How come Coco wasn't as successful as Black Panther?

>Strong family values
>Shows that traditions are important to keep unity
>Amazing score

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there are more blacks than Hispanics in the world


Because super hero films are what's hot now, so seeing a big studio take a chance on a big movie starring non-traditional stars is a big move. Coco is arguably a better movie, including the CG effects but animated movies aren't really big right now

probably too Mexishit focused for the typical Spicarooni

Hispanics don't grasp onto the fact they are Hispanic as much as the fact that blacks grasp onto the fact they're black.

because its not racist to not see coco

found the mutts

mexicans don't really give a fuck

it was successfull tho

Because its not the 400th episode of a shitty capeshit series

It is viewed as a kids movie because ofthe animation and rating. In the US at the very least, if you are an adult and watch animated things, you are viewed as a manchild because "cartoons are for children"
Black Panther has action, adventure, super heroes, and super villains. Coco had learning life lessons and singing and animation.


Movie made me cry for some reason lol. Only other movie I've cried to was Assassination of Jesse James

This reminds me of Book of Life.

>all characters are mexicans

How is that diverse?


what are you trying to prove?

That's what diversity is nowadays

Because Coco was all about the importance of family, family values, tradition, etc

The complete opposite of the NWO agenda that’s trying to use Black Panther to push black people into an uprising against Trump

Was a pretty endearing movie.

I asked my hispanic friends and they said it's because Coco is as generic as it gets for hispanic movies and that they'd rather have something that works as an actual story vs white people telling hispanics what their culture is.
Or something like that, it's been a while.

Because it's a cartoon and there's no respect for animation in the west. Oh and Coco had actual competition and Black Panther is up against nothing

It's not capeshit.

whiter than you ahmed

becasue pixar has been shit and really everyone hates spics

Latinos make their own movies about their culture. They don't need to wait for white people to make it for them like the Black Panther audience. They also don't believe myths about their history.

Is Disney just payed a pile of ""news"" websites and blue check mark faggots on twitter to say that Coco is "extremely important" then it would probably have been as popular. Marvel just had better advertisers

>Hispanics don't grasp onto the fact they are Hispanic as much as the fact that blacks grasp onto the fact they're black.

This. Spics are chill and they dont care about SJW agenda as much a Eurotrash and Amerimutts.

> Hispanic friends
> Saying shit like that
Senpai we know damn well that they are 1/8th Hispanic and live in either Portland or Williamsburg.

Hisapnic people aren't insecure like darkies. We don't need some fairy tale to rally behind.

Because it wasn't capeshit. The real question is, how come JUSTice League wasn't as successful as Coco

Real Spics or x-americans? Cuz pretty much everyone I know here in Tacoland loved the shit outta the movie

I am surprised by this

I thought Ccoco woudn't do as well because JUSTice league

Chilefag here:
Afroamerican niggers need to be part of something bigger than them. They need conections to roots they dont have. Africa is an unknown concept for them.

As chilean, I cant feel identified by some mexican tale. I bet the same happens to brazilians, peruvian or argentinian people. we have diferent culture each one and mexico dont represent us at all.

Seriously? The spics I know love things like this.

Because in America, it's considered "a movie about white people."

msm media didn't give it weeks and weeks of free promotion or manipulate negative reviews of it

Hispanics don't really give a fuck about diversity. Its only blacks that whine about not being included into everything.

it wasn't manipulated by the msm


>the coworker is Hispanic and owns a shitload of guns, rants about all the wetbacks sneaking into the country, and voted for trump

no one wants to watch faggy cinco de mayo Dreamworks shit

>vs white people telling hispanics what their culture is
well, do your own goddamn animated movie you shitskins

>release it on US Thanksgiving
>not Day of the Dead

they fucked up

Coco was not giving out free tickets or free KFC at showings

Animated films are big with kids still. The issue was likely kid's tastes. Generally, kids don't have the same kind of agenda as parents. And parents can't force a kid to like something. It's like when they tried to force brussle sprouts on you.

This happened?

>It's another spics pretend that white people like them episode

As long as you guys are chopping heads off and skinning people alive, stay out of our country.

Black>Hispanic in the progressive stack.


Just call them fucking mexicans. This was a MOVIE for MEXICANS! I don't expect your average cuban or spaniard or chilean to give a shit about the people that ruined the word hispanic

Blame mestizos for that, don't blame criollos or castizos for their shit

Every cuban, spaniard, chilean is basically a Mexican for the rest of the world, what gives?

Walmart in Houston and other cities were giving out free tickets. Students in DC given free tickets. Theaters in Bay Area giving out free popcorn to chillen.

Coco is the highest grossing film of all-time in Mexico

>tfw spics will never do pic related if they ever get a superhero movie
>tfw you won't have the opportunity to grab a plate of their spic food for free


Didn't even know this was a movie .


>white people telling hispanics what their culture is.

Hispanic culture CAME from white spaniards

You fucking Chicano mestizos are fucking it up for actual hispanics with your shit mayan genes

I know that most people from /tc/ are ironic NEETS living under a rock but seriously?

It has won several awards, from BAFTA and Annies, it's getting an Oscar next month

I liked the film.

Introducing the concept of death to children is important. I thought the murder scene was a little jarring, but other than that it was all well done.

I think it achieved what Kubo was trying to do, even if the animation wasn't as good.

I know and have tasted some mexican/hispanic food: quesadilla, burrito, taco, tamale...
What are some good black food?

white foods dipped in egg/flour then friend
Seriously, that's black cuisine.

I'm hisp. and even I don't like mexicans. They're loud and obnoxious. They're the true niggers of america. I just went to their natural habitat; a fast food establishment, where they all flip burgers and talk into microphones. They're always jabbering away like apes in a cage, making their primitive noises and looking like they've all been raped by the same toothless spaniard ancestor.

That's why I'd rather watch BP than Coco.

Where you from?

I'm from the United States

t. Dominican

Because it was creepy and about the dead. Death scares people.

Plus most people hate hispanic shit, hispanics included

Nope. I just said the US.. what are you, stupi- I mean mexican?

>people think every Latin American country only hates Mexico
>in reality everyone hates Puerto Ricans more

Nuke them, Trump.

Tv stations, schools and rappers(with movie studio money) werent buying out theaters for "poor" people to go see it.

Why not put that money into something meaningful like a soup kitchen or education?

Baby meat hand. Grow some hair you molerat

Btw, I'm not a PR/islander either

>the people that ruined the word hispanic

This, fuck mexicans and I hope Trump deports those frijolero fucks back, legal or not

>reading this thread
Where do white people come up with this fiction that we care about making you happy at our expense? Or that we care/ want your approval, especially after Trump? We are not South Koreans.

Enough of the self hatred, pocho. You’ll get over your wannabe white phase soon

See that, I'm not only hispanic who's tired of your shit

Stop using that image to shitpost about Coco.
Please, use anything else.

Don't light up my country like that. I just want us to go back to being a "literally who" country before the UN forced refugees on us, before Haitians invaded us, before Colombian niggers started colonizing us.

Please, just let me forget about my country so I can pretend to be 56% here.

Because Coco was just an earnest, historically/culturally reverent film that was legitimately good. There was no political impact or pandering like BP.

t. Puerto Rican nigger

Nothing gets past this guy. Smart as a whip.

whats the difference, all you said to me is "blame mutts for that, don't blame mutts or mutts for their shit"

How come?

Pixar's best. One of the best Children's/Family films ever. Probably the best "twist" in history.

Literally, everyone in the theatre fucking cried.

Lol, I'm not one of you. No matter what you say I won't claim a nationality I've got nothing to do with.
I envy those tejanos who grew up learning only english, understanding the crap that comes out of your mouths is a curse..
This goes for you salvatrucho cerotes too