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google.com/search?q=what are the leaks? what are the potential twits for this season?


>finally get a classic bb hoh where someone not in power has the chance to fuck up the dominant alliance
>she willingly sends her most loyal soldier home

this season was a mistake

Pray4Mark HoH.

>the state of black celebrities

what are the leaks? what are the potential twits for this season?

>Shannon's face right now

its so painful to live with marissa for 2 weeks that 2 HGs basically quit lmbo

I find myself searching those same things 6 months in advance

this fuckin show blows

>Full alliance still there
>Omarosa can’t play HOH
>2 vs 4 for HoH

god damn can I get a triple eviction so something interesting happens

i hope julie scolds him t b h

why are blacks so lazy and quit everything they try?

Nice to see so so may blacks liberating themselves from the plantation that is Big Brother!

quitters were a mistake

should have let Metta leave instead and this wouldn't have happened

who /psychofan/ here?

somewhere a black panther thread is missing its village idiot

>naming your kid ron

what the fuck is wrong with this guy

>20 days of no fap
Yeah I couldn’t go 6 more either sorry Julie Chen

This shit is why Trump won.


god damn, this guy is a pussy

How so?

Keeping your sacred fluids in your body is what makes you strong in the game. Notice that Cody's game went off the rails the minute Jessica started sucking the power from him.

you say that like it's a bad thing



pic unrelated

I did two weeks once because I twisted a nut.

they shouldve just let paul replace metta when he first wanted to quit

>half the house make it to finale night
>this is kino they said


google.com/search?q=what are the leaks? what are the potential twits for this season?

don't tell ian guys. this bb strategy tip is for devin and devinbros only

BASED this is why trump won POSTER

Dear god. the triple eviction meme was real.

>this Finale format



>DE friday
>triple eviction and FINALE sunday


literally no one called this season kino

so silly with these past 2 Friday shows that were needlessly 2 hours


Metta World Bitch. What a fucking loser.

check the last thread m8

This is... interesting. 5 left on finale night.

leave metta alone :(

>expecting blacks play a 3 week game of chess
what did you girls expect?


when do the live feeds end?

why didn't omorosa but up james then marrissa then mark

Because Ross wouldn't use the veto again to save James and he would have left

fuck. there goes our kino.

>Get girlfriend
>She moves in
>Watches bb so I start too to watch it with her
>Find myself getting sucked in
>Start lurking Cred Forums threads about it and keep up with past contestants

Wtf. Never watched a reality show my entire life, I'm 31. What happened to me. Can anyone relate?

>winner of one competition gets to evict 3 people at once and go to F2

that user was right along, sorry for not seeing the light, this is complete shitshow

Omarosa thinks she has a deal with james and mark

Ross thinks he has a deal with james and mark

There's not even gonna be an HoH comp tonight? for fuck sake.

Marissa thanks America loves her.


Seems like u had a productive life desu

Post pics

>Start lurking Cred Forums threads about it and keep up with past contestants
when will your gf be single and is she an cute?

>tfw i've been watching since s01 when I was in elementary school

They did. For the first day.

was just your typical Cred Forumser til Ian sucked me in.

I used to watch Survivor back in the day, but never really bothered with anything

That is t what they said was it? I imagined it would be more like 3 quick competitions in a row or something

I mean, I bet they do. They don't watch the feeds where she never stops talking

Holy shit. A true master of the game.

what's /bb/ eating tonight?

did you get to witness the magic that was the AOL free feeds

hey ian

My girlfriend found this post funny and nostalgic. She's now telling me about bbviewer

metta needs to leave the fans alone

This is the only true kino food to eat during feeds. nothing too decadent to distract you from the subtle game moves.

some leftover chicken stirfry I cooked last night

a vegi medley

oh my god you guys, she's gonna win the game.

ask her about realplayer to really bring back the good times

Apparently after this incident both of them went to anger management together and became bros.

same and same age

I had cheerios with a banana


I have too desu. Season one was a blur but season two was legendary.

im thinkin about thos beans

fuck, how r*ddit have i become?

those were the days

there'll be 5 people on finale night. half the cast will be playing in the finals.

I remember real player. It's on my old Packard Bell. State of the art 9gb IDE HDD on that bad boy. While she was growing up watching reality TV I was staying up late being a skid and playing on the computer



now this is a psycho fan

I take that as a compliment desu


I never had good internet until around season 7 and I vague remember watching them and seeing Dr will messing around in the kitchen with Janelle



i want u but u dont want me:((
i hate u


HOH will be played after 8 pm their time

>Brandi to Ross- I think it's a good idea.
>Ari- James told me "Congratulations. You are still here".
>Brandi- Fuck him

If James doesn't win, he's gone

my cabbage queen

you can fugg my boipussi if you'd like
im open to the idea

Imagine being a houseguest on Big Brother and being forced to watch Britney dance. And now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on her dimpled stomach as she sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid to sit there and revel in her "statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)" beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with personal trainers in the previous months. And then Production calls for another diary room session for the monday edit, and you know you could kill every single person in this house before the CBS security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you were picked from thousands of applicants. You're not going to lose your future soap opera guest star career over this. Just bear it. Hide your face and bear it.

BBAD is kill (again)

lol last time i flew to LA i was farting the whole time but the asian kid next to me never said anything

i was on a bunch of xanax though so maybe i just dont remember

stop im diamonds right now

u owe me. give me ur butt now



i just said ok
im in NJ, come find me big boy

James fueling up and putting on his power belt in preparation for the 8 PM HoH comp.

where in nj? i want to come for real

those rats Ross and Marissa will be in F2

they look like real hussies here

every day we stray farther from Devins light

im sorry devin. i didnt mean to fall in love with britbritposter :(( do u still like me devin??

surrounded by niggers (and wops to the east)
so be careful on your way here

all is forgiven

what got deleted? whatd i miss??

>dropping n-bombs like this right in front of devin
i wanted to fuck..but now im reconsidering even though ur such a hot guy UGGHH..