Why did Luke Skywalker die a virgin?

Why did Luke Skywalker die a virgin?

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Luke just always seemed like a little boy next to real men like Han and Lando. It was a real turn off to the ladies. Rumor has it that Biggs was quite interested in him though.

I'm pretty sure that there had to be that one planet in the SW galaxy, the Netherlands of planets, with prostitution, drugs an everything. Nobody with a spaceship would die a virgin.

The Jedi Order doesn’t allow for sexual relations unless you have a huge forehead.

Do you think you could go to the hilt in a porg without killing it?

also would that count as sex?

>replace general hux with sexy MOMMY actress
>she shows up with a fleet of battle ships to kill Rey and Luke
>"oh no" says luke
>"who is it??" asked Rey
>"...my ex-wife"
there i just fixed star wars

from a certain point of view, he didn't

he became a wizard

Is that a fucking nipple? On his head?

I'd watch that. Hell it's not even that far fetched, all things considerd.

>inb4 Canon: luke is gay

because its easier to kill Han then write a script for Mara Jade

It's a whole torso apparently.

We don't know that he was a virgin when he left Tattooine

My head is cold

HAH! Thanks you made my day.

You either die a virgin or live long enough to become the hero.

The picture explains your question.

you just know he jerked off in that tank with everyone watching

How would he have obtained fearsome wizard powers?

What was the point in this opening scene? Just to fuck up his face because his face got fucked up in real life?


>fathers a child

dude wut

>Unexpected interference in the grand scheme of things by a native life form, just to remind you that yes, this is another world and that there are still aliens going about their business without any regard to the heroes' own.
>Establishes and enforces the relationship between Han, Leia, Luke, Chewbacca, C3P0, and R2-D2.

We meet again, Master Santa Penishead