What happened to Bart's voice in the last couple years...

What happened to Bart's voice in the last couple years? he went from believable 10 year old boy to a 40 year old single cat lady.
Is Nancy Cartwright secretly sabotaging the zombie Simpsons?

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He became a scientologist

Continuity. His bullies fucked his throat up so now his voice sucks.

>implying anyone has watched the last few seasons
Post examples

Just compare Bart from season.. 8? to Season 29.

This whole feminine soft tone has slipped in, original Bart's voice had at least some sort of roughness to it.

Not just Bart. Homer sounds old and tired too. They are just going to keep the series running until the last episode is just the family character voiced by the final surviving voice actor is digging the graves for the rest of them.

>It's another "Lisa is special" episode.

She's been doing this for almost 30 years, give her a break. Anyone's voice would degrade after such a long time.
The problem is that this fucking series should die already.

ha that's what happened to goku in japan

It was actually very strange to watch a modern episode. I haven't watched seriously since Season 11, and I don't have any DVDs after that. One day I thought I'd try watching a 'recent' episode on TV, just to see how it's going.

First, all the main characters are drawn with bags under their eyes. Krabapple had the most noticeable shift of voice, but Marge, Bart, and Homer also sounded really different. Even Apu sounds odd...and the animation is also eerily smooth, which seems quite wrong as well.

The whole thing is like a creepy halloween episode where something you know intimately is 'slightly' off...and you can't really pin down why, but it feels wrong and creepy. I'll never watch it again.


Jon St. Johns Mr. Burns impersonation now sounds more like Burns than ever before.

I hate how the colors all went brighter, they went to warm pee yellow to cupcake glazing yellow.

Yeah they're getting too old to do the voices properly the characters haven't aged but the actors sure have.

I thought their va died

Best seasons were 6,7,8. Maybe 9. Other seasons may have had some great individual episodes but those were the best.


Yeah, I think the actress did die...but the voice is on there, or at least, when I saw the episode, the character was still around.

That was just one of the problems. The way the characters move...the way the 'camera' moves....it's all wrong. It's like when they did the Treehouse of Horrors episode where Homer goes into 3-D. It was legit creepy because of the movement....but now it's normal.

Awful. Just an abortion...

Season 29 summed up.

1. That guy from Game of Thrones voiced someone to draw in the GOT crowd.

2. Lisa is sad girl cuz no friends, Marge draws her a comic to express her sadness about no friends, there's also a panel of female judges hating on white men.

3. Maggie can't talk and Marge becomes an interior decorator cuz she's special.

4. Lisa is sad because she's special and Homer eats himself cuz he's fat.

5. Simpsons family is mean to Grampa which is funny cuz old people aren't special anymore.

6. Marge becomes mayor because she's special and the (white) Homer and Bart try to abuse the system because they're evil white men.

7. Homer and his friends bowl again and meet rich pussies, Bart joins them cause money. Lisa turns out to be special again when she fights the rich cuz she's special.

8. Lisa is special because she was abused by her family resulting in her being very special and loved and successful and desired and admired and loved because shes so amazing.

9. Sideshow Bob forgives Bart (though at the end it seems he didnt)

10. Ed Sheeran becomes Lisa's friend because she's special and it gives women hope that they can find that special guy who will realize how special they are.

11. Frink fucks up and Lisa seems less special, episode ends with her being special again.

12. Has not aired yet, But I predict that Lisa will nag about something and people will realize how special she is at the end of the episode.

I watched an episode a couple of months ago and marge literally sounds like she's dying.

Don't know what they'll do when that actually happens.

sounds bad, though, I bet the old writers could make even these scenarios funny


>1/2 are lisa episodes

I saw a thumbnail of future lisa in a college dorm room with a tumblr roommate, and I regretted checking up on how the show was doing

>unironically watching nusimps


don't have a cow, man

Too much fucking and sucking