Gives a kid a blank signed check

>gives a kid a blank signed check

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>"If you loved Home Alone, you'll love Blank Check!"
>love Home Alone
>don't love Blank Check

>hate home alone
>watch blank check every year once

>only a million

what is this facial expression meant to convey?

12 year old kid kisses 25 year old woman

If I remember the guy didnt give it to him, he was writing the check out when the little shit just snatched and ran.

>this meme is 6 years old

no he gave him it blank, and told him to give his dad and let his dad fill in how much the repairs cost for the bike he destroyed.

the kid was such a fucking little shit, god damn.

he wants to fuck

My mom was never a prude or a bitch growing up, but that scene really rubbed her the wrong way. I remember owning this on VHS as a kid and she thought it was so inappropriate.

classic roastie

I was 7 when this movie came out. Even back then I remember thinking that a million dollars wasn't that much money considering all the stuff he bought

I don't remember what it was, but I had a VHS as a kid and there was a trailer for Blank Cheque at the start, I always wanted to watch it but never managed to find it. Now I'm 28, is it worth locating?

Rich white male takes advantage of a woman

I downloaded this and rookie of the year. Both childhood kino.



What would you do with 1 million dollars, Cred Forums?


2 chicks at the same time

Two chicks at the same time.

Not be able to purchase any detached house in my city.

Two Chuck's at the same time.

Pay to bus black kids to see black panther but it just drops them in the woods and pay off dome debt.

Also i saw a cool t-72 for 130,000 so probably that too.

I'd fuck a chick, maybe 2

Love is a strong word.
What if I merely enjoyed Home Alone?

He was writing the check and the guy (a wanted criminal) saw some police and rushed the check to leave as asap as possible

>give a 10 year old kid a 28 year old love interest
>”call me in 5 years kid”
>still would only make him 15
What was Disney smoking

>hey there lil guy
>lemme just cash that million dollar check for you

Two chuckles in quick succession.

This was way better and got a lot more of shit.

Fucking kid blew threw a million in a week. Even if I were his age I wouldn't be fucking stupid enough to do that.

It's been 22 years since I've seen this, but the movie's logic rubbed me in the wrong way.
>Criminals steal money and bury it in the woods.
>Kid accidentally gets their checkbook.
>Kid now has access to their money, which is buried in the woods.

Though maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

>a feel good ... comedy

angels in the outfield
the sandlot

What would a kid blow it on these days?
Funko Pops and donating to Twitch Streamers?

Just leaving this here.

he's ready for the weinstein casting couch

Fidget spinners, skins on CS:GO and probably weed.

>bank has a million in cash that they will hand out to a kid

>Not giving vaping twitch streamers thousands of dollars to play the latest paid viral marketing video game for a living.


redpill me on this

12 year old getting more bitches than 30 y/o you

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

Was the check only 1 million? And he bought a mansion and a ton of shit?

you guys are missing the point of the movie
the kid was upset with his family and once he got hold of the money he thought he would be better off and happier, but in the end his missed the relationship with his family. that's why they compared the movie to home alone

'Twas a different time

What is dome debt?

Buy Tundra, 100 acres, a small cabin, put the rest in stocks:bonds 50:50

well, they thought the kid was an adult and he used a voice changer to talk to the bank. he was very tech savvy.

>Goes out on a date and kisses some 30 year old FBI agent

1 million dollars was a lot more back then.

But yes, he bought quite a bit more than it could afford.

It was like 1992. A million had a lot more bang back then

Blake Snyder
Hollywood's most successful spec screenwriter
Wrote Blank Check
A movie should have a moment where the hero saves the cat, think they did this in a Lethal weapon Movie.

Singer casting couch

I don't think the money was buried in the woods. The Jewish bank manager was supposed to give the money to juice but the kid walked with the million dollar check

>reminder that the writer of Blank Check wrote a book on screenwriting that is followed to the letter in modern Hollywood

If you were wondering why things have gotten so bad there's your answer.

Call everyone lazy poorfags.

>2 creepy looking guys repeating "OOOH YEAH BEAUTIFUL SUCH A GOOD TIME" over and over while staring at a little girl.

What did they mean by this?


A million in 1994 is equivalent to 1678422.47

So not THAT much more

>it's a dog that can play basketball

Kid fantasies, man


He used the computer to buy the house not talk to the bank

This. He brought a freaking castle.


Did you not watch the movie? The banker was corrupt, the antagonist told him someone named Juice would show up for the money.

1.6 mil is a good amount more than 1 mil

There are houses within a mile of me selling for 1.2 million and they are MUCH smaller.

the banker was expecting someone to come and pickup a million

Why does it have those dots before "comedy"??

I bet the actor beat off to that memory throughout his adolescence

>meanwhile in reality

Shitpost all day like I do now, but in a comfier chair.

buy chainlink

his mom or the girl in the movie?


can you blame him?

GOAT childhood movie

I can't even remember what sort of shit he was buying but with inflation $1 million from 1994 is $1.67 million, was he really buying shit a kid couldn't obtain with that sort of cash?

The reviews for this movie at the time were scathing. That was probably the only positive things said in all the reviews but included something negative between the words "good" and "comedy."

Is this really him?

Yes h'es been arrested like a billion times.

>Buys the pre-teen equivalent of the playboy mansion for $400,000.

You couldn’t even buy a 2 bedroom house for that much. Have times really changed that much?

Maybe he shouldn't have stolen a million dollars then.

That's what happens when you give kids money at a young age

and people wonder why he built robocop


Parents who take their kids to auditions for movies are the problem not the money they make (which their parents usually get/steal)