Is this kino?

Never go full Wiemar

kek this is hypnotic

>this is art


Daizha Morgann

Yes there's porn of her.

Remember guys, look but don't touch. Never touch.

how many times did her mom's boyfriends fuck her?


too many times

when did you realize all women are whores even that quiet innocent girl who sits in the back of your uni class and barely says a word is most definitely a whore.

>all those right-wing retards that say society is falling apart due to degeneracy are fucking morons

pretty fucking reddit if I'm being honest

Tattoos on asses or tits are so ugly

unironically makes me yearn for authoritarian government

that's the one that got fucked in the ass on video right? I'll remember that octopus tattoo forever

giv octopusy pls

>"Welcome to Trashy Tats Inc. what kinda tat you want?"
>"I want to look like I'm shitting out an octopus."
>"Say no more, senpai."

her pussy hangs like wizard sleeve

>white women dancing near the big bull
what did she mean by this

she's kind of an attention whore.


A tattoo is just another way of saying, "I am a shallow, vapid attention-whore" without actually having to say it. If your tattoo serves as a "memory" of the deceased, you're only causing yourself anguish. Memories were meant to fade. The brain has evolved that way, for a reason. If your tattoo expresses an opinion, then know that an opinion should only be expressed (a) from the mind (b) from the heart or (c) not at all.

Adding to that, people who have their body degraded with tattoos are far more willing to have their body degraded in other ways. After all, "I've come this far. Why not experiment a little-further?" Such people will turn to recreational drug use and, in the more extreme cases, steal from family, friends and strangers alike to feed their disgusting, utterly selfish habit.

Tattooed people are the scum of the fucking Earth.

just imagine the level of attention whore you have to be to do something like this

Soyboys would love if she was their daughter

Daily reminder that she fucks black cock exclusively.


You're 100% right but the roasties and edgy kids on this board will try to argue otherwise

>ITT: insecure faggots

you just mad she exudes sexuality that you incels will never touch. Bet you are all too afraid to leave the house. Imagine if a girl with half the sexuality came up to you in this vid. You'd shit your pants be so embarrassed and turn red. Go back to watching your anime lol faggots

Why are lefties so subhuman

obligatorily here to back you lads up


she won't fuck you m8

I wanna fuck her.

gross, she looks like an even uglier zoe burgher.

>she exudes sexuality

you mean STDs

>man those altREICHters are fucking dumb society isn't collapsing theyr just virgins lmao eat,live,love am I right?

What is it with jews?

>ass tattoo
someone needs to nuke america

They’re so weird.

How do we stop these whores

All I found was her doing a milk enema. Where is the shit you can masturbate to?

I don't know, but I unironically want to titty-fuck the one on the right

she exudes being a fucking thot. I would nut in my pants if she came up to me.

I think its supposed to be like her pussy is the mouth of an octopus, which is even worse

which television show or film is this?

does that tattoo go, um, you know.. like.. into her actual bum?

>thots existing means society is about to collapse

yes, and so does penis
i'd post the webm know...

>some girl doesn't wear pants in new york
>hysterical shrieking about the end of civilization
seems about right

Twerking is fucking unattractive, especially when white women do it.

All women are thots.

Uh the end bit was a tad much but I'm on board with the first couple of points.

It's for people with superficial/shallow personalities

This is cinematic art.

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