What are your thoughts on pop stars and musicians such as Rihanna transitioning into acting?

What are your thoughts on pop stars and musicians such as Rihanna transitioning into acting?

Should have been in black panther

I'm okay with it as long as she stays thicc. Her gaining some thiccness recently has made her ten times hotter

she cant act and her face is so flat

i like face



I don't care. She's ugly.

can someone tell me what genealogy that forehead is from

Hopefully they're better at acting than they ever were at singing.

They're always bad. Her, Zendama in Spider-Man, Cara Degersfsdotgaea, Gal Gadot.
It needs to stop.

What's the genital consensus on her body of work?

I hope she does well

t. arubian

Acting? No, but she could transition into having movies projected on her big ass forehead.

You know, I never found her that attractive, but for some reason my friend looks at me crazy when I say that. Is it just because she's popular?

i wish she'd transition to sitting on my face

She has a FAS alien head

I prefer Lady Gaga but white Rihanna >>>>>

>all these lowbrows throwing shade on superior highbrow 8heads like Rihanna
fuck right off

Normal Rihanna looks the best out of those

I'd like her to transition FtM tbqh.

Not because I have a fetish, though. I just dislike her and want her to mutilate herself.

Top kek

It's not that she's necessarily hot, it's that she's extremely sexual and looks like she'd swallow your cock on a dime

fuck em

Isn't Rihanna like quarter to half white?

At least the most important parts of her aren't flat.

looked it up and she's around quarter white because of her half white dad. That's why her skin is so light


Why does she like Özil so much?

Shes not african tho.
Shes carribean. She knows where her mom and dad are from so she cant play an african. Only african americans are allowed for that diversity!

Shes gorgeous. Even more that shes a bit thicker now

How thick is she?

I want Rihanna to transition into my bed

I didn't like her in Valerian. At all. Her voice acting felt flat as fuck.
I haven't seen Battleship or anything else Riri has been in.
Under my umbarella ella ella eh eh~


Shuri and some other dude I don't remember the name's actors were afro-caribbean though

One of the strongest weight gains in entertainment imo, her boobs look absolutely amazing and she knows it.

This, didn't start jerking to her until her carnival pics came out last year

I'd like to see Taylor in more films or shows

She's pretty thicc desu


Riri, Jlo, Minaj, Aguilera, and now Rita Ora, they may suck at acting but I'm not opposed of seeing them in more movies

That pics pretty old, this is more recent


For reference

That indian one is JUST

>when u get milkies


Nobody expects Americans to be able to act well so it's an easy switch to make, I guess,

hands are pretty gross
what's the foot game up to?



Looks like I'll betray the white race again

I'm sorry Cred Forums ;_;


You can still be pol and want to racemix


Shuri's actress kind of favors Rihanna, like she could be her little sister.

So good




jesus christ im not sorry
not at all



When jungle fever hits, it hits hard


Got a 270 pic album of nicki

I wonder if I could even get inside

Black girl lips, bodies, and skin color are god tier. Shame about the face and hair


this kills the white supremacist

requesting dump
This thread is being derailed into a Nicki thread.

Le monkeh faec


post more black qties

i will never understand how anyone can be attracted to a midget filled with inflatable balloons, with face surgery, super heavy duty make up and a ridiculous wig

she looks like a tranny

There was a pretty good nicki thread I did about a month or so on here. In all honesty on /hr/ there's a pretty big nicki thread that's worth checking out most of what ingot is there too

Ok you start.

tfw you're 1.8% African according to 23andme

It's called bimbo fetish, she fulfills urges even though she's fake. I wasn't all that big into her until recently


Cassidy Banks is the only Black girl worth something.

How does it feel to be proven wrong?

>on /hr/
I know, I've seen them. Nicki always has good threads, from there to Cred Forums to /gif/. Even Cred Forums admits they'd betray their beliefs for that ass. She's universally loved and desired. She's that bad.

Doesn't really matter the edge lord reditors will still cry "ape" and whatnot

baby want chocolate milky

It highly frustrates me that there are no legit nudes of nicki, almost makes me think she's not as big of a whore as she let's on. But either way she still makes me blow the hugest loads

what did she mean by this?

black angels are made to serve big white cock

I guess it means there's a site I need to check out

How great would it be if rihanna did one of those dual starring roles where she played thin riri and thic riri

>no legit nudes of nicki
No coincidence. She intended this from the start. Why do you think you want her so bad? Why do you think you want that skirt to ride up just a few more inches or for her blouse's neckline to plunge a little deeper. Because you haven't seen it yet and it drives you crazy. She knows this. She knows she's keeping all of her fans right on the edge. But she'll never give up the nudes.
nip-slips don't count

but a white girl getting trained by a chain gang of 10 nigs is perfectly fine. These people are ridiculous

milk truck just arrive


this desu

Seems like she might be gaining weight for a role recently.

you don't have to have babies with them jesus christ

Most cant act. Rhianna cant thats for sure.

when did she develop that body? holy shit

Yeah that's what I figured, always being the tease. Maybe some day it'll change, or her phone will get hacked


Rihanna was cute in Shut Up and Drive music video
that is all I know of blacktors.

best thread on Cred Forums

brapkino is on the menu

>white Rihanna is a 10/10

She can't act but she was the least miscast in valerian


She's faker than Santa and the Tooth Fairy combined, especially if you've seen her pre-fame / teenage photos. She was always pretty decent looking, but vast majority of her current look is artificial. Whether this bothers one it's up to the person in question...

nicki is the only boon i've ever wanted to bone. fuark she's hot