Remember when people were saying this was going to flop?

Remember when people were saying this was going to flop?

Desperate Cred Forumstards are still insisting it will. They're at the "But wait until the second weekend drop" stage of denial.

Disney is too big to fail now. They are eternal. After Mars needs moms and John Carter they will never flop again.

This is a cuck soyboy conspiracy

Marvel capeshit not making a fuckton of money? We all know the answer to that

that was just Cred Forums brainlets

they couldnʻt handle it

Kind of curious why people are so proudly parading numbers that aren't even close to a billion dollars.

I'm sorry, but did Black Panther already become a hit? Oh, that’s right. The theatrical run isn’t even over yet. In fact, it’s only the opening weekend.

Because people were saying it would bomb. "Bomb" and "record-breaking opening weekend" do not go together. It could still underperform but it remains that Cred Forums and its mass of Cred Forums immigrants were completely blown out.

>billion dollars
Highest domestic weekend gross is $256M, brainlet.

A lot of that was before the Infinity War trailer that increased hype for it.

*barks at you*

Keep moving those goalposts. UYou'll find the right spot for them eventually.

top kek, all that delusion

Were you expecting the movie to make a billion in 4 days or something?

lol what goalposts? I don't care about this just stating some facts. This would be a flop if it wasn't right before Infinity War and people didn't know Wakanda was going to play a big part in that film.


The new MCU box office floor is now Ant-Man, and Black Panther on paper looked to perform better, with a cooler main character, better cast, and better trailer

I thought BP was going to open around Dr Strange to GotG1, ~$90m. GotG2, SM:H, and Thor3 shows the new normal $120+m. BP's success to this extent is surprising, but anyone with half a brain could tell this wasn't going to flop.

It should have flopped given how aggressively it was pushed as nothing but political propaganda. I have no idea why people went to see it.

>If it's good, it will make $300 million worldwide total
>Made $361 million in its first 3 days

not paying to see that shit but in all honesty, I'm glad that people like it, especially black people. apparently they really had the need of seeing a big budget black people movie, albeit there already having been a few of them like Blade and Spawn, but nonetheless
Not so happy about Disney raking the cash in though since they literally single handedly destroyed the entire industry by making these generic quipfests

Holy shit, with decent legs it might even pass $600 million domestic

Even compare the amount of views the trailers got on Marvel's channel. BP has 24 million views. Infinity War has 140 million views.

People enjoy capeshit, especially if it's MCU


yeah, best thing is to go back to the old days and act as asocial as fucking animals. seriously, america needs a goddamn dictatorship or something. never seen a place that was infested with so many insane people



Cred Forums users and the reddit mental midgets that emulate them are not people. Everyone knows that blacks and women are easily led along like children and this was marketed like nothing ever before, anybody who wasn’t completely delusional knew this was going to be a block buster whether it was good or bad.

and what has that person achieved in their life? what do any of these people gain bragging with fictional or even real people's success when they don't even have a university degree?

>Remember when people were saying this was going to flop?
nope, I remember some LARPing fags pretending to be upset about this movie.

>implying this isn't all you.

>Because people were saying it would bomb. "Bomb" and "record-breaking opening weekend" do not go together.


Fucking hell. Do these people not see how racist they are?


How can you use the correct "their" twice and then fuck it up?

That would make it the highest grossing Marvel movie. It's almost unthinkable

Reminder it also has an A+ Cinemascore, those of which have historically had the best legs in theaters. Black Panther meeting that multiplier would be $1.7 billion

Literally nobody said that other than a few trolls. Why do you fake news faggots always have to play the victim? It's a Marvel movie. It could be 2 hours of a literal pile of shit just sitting there and it'd make $400 million today.

You can’t be racist against whites. No matter what.

It's disgusting that people actually think this way


It's a black supremacist website. It's nothing but nigger propaganda. All they do is cry about white people.

>Support Black Panther but don't buy any merch because that's appropriation

just go to a different store, Tyrone

It’s that. White kids dressing up as Black Panther is wrong. It’s like blackface.

That Action Claw toy must be real shit anyway. Look how thin the box is

No it isn't

It’s still a white kid dressing up as a black character. Which is the equivalent of wearing blackface.

There's nothing wrong with a white kid dressing up as Black Panther. His suit looks cool, who cares

Yes it is.
You can’t have a white kid dress up like a black person. That’s bad, user. Try acting normal for once.

No it isn't

I just got back from seeing it and as much as I wanted this movie to fail, I'd be lying if I said I didn't thoroughly enjoy it.

In all fairness, it's a perfectly fine capeshit movie that was highly entertaining to watch and did have more better written dialog than most capeshit, and undoubtedly had the best written villain (not that he was particularly well written or anything, but at least his motivations were more than "I'M BAD BECAUSE I'M BAD AND I WANT TO DESTROY THINGS BECAUSE I AM BAD"). I literally have no complaints about it aside of the handful of lines about "colonizers" and "muh people" etc. but the context they're in is deliciously ironic; they come from the villain, who was quite literally an SJW and parroted the lines of black people on Tumblr who ironically were the very people hyping this movie to hell and back. By no means does the movie push those stupid ideas, even if it does push an absolutely implausible idea of the most advanced nation to ever exist being hidden in Africa.

Capeshit has been run into the ground for years now and really is a cancer on the industry, but as long as it's around and making hundreds of millions of dollars, Black Panther more than deserves to as well.

Yes it is.


One Halloween I dressed up as the black power ranger, who was a black guy, at the height of the show's popularity when I was like six years old. No one cared.

I know things have changed since the 90s but they haven't changed THAT much.

No it isn't

They should have cared because that’s racist.
>I know things have changed since the 90s
Considering how racist/sexist the 90s were I’d say for the better.

Race relations are much worse now than they were in the 90's. We've regressed

That is fucking unreal.

Cred Forums gets btfo 12,564,357,020,425,231 times day on average, what did you expect?

Nah Cred Forums is blaming this on Cred Forums despite being always wrong

Literally when has Cred Forums been right about anything? And no, everyone predicted Ghost in the Shell to flop.
Hard mode: No ghostbusters

Underperforming "Bomb".

I agree, black people should actually stay in their countries, rule their countries instead of living like animals in a trash heap, mind their own business, and thrive instead of asking the rest of the world for help and still somehow fucking it all up.

so this is what you get when you frontload and tell celebrities to buy the whole weekend to shithole communities?

>this amount of denial
get ready for a Black Panther 10-part saga faggot

Yikes, still damage controlling huh?

Yes it is. Denying ain’t going to make it go away (just like Global Warming).
For one thing, it’s white people stealing a black character and trying to make it their own (like white people do with all culture). Second, Black people are not a costume for white to dress up as. Third, it’s still awkward and racist. It’s like white person trying to dress up as Kobe. And it leads to bad things like acceptance of black face.


The only other superhero movie to get A+ is the first Avengers. That's quite the achievement.

First off
>Cred Forums is one person
That being said Cred Forums was right about Jumanji being litty kino. That may have more been about hating on TLJ though.

Chadwick seems like a cool dude



Race relations were 1,000 times better in the 90s and 2000s than they are now. Obama's time in office somehow set race relations in America back 50 years even though everyone thought it would do the opposite.

I don't know how old you are, but anyone who was old enough to remember how the 90s were without reading about it knows what I'm talking about. Race wasn't an every day conversation, the media didn't constantly harp about it and make it an issue in every single piece of entertainment, people weren't chanting in the street over it, terms like "systematic", "problematic", "privilege", and "appropriation" were quite literally never used outside of a spelling bee, colleges weren't talking about colonization and white privilege in trigonometry class, and hating white people wasn't a virtue.

We have went so far backwards that the ghosts of every last civil rights leader from the past is probably wondering why they even bothered.

tell me, how many millions of dollars do you think celebrities spent on "buying the whole weekend to shithole communities?"

>overhyped mediocrity that ends up pushing everyone back in terms of race relations and actually sewing seeds of division making everything worse, the exact opposite of what proponents expected

That comparison is actually dead accurate.

Disney, the master jew financiers they are decided to put the opening of the movie squarely in the middle of the month so anyone who filed their taxes around when they got their w2s at the end of january had a spot of money.

I wonder how many black panther tickets were bought with prepaid H&R Block tax refund cards (the card for people who don't have a bank account)

Counterpoint: We didn’t have a Black Panther back then. Now we do.

That's a cool shirt Boseman is wearing

>it's all fake! a handful of rich people are buying up all the tickets! the numbers are forged! DISNEY IS BUYING THEIR OWN TICKETS UP TO BOOST THE GROSS ARTIFICIALLY!!!!!!!

I swear you guys are as absurd as Cred Forums is when a game they don't like succeeds.


Well that makes it all worth it!

This guy is totally getting ahead of himself. Coogler is fine, and so was BP, mostly. BP wasn't Jaws, and really was just another CBM. One of the better ones, but not one of the best.

Wakanda was just Afro-Asgard, with less of a gold tint and more foliage. I can't take what this guy says seriously.


You sound like such a Racist Nazi Trump GamerGater.

Just saw it yesterday and it's pretty overrated. I thought they'd spend more time with the suit and doing Spiderman tier parkour shit in their city.

Turns out it's just a couple shit fighting scenes and a whole lot of mumbo jumbo nig talk about their ancestors and what not. It's bullshit

No one said that ever op, and you know it

What they said was it was guaranteed not to fail because of the social agenda behind it

All the inner-city history teachers will have hell to pay soon if the glorious history of Wakanda isn't part of the curriculum


Mmm Hmmm

desu i'm fine with the movie
as a proud supporter of national socialism and a racist I love the fact that blacks are finally getting movies that push forward the idea of segregation of the races


That one is definitely worth laughing at because the first three negative reviews were one from Ireland and two from Australia

DAMN. This is like when Cred Forums's Ron Paul got BTFO and they were on suicide watch for 8 years.

>Capping false flag shit thay you wrote.

based Chadwick, genuinely seems like a good dude and role model. Hopefully he quits making capeshit after Infinity Wars and Black Panther 2.

>defeneding indefensible movies to piss of anonymous people on Cred Forums
Truly, there is nothing more pathetic.

>Inb4 this is falseflagging

Not gonna happen. When you sign up for the MCU, you have to commit to it.

>When you get so utterly destroyed all you can do is resort to ad hominems and clickbait articles

But Black Panther is literally the best movie ever made in the history of Mankind! It’s even better than Citizen Kane!! People will be watching Black Panther a hundred years from now!!! (More so than any Akira Kurosawa or Jodorowsky film) Black Panther will be in future textbooks!!!!

*Barks at you*

for reference that's ridiculously good

The Avengers, Black Panther

Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, X-Men 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Logan, Thor Ragnarok

Blade, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Man of Steel, Thor: The Dark World, X-Men 3, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Wolverine

Blade 2, Blade 3, The Punisher, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, Thor, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, Justice League, Suicide Squad

Batman Returns, Batman v Superman, Catwoman, Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four 2, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern

Hulk, Punisher: War Zone

Batman & Robin, Spawn, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Superman 4

Fantastic Four (2015)

Cred Forums on suicide watch.

T’Challa can save you.

>Thor the Dark World that high
That was literally the worst MCU movie ever (not even memeing).

>When you’re so desperate to establish a narrative that you write your own false flag posts you can save them for later.
Utterly pathetic.


As a general guideline, that's not an awful tier list
>Hulk, Punisher: War Zone
I found Ang Lee's Hulk to beimmensely superior to Incredible Hulk, and War Zone was more fun than Thomas Jane Punisher

fucking kill yourself nigger. Are you going to say white people cant wear Lebron or Kobe jerseys next? Its a fucking costume, get over yourself.

oh you actually did. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>Are you going to say white people cant wear Lebron or Kobe jerseys next?
As long as they aren’t pretending to be the men. There’s a big different between wearing a shirt to support someone, and wearing another black person as a costume.

I think it's arguably the worst MCU movie too, but it's reception at the time wasn't nearly that negative. Early impressions were comparing it to Star Wars of all things.

Its not bad if you consider it a 7/10 because that is what Blade is too.

this is why black supremacists are just as bad as Cred Forums

How is it a bad thing a white person wants to be like the black panther? Isnt it a good thing the white boy doesnt see black panther as a ape-like subhuman nigger.

God this is so beautiful

>771% of free money from foreign entities, revenue you had to output absolutely nothing to gain
>your country is still a post apocalyptic unlivable hellhole with a starving populace and no infrastructure


>meanwhile the movies entire advertising shtick was that it was a all black cast movie toting how "diverse" it is

are you retarded


>billion dollar bomb

This is some Hollywood executive logic

do you get equally triggered when you see niggers wearing scream masks, krueger gloves, or Jason hockey masks? Because Id expect you to remain consistent a suggest blacks cant dress up in "white people costumes."

Youre a fucking joke kid.

And one was from a black guy.

Black people dressing up as white characters is progressive. White people dressing up as black characters is racism. One is sharing and the other is appropriation (stealing). It’s about privilege and society. One is punching up, the other is picking down.

>its only applied to american black people
We all laugh at black americans custom. Even non white people. You are delusional.
At least mullatos are smarter.

The Paramount logo at the bottom ruins it, and Boseman's face should be a touch grainier

But user, Wakanda is a super advanced civilization, how is it punching down if inferior dum dum whitey wears their clothing :^)


its comments like these that make me think Cred Forums isnt wrong. Stop being retarded.

this is the stupidest shit i've seen on here in a while. politics have ruined a lot of you.

Not bad for a movie that literally copy pasted Thor Ragnarok's plot.

>>meanwhile the movies entire advertising shtick was that it was a all black cast movie toting how "diverse" it is

No it wasn't. That was just what the retarded public turned it into. It's advertising schtick was that it was MCU capeshit # 78.

If you look at all the actual marketing for the film, not the retarded blog posts, not the shitty click bait news articles, not the race baity twitter shitflinging, but the actual advertising for the film, not once anywhere is the all black cast or diversity mentioned or pushed. It's simply advertised as another Marvel capeshit movie.

Stop being ignorant.

So it wasn't a all black cast?

Because white people still control everything here. It’s why a Black Panther movie took years to finally make.

remain consistent you fucking faggot. Niggers dont get special treatment because of the color of the skin and they shouldnt get negative treatment because of it either.