Some IRL friends had to tell me about the new season

Some IRL friends had to tell me about the new season.
I haven't watched it yet but why isn't Cred Forums talking about this?

First episode was really shit, it gets better tough

They shouldnt bring back shows that have been dead for years. has it ever been good`?

they're were threads about it. check the archive.

first two eps suck, gets a bit better, last episode was 100% classic x files kino.


nu xfiles is like tfa, it's not aimed at old fans. it's retconned, dumbed down flashy shit made for retards and people who weren't born when the real show was on.
If you haven't even seen the show why are you posting in this thread? fuck off you little faggot.

The 'progressive ideology' was heavily pushed. So most normal people didn't care to watch.

>100% classic x files kino
fucking kill yourself 90's born queer

80s born kiddo

Yes Ive seen X-Files, and it turned to shit before it was cancelled.
What I meant was that most shows that get resurrected like this never turn out to be good. I didnt mean that all of X-Files was bad

The show should have remained a nostalgic memory of the 90s. Updated it's just shit.

Is it still worth a watch?

because it is terrible. there is a reason why anderson doesn't want to have anything to do with the x-files now.

Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that Reggie Mergatroid was in the digitized archives of the X-Files while Mulder and Scully looked through them in 11×02?

I think it's good.

She's just tired of her character.

>has it ever been good`?
what are you even doing here?

>She's just tired of her character
they're barely playing the same characters.

name 25 shows that were good after they were resurrected

that has nothing to do with it ever being good faggot

nah, they feel the same