Bucky is know as one of the most hung guys in The Avengers, perhaps even the whole world.



>All those mudsluts mad af that some qt whiteboi is gonna wife up Shiri and not their stank ass

100/100 o I am laffin


>White Wolf

What did they mean by this?

Sebastian Stan as Geralt when?

>sorry i killed your grampaps lmao

>applying their western age of consent laws on wakanda
Racist much?

I ship it to be honest lads.

Was surprised to discover that quite a lot of African nations have 18 as the age of consent
Then you have Angola, where it's like 12


wasn't she in black mirror?

>White Wolf
Reference to a different character that will probably never show up in the MCU, white semi-step brother to T'Challa and leader of the War Dogs.

Feminists want to define every interaction between men and women as rape, so when there are already laws on the books that say mutually assented sex between sexually mature individuals is rape they will defend them to the death.

>you'll never be handsome

God I hate niggers

Stan looks so puffy, even more so than in Civil War. Chris Evans has definitely aged better even though he's slightly older.


Black Panther has made niggers too uppity. How do we put them back in their place?

In my country they can vote, have legal sex and they have not many problems buying alcohol.

nice third-world country where retards who still have a decade+ of brain development ahead of them can vote

And fuck without consequences.
Even with a lot of decades on his shoulders people vote like shit.

White people haven't colonized in generations.

Why were you surprised? You hate black people that much and expect the worst of them?