Why is HBO trying to normalize eating ass?

Why is HBO trying to normalize eating ass?

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IIRC Lena Dunham wrote that scene

the normies of society are trying to normalize eating ass. it's too late, it's here to stay and people are soon going to think you a prude for not wanting to do it.

Heʻs eating her vagina you dumb virgin.
Based on his head position, his mouth is obviously between her thighs

Ass eating is a meme. Anyone who does it is stupid.

there's literally nothing wrong with eating ass

Wtf when did eating ass even become a thing? Do people seriously stick their tongues up people's buttholes? Isn't eating pussy good enough?

>tfw even eating pus is gross to you and soon you'll have to eat ass too

Why is lena dunham encouraging pro fat?

The night I lose my virginity I'm also going to lick her asshole.

they're trying to normalize male submissive behavior.

Pretty sure you mean his.

It's all primal urgeres and shit, we are no different than dogs. We wanna be up in dat brown eye

ass eating is disgusting

But why

I have no urge to lick a literal shit hole. I'd sooner sniff a girl's farts.

I really just want to lick and kiss some cute girl's butthole, that's all I want

You mean ass eating isn't considered normal? Damn being born right in time to experience the age of internet porn ruined me.


It started becoming a popular topic around the time this came out. Then everyone started talking about eating ass like it was a normal thing.

They already think that on Reddit. I made a post on r/unpopularopinion about not wanting to eat ass, and every leftist and feminist attacked me. Do they coordinate or are brainwashed or what's the reason?

she must've been sweating and breathing heavily after that

I've been into eating ass way before it became mainstream. I'm guessing it's something from my generation and now that we're in our late 20's early 30's, it's coming out in pop culture.

Eating pussy/ass is for beta males

>start eating some girls ass
>she loves it
>she's moaning and crying
>time to switch to the puss to give her an orgasm
>she is crying louder than ever and comes harder than she has ever come in her life
Pretty amazing guys. I only got pink eye, strep throat and food poisoning. She had to go on antibiotics a few days later to treat blood poisoning that she got from her infected pussy.

i hate niggers so goddamn much

Same shit, literally
You're getting poo particles inside you

I had a slutty milf over to my apartment on Friday night. Next morning, I ate her ass and she kissed me after. Shit was cash.

Enjoy your intestinal parasites.

At least it's only second-hand


"You're a fat pig. Stuffing rocks in yourself."

I didn't expect the last sentence...it just kept going....oh my sides...

stay on reddit

Both eating ass or pussy is demeaning for a man. Satisfying a woman with your penis should be enough.

That's not really what gasses are my friend. Particularly the lack of bacteria and viruses that you won't be inhaling in farts.

It's the new millenial meme



This. If you can't do it yourself you should appeal to Jamal


I've never met someone that wanted to do it that wasn't a filthy Mexican.

Jews don't just want to exterminate us. They want to degrade and torment us as much as possible along the way.

Like Aids, it only happens to gay guys.

>There's nothing wrong with vigorously mashing your face into someone's shithole
Anal play is a meme meant to normalize homosexual behaviors with heterosexual people

Eating ass is great and all but I like eating tide pods

I won't even stick my finger up my own bum, why would I put my tongue in someone else's

since this is the designated shitposting thread, can you believe that I got a warning for this? something about r*ddit triggers the mods beyond belief. this was during the porn/gore/video where a dog was eating a guys shit threads last night and I bumped nearly every single one. I also made a thread about janitors.

Tide pods kill the bacteria you get from eating ass.

>Anal play is a meme meant to normalize homosexual behaviors with heterosexual people

>carefully rebuilding gastrointestinal microbiomes from scratch
>growing wild, and fast, with the precision of a Swiss watch
>think the job is completed. Proud, proud of my work.
>destroyed again because he can't keep his fucking mouth off of dat ass....

jesus fucking christ, maybe if you'r a faggot rimming dudes asses that is one thing.

I've been eating my girlfriend asshole for 7 years and have never gotten sick once. She obviously fucking bathes before hand and makes sure her anus hole is spotless. Jesus, you deserve to get sick if you go into eating ass straight raw.

No real man would eat that ugly girls ass. funnily enough analingus used to be a punishment for POWs - perhaps this is telling modern men something

>wanting to put your face in between her ass cheeks is gay!

I do that too ;)

>discussing sexual pleasure and activity on a virgin support forum

Always follow up eating ass with a tasty tide pod.

You fucking faggots eating ass is the best. Tastier than pussy too if she's clean.

>normalize eating ass
Jews jewing the jew agenda through all media.

Yeah, that's bullshit, they should have hardware banned you on the spot.

t. homo

I sincerely hope she eats your ass in return, because if not you're just a cuck

You never go ass to mouth.


Imagine being this guy

Why the anal fixation at all?

ITT: a shitload of permavirgins

report it to hiro

user, you are confusing dicks and faces again.

I already severely dislike eating puss and avoid doing it as much as I can, (not that I've been having lots of sex lately) eating ass is whole other level of disgusting.

He specifically says he's going to eat her ass before this scene.

Yes that's someone eating ass.

On r/atheism we do it all the time, good sir.

I thought filthy frank made it popular

if she showers first its the best thing actually.

>tfw when you bend her over and pull the panties to the side revealing the sweet holes

virgins dont know this feel, not at all

Weak immune system. I've eaten so much ass, eaten girls right after they've taken a shit and haven't wiped, like 20 hookers assholes over the years. I get tested multiple times a year and I'm.completely clean. Are fagolas just naturally weaker than based #straightwhitemales like me?

What does shit taste like?

it's just a fetish, like having a foot fetish or having a tit fetish. I like ass, she has a great ass, I got her doing squats several years ago and her ass has only gotten better. its great. sex is awesome.

>i have sex btw ;P

The peacock is pretty good. Sticking your nose right in a girl's ass while you're eating her pussy. But actually eating her ass isn't advisable. I've done it, but it shouldn't be encouraged. It's like smoking.

im in here just waiting for a spongebob character inhaling some foul looking air

If gay anal sex caused HIV which leads to AIDS a terrible disease which causes death; who knows what kind of horrific infectious disease rimming might cause?

What is it which is worse than death?

Is there any movies with ass eating scenes?

Please go back there


You know sex is for procreation right? Not recreation... putting your mouth on the ass is disgusting

With each level of degeneracy the resulting pestilence gets worse but people just won't stop.

You should go.

Indeed it is a fetish, but why choose such a fetish? One that involves an area in which human waste comes from? The question is why normalize something that is at it's core unhealthy.

>food is just for sustenance, not for taste

Blue is the Warmest Color.

nah I think the mod was in the right but they selectively enforce these rules. I also got banned for pic related.

There's a whole lot of virginity signaling going on in this thread

If you were a red blooded male and had ever been in a situation where you're horny and have a nice ass in front of you, licking it would make the most sense in the world


>beeswax is for bees, not personal secrets

my post was high quality

> Not sticking your dick in it instead
we're on to you faggot

>choose a fetish
i don't think you get how this works

It's the fact that shit comes out of there that makes it hot. It's disgusting and demeaning, which makes it naughty and taboo. It's like girls who swallow cum, or guys who drink a woman's piss.

>people choose their fetishes

It's because you were probably shitposting non-stop you fucking faggot, not because of that post specifically

Ever spread it on crackers?

>only getting a one day ban for that
The amount of times I've gotten three day bans for posting a pic of Trump wearing a jewish hat...

>Cred Forums ,the board that would swim through a sea of shit to lick the sole of their favorite actress
>suddenly feeling queasy about eating ass

Urine is at least sterile unless the feces covered hole you have your tongue in.

If the girl goes the extra mile and cleans herself thoroughly (enema) then eating ass is great. Not something I would ever do spontaneously though.

That is possible.
Interesting. I thank you for this reply. It wasn't the usual retarded response one would expect from this site.

Eww what if she farted?

>eating ass
poop comes from there by the way

You guys are outing yourselves as virgins left and right in this thread. The anus has a shitload of nerve endings, that's why people do it. You don't lick a chick's asshole after she's been walking around all day. It's called a shower, which is daily or twice daily act for anyone who isn't a NEET piece of shit.

you have to prime it first with your tongue

As if you can only do one or the other

I'll eat pussy and ass if given the opportunity but I'm not the biggest fan of anal sex in general, except as like the occasional one off thing. I'll jam my thumb in there whilst doing it from behind if the girl is into that tho


You form a suction lock on her anus and vomit into her intestines.

>It's like girls who swallow cum, or guys who drink a woman's piss.
Nope. Not at all.
And I know you know that that's a completely false equivalence.

they're not trying, they already succeeded.

>Americans have dirty arses and don't wipe so they have tons of disgusting arses

It's not a problem in civilised countries. We can eat whatever we want, and if by some Satanic miracle there's a problem we have the ability to not go bankrupt over treatment for it.

Americans are knackered.

I only talk about films here and all my posts are constructive

I can have my nose in there for hours, but eating it is a step too far 99% of the time. I have to know the girl just showered, and she has to have a legit amazing ass.

Or they haven't explored sexual deviance, or begun exploring with sex as the average person here is quite young.

>why such a fetish
>choosing fetishes


Is that a girl? Looks more like a tranny in the picture

Unless you're gay, eating ass is cultural appropriation. It's offensive to queers so fucking stop you god damn breeders

Girls don't poop

So by this logic you're a believer that a person can be born gay, or trans then?

Wtf I repeat virginity more than normies now!

dude the other fucking day on reddit I saw another one of these soyboy seduction posts about "what de wimin like" and all the top voted comments were guys admitting that they have small dicks and eat ass to comp

Literally this. if you dont have the urge to stick your face directly into a nice ass you probably should get your test levels checked

>And I know you know that that's a completely false equivalence.
It's in the ballpark. I would argue that swallowing cum is less gross, and drinking piss is more gross. Easting ass is mid-tier degeneracy.


this. those monsters don't even use the bidet


Hello, my name is Alejandro Meres and am a veteran medical surgin at OSU university/health clinic and am here with tested real results and answers. Yes, you can get aids from swimming with black people, you can also get aids just by touching them. Black people have a lower class skin and extremely unstable atoms and DNA strands in there brain that cause them to produce aids through there sweat, unlike clean folk. There is a reason why god put black people in a isolated desert, and it would have been better if we had left those bastards there to starve.

You can get back your virginity by simply disagreeing with people. Pretty amazing isn't it?


>the state of this board
If you have to eat pussy/ass, you're a beta. Alpha's do everything with their penis.
Fucking jews have legitimately tricked normies into this degeneracy and these retards eat it up like they're in the right. Top fucking kek, enjoy your diseases you degenerate pieces of shit.

i want to put every part of a woman's body in my mouth and if you dont youre probably a virgin, gay, or nonwhite tia

I think they can be born gay. But even if you don't, you'd have to believe that it's otherwise a product of their environment that they also have little to no control over.

>dude the other fucking day on reddit I saw
stop posting.
soyboy is the reddit way of saying faggot baka.

Gracias Alejandro

>implying you wouldn't

Why? Because I'm not a Cred Forumset who likes to have meaningful and deep discussion with people who actually care about the material and the rules?

Could be, it's not without trying by other homosexuals in the past to try and "fix" themselves in a sense. If there was a "fix" then I am sure a lot of them would try to avoid past public scrutiny or even death (like in Arabic countries)

Have you seen the state of assholes on most women? It's brown and has razor bumps. Pornstar assholes are unreasonably eatable

>He's never had a fit white girl with a fat ass
I feel sorry for your soul


Thanks for the input, War Machine.


Nope. Urine is sterile, and unless the guy has an STD you can't catch anything from eating cum.
There is a laundry list of shit you can catch from analingus. E coli, tapeworms, dysentery, the list goes on. It's no where near comparable.

What? No, the whole topic got jump started from her verse, and then the memes came and then people started talking about it on the radio and podcasts and such. Most of the time people mentioned it they reference that line. Its hilarious how all of that started from one line really. FF only seems like a thing memesters on the internet care about

You sound like you've only been with people who dont know how to take care of their bodies. I've seen some clean assholes and neat pussies

>his gf doesn't wax

Having an obsession with sniffing ass is way weirder than licking it, just a reality check


No alpha has ever typed or said kek.

I'm sure a lot have. Go your whole life acting straight because even though you're attracted to dudes, you have too much of your life depending on you being strangers.

I knew it! thanks for confirming Alejandro

Wtf... Who is this actress?

Maybe I just date weird hippies, but I've seen a genuinely attractive asshole like three times in my life. Most women don't bleach it, and more than half don't wax.

Health Risks:

Anilingus has potential health risks arising from the oral contact with human feces. Diseases which may be transmitted by contact with feces include: bacterial diseases including shigellosis (bacillary dysentery); viral systemic diseases including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, poliomyelitis, human papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes simplex virus; parasites including intestinal parasites; and infections and inflammations chlamydia infection, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, gonorrhea, lymphogranuloma venereum and other sexually transmitted infections.

Applying the mouth to the genitals immediately after applying it to the anus can introduce the bacterium Escherichia coli ("E. coli") into the urethra, leading to a urinary tract infection. HIV/AIDS is not believed to be easily transmitted through anilingus.

Anilingus with a number of casual partners increases the health risks associated with the practice. Generally, people carrying infections that may be passed on during anilingus appear healthy. Parasites may be in the feces if undercooked meat was consumed. The feces contain traces of Hepatitis A only if the infected person has eaten contaminated food.

Another recent study suggests a correlation between oral sex and throat cancer. It is believed that this is due to the transmission of HPV because this virus has been implicated in most cervical cancers. The study concludes that people who had one to five oral-sex partners in their lifetime had approximately a doubled risk of throat cancer compared with those who never engaged in this activity. Those with more than five oral-sex partners had a 250% increased risk compared with those who never engaged in this activity.

tl;dr: Keep your tongue out of dat ass fool

I live in Seattle, so maybe it's just a rich girl thing

They own companies that sell medications to treat worms, pink eye etc.

Now that is some subversive shit if true.

No, that's ridiculous. Sniffing it isn't going to give you throat cancer. Smells are a huge aspect of real sex that you don't get from online porn. The scents and pheromones you get from a woman's hair, pits, and breath are why it's worth fucking a real 7/10 over jacking off to a 10/10.

The mark of any degenerate society is self destructive behavior.

It literally can't taste worse than swallowing squirt juices

Ask anyone faggot, what is the woman doing when you're sniffing her ass?

I feel more economic alienation from wealthy people sex than from wealthy people power. My brother lives in DC and makes good money, and seeing the quality of pussy he gets is a bigger motivator than the nicest car or the biggest boats.

Anal sex is already normalized, eating someone's ass seems like a natural progression into degeneracy. In the near future they'll move onto pushing scat.

I stopped dating hipster girls specifically because they don't take care of themselves. FInd yourself a relatively normie girl.

>Eating ass
it's a bubble meme, it'll die eventually nobody really likes doing it.

Women don't enjoy it, only beta cucks enjoy it.

>falling for the anal jew
Do I need to post THAT article?

What article?
Do it?

I can't. I memorize poetry and develop my own film in my own darkroom. I'm so down the hipster hole I can't relate to normie women. I've never even seen an episode of Game of Thrones.

People said the same thing about hetero anal sex one time, and now it's so normal you look like the weirdo for not doing it.

I guess humanity will die with a bang after all.

what show?

enjoying my tongue and lips on her pussy? what is she supposed to be doing?


tfw got a 7 incher and love eating ass. Am I a sex god? Women like it when I eat it but whimper a bit when I actually fuck em after.

fuck off to reddit you faggot

>le everyone is pretending except me