Why are the vast majority of great actors men?

Why are the vast majority of great actors men?

Can you even name a woman actor who comes close to this guy?

Unironically Meryl Streep

>strolls casually into your shitty movie with a cigarette dangling from her lips
>says a couple corny, terrible lines of dialogue
>movie is instantly better

Vivien Leigh, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren. Maybe Bette Davis.

Helen Mirrin

Because woman are actresses, OP :^)

Yeah I liked her frigid strong woman role

I believe you're uninformed sir.

Isabelle Adjani or Vanessa Redgrave.

She was pretty good back then but she has been phoning it for a long time now.

The average woman doesn't have to cultivate much personality during their lives because there will always be some idiot guy who would kill for them.

the woman who played the elf in lotr and the master in dr strange

I think you mean EXTREMELY ironically Meryl Streep. Lying cunt.

Dunno but a lot of the great actresses seem to be women

literally only one all-time great movie in her filmography, and she's barely in it

>Can you even name a woman actor who comes close to this guy?
Fun fact: He is where he is 100% from nepotism. Do you know who his father is?

>Why are the vast majority of great _______ men?

Everything that matters, ever.

And here we have a beautiful example of a Cred Forumstard who can't understand the difference between personal life of an actress and her work.

*blocks your part*


You know that good acting isn't dependent on quality of a movie overall, right?

>He is where he is 100% from nepotism
learn to speak english retard. hes the best actor anyway so fuck off

she's not actually that great in her acclaimed performances either you know

Can you name a male actor that comes close to him?

Kathy Bates

He looks like Billy Bob Thornton's chad older brother.

>personal life
>makes her boomer-level political views known at every internationally broadcasted awards ceremony/protest

No one mentioned in this thread so far comes close to Lewis, they're just being contrarians or extremely delusional.

cate blanchett is the only one

meryl is way too... into herself, like hepburn says you can see the gears grinding in her head when she acts

Her role as the Silent Women in that decades-length reality called "Harvey Unleashed" cemented her place amongst the elite of Hollywood.


Lewis is just a tryhard Brando in any case.

Brando didn't care about acting, didn't prepare for his roles, was actively combative with the crew, read his lines off queuecards, and yet made kino after kino.

Lewis has to spent literally 2 years being Lincoln in order to give a good performance

Women have a very hard time controlling their face. You can always tell what a woman thinks about something or what you've said by the elementary looks on their faces. I've personally known more than one woman that had no clue they would roll their eyes at people. One actually had to get over it in order to get a promotion at her job and it took great effort for her to get over it. A man can push immense demons way down and you'd never know, but women have a hard time controlling the 'window to the soul' as they say.

I love me some Kathy Bates, is disjointed any good or just DUDE WEED: the show?

Chad Brando vs Virgin Lewis

>queue cards