How did they do it?

How did they do it?

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shoes had pegs in them that went into holes in the floor. and he was strong as fuck.

Sneeds in the shoes.

This. You can even find a patent if you google.

500 millions in CGI

Banes in the shoes.

how did he not break his feet?

Why does this thread pop up every now and again?

Wait, I'm stupid. It's the other way around, shoes had a hole to fit a peg into.

He was magic. That's how he did all his tricks

Steamed shoes.

he was strong as fuck.

kids just discovered 80s music through stranger things and gotg

Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money...

Russian bots.

Michael threads are usually good.

just lean over without falling, if you try it it's pretty easy

The heel had a hole and slot in it, and there was a small peg with a wide head sticking out of floor that went into the heel, similar to the door chain and track on your door.

He just took it, screwing up could actually murder your feet/legs.

You're saying this as if anyone on Cred Forums is below 300lbs

Whats gotg?

How did he do it? Why did he do it?

game of thrones general

It's like the old kid's "Why?" game. They just keep posting the same thing over and over, garnering responses every time.

Saddest version here is baneposting: same two-three people posting stuff over and over for years, and they could never put it over as a meme - but the constant failure never stopped them trying. Think there's a Hallmark movie in there somewhere...


1984 is top Jackson

the first surgery was okay, but what the fuck was he thinking

i like michael jackson


A lot of practice. He learned how to moonwalk several years before he did it live.

music videos are Cred Forums related and michael jackson created pure kino. if you disagree you surprise no one because you're a fucking anime watching child

All that money and time spent trying to make himself look like Elizabeth Taylor... Rumor that used to go around in 1994 was that the sunglasses he constantly wore were all that was holding his nose on.

1. self esteem issues stemming from father abuse
2. some awful Vitiligo
3. severe burn damage

basically extremely bad luck and poor decisions combined to make the poor guy look like a freak obviously further complicating his self esteem issues. You gotta kinda feel for him,

I thought he was trying to look like Diana Ross.

>Hallmark movie
CIA returns to the cozy little town he grew up in (you know, before moving to the big city to join the agency) to open up a cupcake shop called "you don't get to bring sprinkles." He unexpectedly runs into an old flame at the local diner. Together they hatch a scheme to prevent developers from bulldozing the cozy little diner owned by Meredith Baxter Burney and rekindle their forgotten romance.

Yes, I have no idea how he seened anything while wearing his hat so low.

This has been answered 50 fucking times you autist why do you keep posting it?

He said he didn't want to look like his father

pedo black magic

had he not achieved by that 1995?

they didnt have soy back then, core strength was much higher

he surely has achieved it now

soy beans have been around for thousands of years

He didn't have a healthy mindset on these things

How so? They''re both decaying skeletons.
is this, dare I say it, the most kino MJ music video?

You can see the wires on the jackets

oh his father is dead too? the more you know..

wtf michael jackson was black?

Wtf is this a JoJo reference?

in the movie, wires
live, they had special shoes and floor panels with pegs they could latch onto

I bought these shoes from a hobo

>tfw you were hoping Janet was going to pop out at halftime and didn't.

Feels bad bros.

they just turned the camera sideways. ez

He had built up enough muscle in his feet, ankles, and calves to be able to withstand the strain