Why are braphogs trying to normalize sniffing farts on Cred Forums?

why are braphogs trying to normalize sniffing farts on Cred Forums?

dont knock it til u try it bby



Can we stop trying to degraded women to the status of barnyard animals?
There is no need for this amount of blatant misogyny to be allowed on this forum. Any phrase that likens women to animals should result in an instant ban. It's time to clean this board up.

>tfw Cred Forums has made me unable to enjoy seeing nice asses irl because of the brappp meme

i agree femanon, im sorry for posting this thread just had to get some youz



THIS. You fuckers ruined ass for me

Roastie detected

women are animals though.
when you pieces of shit learn to act civilized, we'll treat you like you're civilized.
but you never will because you're the niggers of gender.


Posting that meme will get you a three day ban. Report them for the lulz

I don't snitch tho

i love causing this. makes me very happy lololol

This is quality bait, made me chuckle, have a (You).

>having ass ruined because of a dumb 4gag meme

You were always gay.

dubs means your mom farts in front of you

duly noted. Detective Brappp is on the case

You don’t snitch because you’re a bitch. Get with the times. Get with the times. Getting people banned is the new trolling

you're gonna have to put your nose to the dirt to sniff this one out, Detective Brapp. Hope those gas masks at the armory handle pure concentrated brap.

getting people swatted is the new getting people banned so stfu idiot

>when the brap hits you just right

Come get it, boys~