Atlanta season 2 in 10 days

Atlanta season 2 in 10 days

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are you implying that anyone is looking forward to it? nobody is watching that show.

It’s actually really good and far away from the preachy Black Lives Matter show you may think it is.

I'm watching it. Its good.


Donald Glover said he despises preachy political comedy and clapter. Season 1 also triggered some libs over it making fun of trans people.

Speak for yourself faggot

Was that the episode where they called out libs saying straight men shouldn’t feel bad for not wanting to fuck trans monsters?

>being a pleb
Keep talking for my amusement.
Tell me about your 'kinos'.

didn't even finish the first season, everything outside of paper boy and darnell was complete shit

>earn in jail

Oh hey, a term for just about everything despicable about the last decade.

Just started watching season 1 a couple days ago, its so good. What are the chances Janice returns?

I forget what comic came up with that term but its so accurate

Fucking this, cant remember the last time I laughed so hard

I'm genuinely hyped, the first season was absolutely brilliant.

>Season 1 also triggered some libs over it making fun of trans people.

BAN was such a kino episode I was in fits of laughter throughout.

Get the fuck out

That episode was so great. I remember the AV Club’s review was uneasy after it because of how it mocked trans fags but they still clearly wanted to praise Glover

Man you guys are mad I insulted your boring terrible show lmao

I remember thinking oh great, another show like Master of None where they get preachy and try to be really inclusive but this show isn’t anything like that. Going back to Master of none, I wouldn’t care if Ansari had hired an Asian actor or a black dyke with good comedic timing and acting ability but they both were terrible and forced

That's the funny thing about the show in general. I honestly think if it was made by a white person it would be viewed as incredibly racist (and all the other buzzwords at the moment). The fact that it isn't afraid to present the black community in both a positive and negative light is so refreshing.

There’s a couple good interviews with Glover and his brother (writes on show) where the person keeps bugging them about Trump and “do you feel responsible if you don’t inject social/political shit in your show” and they both were like “nah, we’re only concerned with making a good show, not some soapbox”

That lockup episode was pure kino.

>This nigga I ant seen bout 11 yeahs!

I'm 2 episodes in. the black community is fucked, right? there's no two ways about it.

where can I watch the first season for free?

We had watch threads when the first season was airing.

>say something wrong
>get corrected
>lmao u mad


opinions cant be wrong idiot



>nobody is watching that show.
Whoa, so this is the power of subjectivity

yours was

>I can move if you want
>Yeah, I know

who was in the wrong here?

Juneteenth the most slept on episode.
>This nigga told my 82 year old grandmother she was cooking her collard greens wrong.

>My new play, it all takes place in a strip club. Two gang bangers hold a pastor, a drug dealer, and a pregnant teen hostage. In the middle of Hurricane Katrina!
>That's a real situation! I'm glad that story's being told.


everyones too embarrassed to comment on that episode. even Cred Forums

Like with everything else, the black community is just a step or two ahead of everyone else.

>reading the AV Club
kill yourself

>"black community"
kill yourself

>"slept on"
kill yourself

two steps ahead of infant mortality rates? starving children? obesity? AIDs?

Realize the world is fucked and everything is a raw deal.

Don't you have a school to go shoot up?

>Janice returns
Who was she again?

faceblind agent who mistook earn for someone she knew, because all black people look alike.

lol yeah man I'm so privileged if I don't pay my rent I will get kicked out of my apartment. if I don't show up to work I get fired.

>This nigga gay as hell!

>he has to work to make someone else rich and pay rent to support another person who does nothing for the money
>he thinks this makes him privileged

... as I said...

>The invisible car joke

I've never laughed harder.

Your sarcasm meeter is broke nigger

nah nigga, sayin rents a raw deal and most jobs are a raw deal, as you'll pay more in rent than the house is worth (to anyone) and get paid less for your work than it is worth, otherwise you wouldn't have a job.

i wanna give this show a chance but i cant fucking stand that nigglet, is he in every scene?

What's wrong with Dong Lover?

fuck off Bukowski we can't all get by on faggotty poetry

The fact you don't realize most things are bullshit puts you a step or two behind the black community.

yeah man life is bullshit fuck everything man the black homeless people with shit in their pants and eight or nine missing teeth are truly #woke

>they can't be right, they're dirty!

they aren't right and a series of wrong decisions are why they are dirty and dependent on heated doorways to sleep in.

>refuse to be exploited? you'll be poor lmao

said the neet.