>"It’s so gross! I have never, ever seen anything like that! This is absolute libel, a game of bluff designed to convince us that our country is terrible, and the people and rulers are all fools – everything is distorted, from the anthem to the characters," she said.

>The film “insults our historic symbols – the Soviet anthem, orders and medals,” Pavel Pozhigailo, a member of the culture ministry’s public council, told RBC channel on Tuesday.

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Russians, the true snowflakes of Europe

Russians really don't understand satire or humour.

What do you expect? They unironically still have a communist party that routinely gets 10-15% of the vote.

Western pidors do not understand that Stalin was strong and defeated fascism. Go do an LGBT fair or something t

>Kill a large amount of your population
>They still defend you from some shitty third rate movie
I'm skeptical these guys are smart enough to hack the election.

Fatniks helped us with food. MEanwhile we were in trenches under hails of bullets from Nazi. my grandpa didn't suffer so that western LGBT can make fun of him and his beliefs.

I love Russia and Russians, i really do, they're wonderful, warm and friendly people but, fuck, they can be so narrowminded sometimes! Also, absolutely NO sense of humor about themselves...

That's okay user, your grandpa's and the life of any russian for that matter, is rather worthless. Less than that of the air they breathe, that is for certain.

>Wahh duh mobie mayk fun of sdalin and it hrt my felings

I mean, it looks funny and will watch the movie but I'm sure Americans would get butthurt too if Russians made a parody of Roosevelt's life with Russian actors speaking Russian.

That's funny because even the Soviets forsake Stalin the moment he died. Can't Russians accept a mockery of a single administration at the worst point in their history? That'd be like Americans being offended at a farcical comedy about Taft breaking his bathtub

You would if understandd if your country still had values. Those were destroyed long ago. Any country that founds its views on liberalism, like the Amerikkka is doom to degeneracy and eventualy perversion of everything

nobody would care

Go to /his/ to get schooled kiddo

>shitty third rate movie

it's an armando iannucci film you utter pleb

Liberal democracy and capitalism is the reason why we are living so much nicer than you, retard.

russians so insecure they ban the only movie thats made about stalin

Only out-of-touch Soviet old fucks do this and/or support this. Actual Russians hate it when movies are postponed or banned for retarded reasons like those.

You would if understandd if
>kills journalists
your country still had values.
>is alcoholic
Those were destroyed long ago. Any country that founds its views on liberalism,
>lives in poverty
like the Amerikkka is doom to degeneracy
>sucks putins cock
and eventualy perversion of everything
>gets sent to gulag

suprising how good was the article, RT didnt say their opinion, just the facts. Dont see a lot of that in todays media

Based Russia, last bastion of Western civilization

Yes, but we wouldn't ban it.

Another victory for Nazbol gang.

Communism is inevitable and will save us.

Indeed. Russia is playing this all wrong. They should just do a movie about a comedy about Founding Fathers with Russian actors and make them all gay bbc lovers.

>he hasn't seen Hamilton

>affluent western nations have figured out that the onus of upholding moral values is on the individual rather than forcing it upon them. (relatively) happy citizens with great standards of living.
>poor eastern european nations where the governments exist through bribes and hit jobs morally judge their people, despite the obvious hypocrisy, rather than ensuring their quality of life. morality is dependent on how others judge you (aka weak petty morality) rather than a responsibility taken upon yourself. everyone is miserable

hmm really makes you think

>making fun of apparatchiks hurts someone's feelings
The movie isn't even about Stalin

>Western pidors do not understand that Stalin was strong and defeated fascism.
He make jokes about FDR's lameness, we don't give a shit about the efforts of WW2.

Russian here. Just watched the subj yesterday. It was ok but overall felt like long SNL sketch or smth and I'm not really a fan of those. Still moderately enjoyable, I'd give it 6/10.
Btw I didn't expect the actors to have fake Russian accent but some of them had thick British accent and it was breaking my immersion at times. Not good!

christ russians are dumb

Some russians are
Agreeable people.
Generally, they are

you really belive that? You really belive that western government doesnt force their values on people?

That just government official position, don't believe their lies. Every reasonable person hates communists and Stalin here.

>Gogol and Bulgakov start spinning in their graves

>absolutely NO sense of humor about themselves...
This absolutely applies to everyone else in the world too. Be it Germanistanis, Amerifatskis, Nipgooks etc. pp. You just have to open the right wound and pour salt into it and see how fucking butthurt they will get.
Let's see how America would react if Russkies made a jolly good comedy about cotton picking niggers and the slave trade.
It's all about perspective and who is allowed to do what.

Putin said they have the best prostitutes

not moral values, no. which I identify with religion, since I believe such values are necessarily religious. the greatest western nations have attempted to separate church ans state.

>Stalin's accent was distracting and unimmersive
>but Jason Isaacs was the best character
what gives?

so you're saying government doesn't force moral values down our throats in western Europe or in north america? You're either very delusional or stupid

take your own advice fucking vatnik

no they force amoral capitalist values on people. not moral ones.

both were shit

yeah you're definitely not a russian, lol

Liberal Democratic, capitalist societies DO influence moral values, it just happens unconsciously. The modern identity politics we have today is not a victim of leftism or marxism, but rather liberalism and its pursuit for freedom of expression. Zizek and Dugin talk about it a lot.


>I love Russia and Russians, i really do, they're wonderful, warm and friendly people

Confirmed for never having met a Russian.

this is a bad opinion

you're seeing too much through abstraction. of course liberal democracies influence moral values. but there are no less truly devout, moral people today than there were under canon law. the fact still remains that to be truly moral is very very difficult and only a chosen few can truly be moral.


morals in capitalism? Theres nothing wrong there, system where person gets to keep whatever he creates or obtains from voluntary transactions from others is the best thing we have. The problem is that western goverments are forcing morals that have never worked or will work, which simply makes our future generation lives more difficult


he clearly loves russia!


>The problem is that western goverments are forcing morals that have never worked or will work, which simply makes our future generation lives more difficult


no, im from the baltics, quite an anti russian actually, but IMHO RT much better than many of western media outlets

It's ok, I'd want to play up land lease too if I didn't understand that it's only impact was ensuring Russia grabs more Europe because Americans gave them a shitton of trucks after the war was already decided.

That’s not what he means by capitalism destroying social values. Rampant commercialism, violence, sexuality, drug abuse, that is what sells under capitalism and it warps the mental fiber of everyone living under it. This is not only a leftist critique of capitalism, it is a sentiment shared by reactionaries, traditionalists, fascists, etc.


Like multiculturalism, destroying of the classical traditional families, LQBT stuff etc

>Russia str000nk!
>gets btfo by a few American operators in Syria
>200 dead


>haha, we fight degeneracy!
>*gets AIDS*

>Like multiculturalism
byproduct of amoral capitalism. again, the onus is on the individual to uphold moral values.
>destroying of the classical traditional families
buzzwords. if you're referring to divorce, again, this is dependent on the moral responsibility of the husband/wife as individuals, as it should be.
>LQBT stuff etc
meaningless. most people aren't gay, persecuting the few by law is petty and ignores personal freedom and responsibility

this is the work of rich monopolies pulling strings in governments which makes room for empracing values that are destroying the west slowly but surely

R*ssians are shit at warfare because their leaders are the same fucking retarded traitorous people in charge of the USSR
Communism doesn't value intelligence
I don't have anything against actual Russian people, but fuck I hate their leaders

Basically a main reason for this is that Stalin in Russia today is seen as a "restorer" of Russian values and the Orthodox Church over the evil, anti-Russian, cosmopolitian Bolsheviks.
This is why Lenin today in Russia is all but forgotten and actually largely disliked, while Stalin is seen as a great leader and figurehead, despite by all reasonable metrics, Lenin was a far more reasonable, measured and intelligent leader with far better policy, was far less brutal and was far more socially progressive, while Stalin was a brute with shit taste and extremely socially conservative.

Also Stalin basically made the USSR into an imperialistic power, while Lenin fought long and hard for the right of nations and states to be able to secede from the Union.

Yeah thanks capitalism !

>using (((bloomberg))) fake news unironically

>Hollywood is now a bigger propaganda factory than the Kremlin
Lmao. Hollywood EXPOSED.

>goes down first year of no USSR
>goes up drastically after 5 years
What the fuck...

multiculturalism, destruction of traditional family values, its all a byproduct of rich monopolies pulling strings in the government to abuse and decieve your average family guy

Probably saved millions, but Germany was still fucked. Even if they took Moscow they where fucked.

>Commies try to bring Communism back to Russia by making fun of Communism
>Anti-Communist Russia outmaneuvers them by defending Communist Russia

under the freedoms protected by secular law, that family man has the ability to uphold his morality regardless.

and be imprioned in the future or asked to pay a fine because his morals are against gays, or multiculturalism? Or if youre in the US you will be protected by the first amandment but you will be excluded from the society by people who are nurtered by the goverment?

>Western pidors do not understand that Stalin was strong and defeated fascism.
Stalin was a literal cuck

t. Commie scum

>and be imprisoned in the future
not gonna happen if it's still secular law
>Or if youre in the US you will be protected by the first amandment but you will be excluded from the society by people who are nurtered by the goverment?
as has always been the case, true morality necessarily means exclusion by others. christ and his disciples were persecuted for the same reason. nothing has changed, secular law is just necessary for the freedom that allows it. render unto caesar and all that

>baaaaawwwwww look what freedom did
>freeedom baaaaaad

Communism is in the dustbin of history.
Communists will suffocate.

fuck you dumb bitch

Pick two

Russians needs to be reminded that the ussr was an evil oppressive author and they should be ashamed

secular law is being pushed to the limit where in england there was a guy put to jail for 4 years because of tweeting against multiculturalism, in canada its againt the law to confront a person with he or she if she doesnt like it or tellying your son that youre not a female....
I agree on your second thought but being exluded for belivieng in morals that have been in europe or northern europe for hundreds of years because it offends the weak minded person who has been nurtured by the government and educational system is just plain wrong and stupid.
btw i like the conversation. stupid question, how do you get the green text.... i know im stupid for asking

How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?

>haha Russians can't take a joke, cmon, America loves free speech!

>Russia makes a satire making fun of us history and presidents
>reee this is unacceptable propaganda!!!

shut the fuck up and post torrent

I really enjoyed this film. Its not a cinematic masterpiece and feels a little televisual desu but it is very funny. Basically plays like an extended Thick Of It special with the scenery changed to Russia

The ONLY thing dumber than an American is a Russian.

Let that sink in.

If they're doing such things in ways that are purposelessly hostile, rather than expressing their opinions in a manner that respects common courtesy, then I understand why the law treats them as "hate crimes". Personally I am not a fan but considering history it's understandable. I live in the UK and up until very recently "paki bashing" was a normal thing for kids to do, literally gangs of English youths ganging up on random Indian immigrants for no reason whatever.

Human beings are shits and generally they are discriminatory. Having laws that protect people who can feel vulnerable isn't totally wrongheaded, though it is iffy.

You just type the arrow and the text afterwards is green.

>banning a film
>expecting people not to flock to see it

I mean, who cares about pressers, thats the best kind of press anyone could ask for. Proves the power of satire. Putin is just mad cuz he loves Beira

Saw this thread and was reminded I got this earlier today. Seems pretty good so far, and a nice ensemble cast.