What was the impact of Black Panther on you and your loved ones? Alt-right cry babies pls stay away

What was the impact of Black Panther on you and your loved ones? Alt-right cry babies pls stay away

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yeah my wifes son cried

why wifes bfs son was talking about all day

i bet both of these people have unironically posted about how "the left cant meme"

it opened my eyes on Disney's double standards. If not the cast skin color, it would be most racist movie ever, and would be banned from screening.
also it means Hollywood is going back in time, to 70s blaxploitation movies. I'm more leftist, but can't not see this.
Take an unbiased look, You will see.

My wife, her boyfriend, their son and I all cried.


>black peepl dont even realize theyre being MANIPULATED into watching stuff with black peepl in it!!!

Why are black people so pathetic they let a mouse film consume their lives?

I was beaten up, kidnapped and turned into a sex slave for BP fans. This is what I get for not going to Paddington.

I liked it until the sister convinced the king to let refugees in. Up until that point it was a alt right wet dream

Basically every disney movie was supplanting the tales of other cultures, not sure why it suddenly means a whole race is pathetic.


This is blowing my mind, now I wish there was a school shooting every 0,0003784 seconds

You've never been impacted by a Disney movie before? I can't count the number of Disney cartoons and family films back in the 80s and 90s that I cried to.

I was actually turned into a black woman from the powerful socialism of the justiceness.
Now I have a huge black ass.

It's comfier to sit now desu.

Tbh not at all

lmao what a fag

i was literally shaking so hard i spilled soylent on my switch

Killmonger and his dad got to me. Also, Killmonger's style made me question everything about myself.

I think it's really sad that a comic book film has such a social impact on a race of people.

INB4 Star Wars

Why do you think the Alt right hates his movie? its literally about ethno states.

don't make it not true tho

I remember when black people got super excited over Malcom X but at least it was a Spike Lee joint that starred Denzel.




It reminded me that my race and skin color are an important part of my identity.

morons unironically oblivious to his sarcasm and legit think this means confirmation of that troll rumor.

Malcolm X was a great movie and slight hit piece on the nation of Islam.

You won't see the 5% get a spot light like that.

>Reply as AJ+



fuck. how do i delete this thread?