This movie is garbage

This movie is garbage.

Yeah no shit it's DC they don't make anything else

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When will they ever start to make good movies


all comic superhero movies are garbage by definition
this one is just least garbage of them

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definitive ranking:

Batman '89 > Batman Returns > POWERGAP > Batman '66 > Batman Begins > POWERGAP > Batman & Robin > Batman Forever > The Dark Knight Rises > The Dark Knight

It definitely wasn't shit. It's not the masterpiece that edgelord teens made it out to be when it first came out. But it definitely was a really good film even standalone. I didn't see Batman Begins before I daw the Dark Knight and I was still able to understand it.

30 movies later: why can't MCU make a film on this level
>inb4 winter solider and/or black pander
please serious replies only

It really isn't it is insanely overrated, it's the 4th best movie of all time on IMDB? that is retarded beyond belief, but it is enjoyable and beside some part of the screenplay (like the guy in the court who tries to kill Dent, that whole scene is retarded) but it is, objectively (with regards to the technical aspects of making a film) a well made film

I don't get why they didn't just blame the joker for killing Dant.

the dceu is garbage we have better movies,comics,games bitch dceu only has one good movie its a woman's movie lol after infinity war the dceu will die


Black panther is better

I think because by Batman killing him it moves away from vigilante justice into people then supporting real law enforcement.

Name one good scene that doesn’t feature Heath Ledger. I’ll wait.

Only reasonable answer.

I'd say the stuff between Lucius and the Wayne employee, but you're right. It's slim pickin's.


t. obvious Disney shill

That asian guy.

Loved Batman Begins so I saw this the day it came out, thought it was pretty bad. Watched it a couple more times since then and still think it sucks,. The first hour is okay but after that it completely turns to shit, just one edgy setpiece after another with no reason to care about anything, and the Joker is a boring villain compared to Bane and Ra's al Ghul.

It's not garbage, but it is VASTLY overrated. The great Heath Ledger Joker performance saves what would otherwise be a dull mess.

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They never did before so never

Maybe when another studio buys the rights

the bank robbery scene doesn't really feature his acting


>yet another master piece by christopher nolan

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I know this is b8, but I am honestly torn by ranking Burton and Nolan’s Batman movies together. Batman Returns>Batman, and Dark Knight>Batman Begins, but comparing BR with DK doesn’t feel right. They are totally different. Take for instance Batman’s unwillingness to kill in Nolanverse, but Batman comically pitting TNT in a goon and tossing him down a manhole in Burtonworld

when the joker did the pencil trick for the first time i couldnt stop laughing for 5 minutes

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it's not bait actually, I'm dead serious

As for comparing Burton's movies to Nolan's, I have no problem doing so because the former I like and the latter I don't

>heard the movie was supposed to be phenomenal
11/10 RIP MJ