Is it that good?

is it that good?

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hell yeah. chaddington is dope

look at that smug fucking grin

One of the top 10 films of all time according to Rotten Tomatoes' shitty system

Fuck wrong screenshot

>that scene where he rips a guy's head off

it's a comfy movie
nothing special


>that scene where he unzips into Tito after murdering Raymundo and Reggie and dabs out far from the shoreline.
Fucking brutal. I'm baffled as to how it still got a solid 100%.

>Get Out
>Mad Max 4

how terrible

Where's black panther on there?


>tito raymundo and reggie

Yes. It's 100% kidkino. It's utterly charming.

Kike-spew propaganda. Made dangerous because they go for the innocent white kids this time.

nice COINTELPRO, goldberg. this is an alt right movie. it's the complete antithesis of your brainwashing black panther bullshit.

>Fury Road better than The Matrix

>inside out
The fuck, that movie was hot garbage

Can we meme Black Panther to be ahead of Citizen Kane?

My life would be complete

>le crying nigger
>Max Reddit 4


RT needs to die

stop shilling your videos here faggot

>six of the top fifteen movies of all time are from the past three years alone
Truly we are living in the golden age of filmmaking.

Is there even any point in the rating for kids/animated movies now? They're either close to 100% or close to 0% with little inbetween.