and Nickelback all incredibly well-known? Not very hipster-ish.


Sometimes it actually feels comical how often this turns out to be the case.


all things are possible through Christ

its actually not very funny, bro.


>Hadley ((((((Freeman))))))
>so jewish that she's still attacking Mel over a decade later
He's made many quality movies, what has this kike blogger ever done with her life?

Yikes! Not a good look.

Radiohead fans are like vegans. Everybody needs to know that they like Radiohead and that Radiohead are better than any band you listen to. Obnoxious cunts that chose that singular pile of shit to hover around when there is countless others like Coldplay, and Nickelback, that are almost exactly the same. Hipster might not be the correct term, but I can't think of any other band that has fans like Radiohead.

You're the person most obsessed with Radiohead in this thread.

I don't give a shit about Radiohead. I despise their fanbase.

I haven't heard about Radiohead in years.

Ok friend, it's okay. Just breathe.

>big, successful career in front and behind the camera
>forced to finance his own work so nobody can shut him down
>didn't go on an apology tour and basically told people to fuck off so no weakness to exploit

I don't like this gif

>muslims run a truck through a bunch of people on a street
>"reee it's what they were taught since they were young they were indoctrinated with wrong things reeee"
>mel gibson talks shit about jews that his father told him when he was young
>"reeee he's a disgusting piece of shit reee"
Liberals, everyone.


The modern world is a farce comedy, get used to the hashtag movements and dilation breaks.

Is she just ignoring the part where it took several years for him to make a comeback, during which he was severely ostracized

I love that Mel's mere existence causes perpetual asspain to leftists like this kike roastie blogger.

He has so much fucking money, he's supposedly made something like $200 million on real estate alone. They can't keep him out, he can buy his way back in.

Imagine once they hear about his father

Can't stop Mel "Kike Killer" Gibson!


>i hope she gets raped by a pack of niggers desu

Why are kikes so despicable?

Liberals seem to think only whites can be held accountable for their actions. Seems like a pretty racist attitude, no?

Stop using "nazi" to describe every old racists.
Fucking unbelievable how people nowadays conflate bad meanie words with literal genocide.

I don't like him as a man but I like him as a person. You guys throw around "respect" a lot and I guess that what I mean

Tool time.

He is sitting next to mark walburg a literal racist who blinded an asian man while calling him a chink and. Harassed little black kids who were going to school by throwing rocks at them i dont think Hollywood cares .

never watched Monty Python but this guy is a fucking moron for getting married more than once

the Jews forgave him. Plus they now have bigger fish to fry.

He's not a Nazi

Whenever you're ready

>third floor council flat
is that british for shithole?

People should stop bullying others. There is no person in this wretched country who hasn't had a bad day or done something downright evil and sick. Even this bitch. There are those who have been caught those who have not.

You can stop bullying for all I care.. but never stop the bantz

Wonder why we never hear feminists demand equality and independence when it comes to who gets what after a divorce...

He did his time, bitch.

requesting "i wish vaginas you had to earn a vagina instead of being born with one"