What are some legitimately unsettling/scary movies...

What are some legitimately unsettling/scary movies? I want to watch something that I feel the need to keep the lights on for. Sometimes that'll spook me good.

Cmon, Cred Forums.

Blair Witch Project

I remember when i was a kid and heard people threw up in the theater. Then I watched it later in life....weak ass people.

El orfenato

I hate that 'longmouth ghost' shit so fucking much.
Anyway, my list of 'creepy/atmospheric shit'
>Dark Water (original version)
>Session 9
>Natures Grave
>The Eye (original version)

Lake Mungo. I watched it before Jay recommended it by the way.

Some of the V/h/s segments are unnerving but they lose that after you see them once.

Honestly that is pretty much every horror movie. The fear of the unknown is what makes them all work.

I think movies that touch on real human emotions are harder to look at for many people and cause people to pause what they're watching actually.

If something reflects what makes you uncomfortable, it does more against you psychologically than any horror movie.

Yesterday I watched Black Mountain and Across the River.
First time I've been genuinely unnerved and freaked out hours after watching a movie. Really fucked me up.
I think Across the River freaked me out more, though, honestly, but Black Mountain was still fucking freaky.
>When an animal looks up at the sky, it sees hundreds of tiny points
>When a man looks up at the sky, he sees thousands of stars, suns, solar systems
>Do you want to know what I see?

w-what does he see?

I unironically love Grave Encounters. Its like a reverse parody on those ghost shows (like tvs favorite GA).

Never watch the second one though.



Shit film

The problem is when you are mature enough to realise that it is all fake and will never happen (barring non paranormal murderers) then no movie is scary.
If you want to be scared then join the police. First time I was threatened with a knife I was shaking from adrenaline and fear.

You use the word unsettleing. So I would go with prince of darkness.

Not a great movie, not super scary, but it stays with you, and makes you think about it for a week or so

>a movie
>being legitimately scary

There are none, unless you're a pussy.

I watched it when I was a kid and thought it was boring

The first paranormal activity was actually pretty creepy. The rest went off the rails, though.

Finding no film scary generally mans one of two things

You only watch shit horror
You don't know how to immerse yourself

I thought Grave encounters 2 was great film, even if people shit on it in every review. It had that fever-nightmare kind of quality since beginning, you felt the whole film was a doomed trip. Its a condition which I always appreciate in horror movies and sometimes it pops up in most shittiest of the b-films

I feel it's an age thing. Personally anyway. Shit used to scare me when I was younger but it fails to do that now. So maybe it is an immersion issue, who knows.
Everything is better when you're younger.

No it wasnt. It was very evident from the first fucking scene that no effort was put into it.

The first on the other hand well this guy says it good

Horrible taste. The eye is the dumbest movie ever made.

>Session 9
I really liked this one. Great atmosphere and characters. I like movies that are isolated and that only take place in one area.

As soon as they made the ghost entity some over the top "fucking with you" entity, it went to shit. Especially with that vacuum to hell and the floating cameras.

My family would have a pizza night and watch those shows (World's Scariest Places) every Friday night when I was a kid. Grave Encounters nails that feel so well, love it for that.

Those messages from the future with the news footage still creep me out

I watched the first one before I watched the sequel but I appreciate the second more. Hard to explain but that "fever" quality wasn't so much present in the first one and it felt more like a generic horror movie

>Its like a reverse parody on those ghost shows
This. I liked the fact it starts out funny as fuck with the whole ghost show tropes:
>fake psychic
>paying the building people to spout some bullshit

And then it all devolves into horrific misery.

The Skeleton Key. Gerald's Game. Hush (2016).

El tenebroso...

every zombie apocalypse movie is actually a metaphor for mass immigration

Noroi and [REC] always make the top ten list whenever /x/ makes one. Try those.

/x/ has shit taste. Worse than Cred Forums.

I was going to recommend this.
[REC] was the first horror movie where I legitimately had to stop watching to chill out a bit before finishing it. Kudos to them for mastering lengthening out a stressful moment without losing a beat.

List of legitimately eerie shit. Must watch all of these in the dark for maximum spookiness.

>The Wailing
>Session 9
>Tale of Two Sisters
>The Thing
>Lake Mungo
>It Comes at Night
>Autopsy of Jane Doe
>Noroi: The Curse
>The Orphanage
>The Shining
>The Witch

The ending to this is pure nightmare fuel but a lot of people get on detail wrong about it.

Mulholland Drive tee bee haych