Post disgusting kino

Post disgusting kino

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She has the worst body ever

Raw was great. I want to fuck that qt cannibal.


What the fuck was her problem?

this is amazing

the way she moves, how every movement is coordinated, it's like a dance

new favorite webm, thanks

It's so bird-like.

Does that dumb bitch thought that was insulting or something? If I were that guy I'd take the pad while it's still wet and sniff the shit out of it.


what the fuck

what's the point of picking on a 5 year old


>poor little angelo saxon

and face

Peach scene in Call Me by Your Name

Theyʻre easy to bully I suppose

Old British tradition, Morrissey wrote songs about it

Alright I'm not a virgin but I still don't know what he pads are for

Is this just for vag leakage? Or is the pad just like a less invasive tampon?

Less invasive tampon for periods kiddo.

>eating spaghetti and chocolate while drinking milk in a putrid bathtub

Jesus fucking christ, I won't even post the video, go look for yourself


>a nonvirgin who doesn't understand how babies are made
american education, everyone

Theyʻre easier for someone who just started puberty and doesn't want to shove something up there, that and pads are better if your flow is heavy

Pads are fucking disgusting. Use tampons already, women.


this scene was so gross i turned it off and refused to attempt to watch it again for years
>t. recurring nightmares about toilets like this

Movie? does he get revenge?

>this was aired on TV

Literally how did they get away with this?

two from Hnery Fool

he just fucking sits on it lmao

Pads are pleb tier, and tampons are hobo hooker tier. My girlfriend uses a silicone cup that collects the blood. I watched her put it in once, it was pretty hot.

Do American women really do this?

holy shit

The shit in this scene was actually chocolate, rewatch the scene knowing that and it's even more kino than before.

is that bacon taped to the wall?

god you're sick


ayy, me too mate

Air freshener.

Kill Bill spitting scene

>nobody posting a Saló Webm
This board is shit

>that scene in The Mule where the guy shits out heroin condoms and has to eat them again really quick before the feds notice

Are you just memeing because she's fuckable.
I mean, the actress, not Dee. She is crawling
with STDS.

This scene has stuck with me for ages