Post your nomination for the next Bond girl

Post your nomination for the next Bond girl.
>Emily R

this girl is so silly, she's wearing clothes that are too tiny for her!


yeah come on what's the point, just take em off already!!




Stars on the right and stripes on the left looks strange.

why are her hands so big?

Dead eyes. Messed up belly button. Grating voice. Coal burner. Great credentials there!

ahahah he looks like he hates his life

jesus christ her hands and her nose are ridiculously big

The names Fridge, Jazz Fridge

It's probably going to be the girl from the last film.
>On Her Majesty's Secret Service nods, anyone?




Pro-tip: it's a sure-fire way to identify a [whatever PC expression is being used nowadays a non-female pretending to be one].

Homework: Google Bruce's "Call Me Caitlyn" Vanity Fair cover and check where his hands are. It will really make you think.

should have happened a long time ago

All she needs is a good bond-girl name...

Our girl

>El Goblino de las Americana


I don't know who she is, but fucking CHECKED

dios mio...


include me in screenshot


(checked * 6)
Whats her name though

>i don't know who this is
where you been for the last 6 months nigga


>Ana de Armas
BLADE RUNNER 2049 IS TRULY /ourkino/

nice nip

best nips in the game

to help you clean your face

Screencap me, there is no way that Bond producers haven't considered this and may have delayed shooting just to put Ana in this.

damn, cubans look like THAT?

Very Impressive, Mr Bond.

checked and keked

merely a coincidence.

Checked my good man. How ever did you reserve those digits?

too fat

You just got it or you don't.


Nope. Enjoy the ban.

She's too much of a bimbo , floozy, and most of all looks like a gypsy. We've seen her naked way too many times she's lost her allure.