Great ideas stuck in shit movies

Great ideas stuck in shit movies.

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>Continuous night and time dilation due to the witch
>The stick figures being actual voodoo dolls

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I liked it

Another found footage: "Versus."

It's basically Bear Grills against the Predator in the wilds of northern Canada. Fantastic premise that goes to shit because they thought they could CGI a convincing alien on no budget. What a shame it was.


>Great ideas

pick one

i googled versus found footage movie and some japaenese movie comes up. what?

nm think i found it.

>from 3.99 on prime video
Should I pull the trigger lads?

I wouldn't. The CGI is old-school SyFy levels of bad. It completely takes you out of the movie.

What exactly did you like about it?

The new Blair Witch movie was actually terrible. I prefer the original sequel, Book of Shadows. The reason that movie was panned in the first place was likely because it wasn't what the fans of The Blair Witch Project were expecting. It was a solid movie on its own and I thought it was creepy as hell.

Yeah we know that. Did you read the thread title?

I'm a sucker for anything that takes place in the woods/camping, and thought the use of the found-footage style was done better than most others in the genre, although that isn't saying much.

Maybe I've seen so much shit that my standards aren't very high when it comes to horror, but I'd give it a 6/10

I know what the thread is about but I disagree with the OP about that particular movie and I don't think that there was a single redeemable thing about 2016 Blair Witch.

It all went to shit too quickly.

Needed more camping stuff and very subtle paranormal stuff going on

It needed to be NOT found footage first off.

The found footage genre seem to be choke full of blatant plagiarism and people don't even seem to mind. The Gravy Encounters series, for one, is a serial offender in this matter and I'm surprised that they have somehow not been sued. Entire sequences from Grave Encounters are ripped directly from the 1999 House of Haunted Hill remake and the plotlines of Gravy Encounter 2 are actually a copy/paste of the premise of Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows.

This is now a perfect ideas for a Blair Witch movie thread.

Stick figures are good, I'm kinda ambivalent on time dilation though, shit movie regardless, girl w/colored hair should of shown tits

Heres one. Focus on the actual evil. What I mean by this is focus on the fucking WOODS.

The forest is evil.

Here's an idea: don't make another one. Make something new. The Blair Witch Project was so effective at being scary was because it was plausible and, at the time, wasn't a part of an established B-grade schlock genre. It was still fairly novel for its time. What made it so scary was that there weren't these jump scares and CGI spook faces and fucking pentagrams being carved on your chest. When the movie came out some people actually believed it was real.

Probably the closest thing we have to a true Blair Witch remake is the Poughkeepsie Tapes, which is very well done as a plausible documentary style, but what kind of ruins it is the oversaturation of the genre and the fact that contemporary technology doesn't really allow for a movie to effectively camouflage itself as being real in the same way as it could have in 1999.

Blair Witch wasn't scary, I was like 10 years old when I saw it and thought that shit was stupid

You're a brainlet.

I guess movies like the VVitch and Ritual came pretty close to the whole "woods are evil' thing but still couldn't nail it down.

I guess the setting of the TWB is so intriguing that people wanna recreate the feeling. Things like woods after dark, americana, witches in the woods and etc. Shit is interesting.

Shame no one now could really capture that without dropping the ball.

I thought it was pretty neat. Like the guy losing limbs as his past was getting tortured, that was awesome.

kek, if Blair Witch was truly a scary movie, shouldn't it easily scare a 10 year old? You're testeslett

cityboi spotted

you where clkose as to why it was efective it wasnt what you listed it was beacuase it was somthing new thats what movies are missing now is there are too few new things in movies just the same characters in the same situations

I was bored by it when I was a kid to but I think that may be because I didn't have the attention span for it.

Relative to your run of the mill horror movie with CGI skellingtons and ghosties throwing tables across the room, I think BWP was very disturbing. Sure there are horror movies that make you jump using loud noises and jump scares, or movies that make your skin crawl because of the gore, but that's cheap. The Blair Witch legend was very unsettling in itself.

This is so retarded. Why would it ever make sense for one instance of a person to lose limbs at an arbitrary time because his past-self was tortured?

If you want to say "because it happens at the same time" - think again

Blair Witch is like the JJ Abrams of horror movies. The trailers set it up as a great horror mystery but when you're watching you keep wondering when will any kind of payoff come up, you realize the movie will end soon and get excited until it turns into utter disappointment

Only good thing about the new one was the totem breaking that chick in half.

I liked the first sequel better than the remake/sequel but I get the hate for it. Both suffer from the director not really getting the original.