ITT: Actors that everybody likes

ITT: Actors that everybody likes.


>before long, I had myself a stew.

*piano starts playing*



based ethan hawke

I find him obnoxious

I can't stand that faggot




I don't like this guy. He didn't made any significant appearance.

for you


Based Rocco

What race is this?

>implying you would last a minute in the scarch

la creatura....

>white america is slightly ugly
>"El goblino xd"
He's obviously white
>inb4 you photoshop a mutt saying my post

I don't understand why you guys think every white guy is handsome. There's a reason why /r9k/ exists

Shut up roastie I wasn't talking to you next time listen to a conversation before you intervene

Shut the fuck up Buscemi is handsome


Goodbye John :(