Did they ever explain how vibranium made them smart?

did they ever explain how vibranium made them smart?

They got money and developed, so they had schools and shit

that name sounds retarded, just like unobtanium.

feels like to idiots sat in a room and wrote that stuff down in 2 minutes, could have been the south park guys, that is how much thought went into that shit. Next make a black asgard and you are golden.

rehashed shit, next.

So wait, they're not naturally smart? The vibranium makes them smart? Holy shit that is so displeasing. So this whole 16 year old sister of BP being smarter than Stark is only because of a magic rock? So lets just give Stark some vibranium.

It's because wakanda is a rich and VIBRANT culture

They have spies. They wanted to stay ahead of the world. So they stole technology as it developed and put their own spin on it Wakanda.


The vibranium vibrates their skulls until the two brain cells inside connect.

>that name sounds retarded
it's from picture books for children

Vibranium is a mutagen that makes all Wakandans smart than 50% of white people.

Racists will never tell you this.

magic happened
that's how they got aids

>and that's a good thing!

basketballs be gibben niggers aids and sheeeit, fucking white man and their basketballs

you laugh, but many african americans have HIV/AIDS and many more in Africa.

Do you think it is funny now?

they clearly enslaved whites to make the technology

Why are nigger eyes always so fucking yellow

I'm half black/white and legit most black women look like a bad offshoot of white women to me.

Kinda like how Asians looks like fucking Aliens.

Just wanted to get it out there that Lupita made me diamonds.

Dat ass and them shoulders

What would you have called it?

I'm satirical, muh lawd bawby jebus

My mom is black and her eyes are normal
I've been told before though that it has something to do with alcohol/smoking in blacks.

gettin high on crack and jenkem

nah it is just melanin my friend, are you racist WTF MAN!!

yes niggers sound this retarded, I speak to them on the phone and it is like a zoo in the background

it was that glowy leaf shit.
you eat it, have babies they become smarter

I saw the movie and they just left it to imagination vibranium is op so they are too

The melanin literally seeps into their eyes and discolors them. I'm not joking, that's actually what happens.

by slings see Earth X comic

I read that in a female nigger voice


in Ebonics?

turns me off if I am honest

It probably is space brain-cancer. Like Fry's stomach worms in Futurama.

But didn't you know that Africans only have retard level IQ because of malnutrition and lack of education? Give them a sandwich and a copy of War and Peace and they'll fly you to the moon faster than Elon Musk can say impending IRS investigation

in atlanta booty shaking ebonics, do black girls even shave thier asshole and pussy, just wondering

I only fucked one, but she was a light skinned stripper.
let's say you're having a lazy Tuesday afternoon and watching Thor, would you doll youself up?

>But didn't you know that Africans only have retard level IQ because of malnutrition and lack of education? Give them a sandwich and a copy of War and Peace and they'll fly you to the moon faster than Elon Musk can say impending IRS investigation
Did African tribes even have bread.......... I mean most were hunter/gatherer types, so no farming grains etc.....

What makes you think they're smart? As in, innate intelligence. You have the typical comic book tech master, you have schools and shit to educate people, but does that make them any different from other black people? Or people overall. No. The vibranium is simply a caste for faster, easier progression as a society. There's no reason to think that someone like Wakabi is smarter than a trained scientist from another country, just because he's Wakandan.

>does being educated make them any different from other black people?

I never got why one of the prettiest and richest black/mixed women in hollywood decides to have children with the ugliest black man in hollywood

Radiation, OP. It's a default explanation for all kinds of evolutionary leaps in the
Marvel universe.

Do you see the sun? stare into it, now can you see anything else in the future
nigger logic.

because is canon that the comet with vibranium made them smart

lol look at their fucking kid and how fucking ugly it is compared to the mother

They became smart because they had to constantly hide it away from the Jews

She's got her dad's nose. That's fucking unfortunate.


I must've missed that part in the movie.

And his mustache.

I didn't open it, but now that you say it yeah, there it is.

I never got why black/dark skinned races dyed their hair blonde.

Asians looks cool with blonde hair tho

Do Asians have a bad look?

Can't say as I'm biased af

Even pretending to be black works for them.

>I never got why black/dark skinned races dyed their hair blonde.
you want to be like the ones you admire the most.

Jesus, I want to kiss Lupita so badly. Those goddamn lips.

Why is Cred Forums so obsessed with this movie?

>them shoulders

>tfw I'll never have my arms around her from behind, kissing her shoulders.

Let's be real, even IF a meteor with priceless super metal crashed in Africa, none of those niggers would even bother to dig the shit out of the ground.
It would have sat there until the white man came, realized it was valuable and then they would have used the natives as slave labor to mine it, just like diamonds and gold in south africa.

she's probably a dime store hooker, you could go to africa and fuck any of them for free

Honestly, the most plausible explanation for a hyper-intelligent nigger civilization is a magic element falling from the sky.

Big lol

hair of a dirt monger african

i don't plan on watching this so can someone sum up what is the conflict in this movie about.

I don’t know but it fucking grosses me out. It’s worst when it’s a dark yellow almost brown

Does it matter?

No NIA, ask bill how your kid is doing and then feed it grape drank

I don't care about anything else about this movie, but Lupita Nyong'o was so fucking hot in this movie.

You forgot when the Chinese come decades later and rape the land harder than the Europeans did

You say that but look at gyarus like AIKA!
She's just incredibly hot and actually looks worse in pics than IRL

Keeping the technology to themselves and continuing to isolate themselves from the world as opposed to sharing the technology and helping people. Especially "their" people, as in all sub-Saharan Africans.

Vibranium mountain = giant spaceship. Spaceship made them smarter than the average african.

That's tan, not ganguro.


>Wanting to fuck Lupita Nyong'o
>Having this taste in women
That's a hearty kek from me lads

In a very real sense that already happened to them. Africa was and still is rich in minerals and every other natural resource you need to build a modern industrial society. And yet...

John Dice

>They got money and developed
But how?

Remember they didn't share the vibranium.

This look is actually inspired by the overtanned appearance of Jersey Shore guidas.

Japs have no desire to look like negros.

negro magic

My grandpa used to have a farm when I was little and we'd eat rabbits, cows and chicken and he'd always have fresh milk and all kinds of veggies and fruits for us to eat. Twas' good.

>Japs have no desire to look like negros.
They're just improving upon the look. Not that it took much work.

For real why does this movie pretend rare minerals landing in Africa would somehow give them some sort of technological advantage when literally the biggest gold deposits in the world were right under their feet for thousands of years and they did fucking NOTHING with it

You're speaking to a nigger, user. It has no capacity to follow more than two logical steps of an argument.


should have called it melaninium


Welcome to the thread, the radiation from the vibranium improved their feeble black brains. Imagine what would have happened if this landed in a white nation, or China.

>there are people posting on Cred Forums who payed to go see this

>africa rich with oil, diamonds, metals and other important useful shit in the ground
>almost none of the entirety of africa actually makes use of it because they never evolved to the agriculture stage of civilization, remaining nomadic hunter gatherers because the land had so much food n shit
>took europeans exploiting the fuck out of the continent for it to actually progress from the stone age
>even after the colonists fuck off an the countries are "liberated" no country seeks to build/improve itself unless foreigners are literally doing it for them
Is Africa cursed?

Wouldn't work.

Selective breeding is the only way to make the average smarter.

That's the problem with Africa. They don't have much selective pressures that only allowed the smart to survive unlike colder areas.

People on Cred Forums defend The Room and Eric Andre, there's no accounting for taste and you know it.

They have it too good

See The harsh winters where whites and Asians live meant that the smartest survived and passed on their intelligence.

Thank you user, I suppose that makes sense

You raise a good point, kind of embarrassing for Wakandans that they needed a big meteorite full of wonder-mineral to even keep up with the rest of the world.

Very embarrassing, but I guess them's the breaks. I'd love to see how Europe would have been shaped by super-tech Celts or Franks.

Would probably just look like Asgard desu

Maybe that’s what actually happened, early Nords found Vibranium meteor and transcended to god status before Wakandans even developed running water

>white people get vibranium
>kill each other in a worthless blood feud because they need to dominate other peoples


Yeah, but think of how badass the winners will be.

We got any new nigger memes yet?

>Keeping the technology to themselves and continuing to isolate themselves from the world
USSR actually tried this shit. You start lagging back fast with this strategy. Sure you can make a few achievements here and there but in the end you lose.

Nah. Just felt like saying some KANGZ shit. But seriously why are niggers so stupid?

>Just felt like saying some KANGZ shit


This guy stole my answer.
I guess I'll just post a tall dude...

I guess asshole or just autism? idk just felt like it needed to be said in this thread.

Oh,you. ;)

It's almost like it was made up by some hack comic book writers 45 years ago while they were trying to come up with something to fill the pages for that week's issue

Wasn't it called vibranium because vibra(tion)-nium?
Because it's supposed to absorb all vibration or something? So that you could use it to block like, bullets without the kinetic force affecting the user.
But then it bounces off walls like rubber so idfk

African genetics is garbage




This guy has it.
Those boomers you all hate,they made every character you heard of,long before you existed.



Diversinium - it's their strength.

God you're racist. I'm West African, no affirmative action in my province, every single member of my direct family is a medical doctor(except parents) with my eldest brother being a neurosurgeon

We grew upon welfare,thankfully education is cheap in this province. I'm not sure about other Canadian provinces. All of my cousins are university educated, most of them in the stem field.

Most Africans I grew up with are university educated too. Many in the stem field

I find it funny whenever I come to observe this shithole of a site, so many huge racists out of touch with reality rocking a delusional sense of superiority when I can literally look down on every generations of their inbred family if I felt like it lol

God damn this is truly pathetic lol,I'm out,kept living in your hate filled echochamber with your racist propaganda

so you were educated in canada?

they are, but its more a kind of psychedelic 70s japanese negroes

>this shithole of a site
As opposed to a continent marred by religious violence, numerous diseases, a lack of basic necessities, and so many superstitions that your head would spin?

My favorite one is where the Africans attack bald people because they think that there is gold in their heads.

But yeah, keep telling us what to do.

The meteor that fell is essentially a giant basketball which gave the them a focal point in which to produce a culture outside of huffing farts


There is an anime that shows Japan building a barrier around Japan and they hide from the world for decades

seasons, not necessarily winters.
major river valleys such as nile for example are extremely seasonal but have no winters

>getting upset over Cred Forums
Do you know where you are my educated friend of African descent?
>pretending this site isn't a shithole
I'm not that user but don't pretend that the userbase on this board isn't the bottom of the barrel of society. The fact that you have to defend it by comparing it against impoverished African nations is evidence enough.

are we a barrel or a shithole

I dunno love.

So you admit you're not Canadian, but a West African living in Canada. Your tribe is your skin color. And you call us racists?


It's magic we don't have to explain

Schools and money don't change hard genetic facts about 'g' levels;


that is one nappy headed hoe

Here's a solution Cred Forumscucks and libshits can agree on:

>10,000+ years ago Wakanda was full of North African (Egyptian) herders
>Vibranium crashes down and they build the first Wakanda, explaining the Egyptian influence on their architecture
>2500~ years ago some tragedy befalls Wakanda and the niggers from the North take it over (much like the 25th dynasty of Egypt)
>As time goes on, Arabs from the east and persians from the North begin to encroach on Wakanda and nearly take them over
>Vibranium is discovered and the wall is built, saving them
>Library of Alexandria is burnt and Egypt falls to Rome, but not before most of the works were saved and stored in the safe haven of Wakanda by the Egyptian refugees
>Wakanda gets a much needed technology boost from the more advanced (but weaker militarily) Egyptian scientists and mathematicians

That's it. so what do you think Cred Forums?

>compared to the mother
shes doing just fine

Why do blacks think that if Africans were advanced in any respect that they would still follow the same traditions and disgusting cultures they follow today? Do Blacks really believe if Africans acquired a technological advancement that the people themselves would not change or some shit?

>compared to the mother

Still looks better than Jay-Z

I like how china blatantly lies to the world about their population's IQ like i'm supposed to believe their billion bug people peasants are intellectual powerhouses.

>compared to the mother...

Beyonce doesn't even compare to based Natalie

stop being so insecure china is capable of producing exetremley intelligent people across the country. not only are they smarter they have more smart people. start learning mandarin you stupid cumskin westerners

Selective interbreeding. Kinda like how the kikes or Armenians have IQs like 30 points above their Semitic cousins.

>yfw they send him to oversee vibranium mining in wakanda

Probably the second-hottest on GoT (after Carice van Houten)



New stop being a brainlet and check my Dubniums.

that crazy bitch 20 good men had on their side was fuckin hot

Lupita a cute

It's not a real place you dumbass

Its a reference to the fact its a metal that somehow nullifies kinetic energy in it meaning it would be impossible to smelt it since its indestructable. Imagine a rubber ball now imagine its metal thats vibranium the most bullshit substance in capeshit history. How spearchuckers even got the ore hurts my head.


She's odd looking

You're aware that Elon Musk is African, right? Yes, I'm sure you are...

They got smart because their lands were hidden from the colonizers by clouds and mountains.
Being colonized by a superior culture makes you dumb and useless for the rest of time, just look at Hong kong and India

so the villain wants to give the wakandan technology to the rest of africa and the protagonist hires cia to help him? why doesnt he want the same?

That's what they say in the first Captain America movie, the bullets hitting the shield from Howard Stark's M1911 just fall off after hitting it, but then in this movie it does all kinds of weird shit.
Absorbs kinetic energy, throws that energy outwards, manipulates energy, heals the human body, enhances human strength and endurance, it's used in mag-lev technology, it's used in directed-energy weapons.
It does fuckin' everything in this movie and just feels like a way to make that country happen. It's just magic.

Good for you Blackie. But here's the thing Dr. Negro, most people of your race are sub 85 iq mongrels. Just be happy that you are the 1% of your race.