Should I watch this?

Should I watch this?
Does it even come close to Sopranos or is it a big meme?

nowhere near as good as sopranos, but still decent

seasons 2 and 5 are high tier pleb filters

Better than the Sopranos and well worth a watch

I need more kino tv please already seen the wire, sopranos, Deadwood

good joke

Band of Brothers

The Knick
The Young Pope
The Leftovers
Fargo S1

That was funny

Worst episode dream real of friends man.

seen it

>Does it even come close to Sopranos or is it a big meme?
idk why people even compare them, they have totally different narrative structures. its literally comparing apples and oranges.
>muh crime-story
sopranos isn't a crime-story

>implying implications
it's good shit but nowhere near the sopranos

Tell me how you figure

seen em

Boardwalk Empire is alright, I guess

>season 5
>pleb filter

Are you talking about the season which HBO cut the number of episodes short halfway through and they had to rush to tie up the storylines for the season finale?


He's right. Frank Sabotka is one of the best characters in television history

Better than Memepranos


It's a big meme.

Basically white people who wanted to know what the hood was like decided to watch a show written by a white faggot. All the show sounds like a white dude trying to sound black. The show looks like someone took a shit and wiped it on the lense. Then you've got actors who can't act trying to be tough, then someone fantastically complex hood rat hierarchy. Throw in some cartoon super thugs and some plot holes and you have the the wire.

It's like 5/10

>David Simon is married
>Was a police reporter in Baltimore for 13 years
>Writing partner Ed Burns was literally a homicide detective in Baltimore
>Show was famous for using actors with little to no experience who were from Baltimore and often in the life as it strove for realism

>All the show sounds like a white dude trying to sound black
Not even sure what you meant by this
>then someone fantastically complex hood rat hierarchy
what is, reality

I'll give it to you though you type much more coherently than the average Cred Forumstard, you must be at least 18, kudos.

not a meme, a legit good show