Everyone only talks about the first half of Arthur's Big Hit

>Everyone only talks about the first half of Arthur's Big Hit
>Nobody realizes that the second half is gold.

No, Arthur got way too much shit for what he did. Binky punching him at the end was too much.

90s kids' shows really loved the "violence isn't the answer" moral, didn't they?

>I'm sorry Arthur, I had to rape the first person I saw if I wanted to be cool :(

Well in real life that is true. People will give you shit. Just like this episode showed. Just look at tumblr and the media.

Not a good way to teach a lesson. Arthur gets shit on, Binky doesn't get in trouble even if he feels bad about what he did, and no one acknowledges that DW also did something wrong as well

Peer pressure is not an excuse to hit someone

Remember when Binky broke Arthur's back?

Remember when Binky was Arthur's dad?

Remember when that ass was fat?

Remember when Binky was Arthur's dog?

Remember when Binky had forced sexual relations with DW?

I just try to avoid this episode all together

>Brother hits sister for breaking his model after being told countless times not to touch it
Parents reaction: You're in big trouble for hitting your sister!

>Brother later gets hit by a kid at school even though he did nothing to antagonise him
Parents reaction: Serves you right!

Is it just me or are Arthur's parents some of the shittiest parents in Cred Forums?

Remember when Binky had sexual relations with Arthur's dog?

So if Arthur had never hit DW, then we would've had to deal with Binky being the major part of the episode as an issue.

It's the common "hitting a sweet cute girl is worse than hitting a guy" thing. It's always more sad and evil when it happens to a girl. They just went the extra mile to shit on Arthur. He shouldn't have done it but they went overboard.

I'll never forget

I think the first reaction is slightly justified. Though I do think that DW also should've gotten some shit too. As a kid, I remember I got told off hard when I gave my sister what was coming to her after she didn't know when to shut the fuck up, yet she also got some heat as well.

Second one though, no. Just no.

No, but I remember when Binky was Arthur's dad.

>tfw Binky assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand triggering WWI

I'm so mad

the fact this had not led to more takes on his is depressing.

We need more versions of this.