So apparently someone is making an anne frank stop motion short

So apparently someone is making an anne frank stop motion short

Eh, probably will be shelved away in the attic and won't see release

Will there be merchandise?

where do I find it?

Will it have an impregnation ending?

Will it reference the entire diary after the first part being faked?

I hope the southern military uniforms are accurate


Can anyone even tell which is fake and which not at this point?

Will Goku appear and fight Super Saiyan Adolf Hitler..

There is literally a story about that.

Does he hotglue her


>that subtle clover logo on the back of the laptop
>das brew
Has anyone ever shown the guy behind hide the pain harold edits like these?

>Not taking credit for your idols 'greatest' accomplishment

Remember guys, the holocaust was fake, the Nazis were ultra orthodox Jews, Hitler was actually blond, those ovens were only full of ash from all the delicious pastry the inmates were being fed, and gas chambers don't actually exist and are a myth created by Scouse Jews and Zach Braff.

Have I gone full retard yet?

How do you do stop motion bisexual experimentation?

In all seriousness, how are they going to deal with all the personal stuff cut from the first editions of the book? Are they just going to whitewash it, allude to it subtly, or...?

It is still a teenager's diary after all.

Ari Folman, specifically.
Known for Waltz with Bashir, The Congress and the recent comic adaptation of Anne Frank's diary.

The early images looked good but there hasn't been news in almost 3 fucking years. Not sure if the project is actually still on by this point.

Will Jeff Mangum score this mobie?

>Remember guys, the holocaust was fake
way to derail any chance for a future argument
I don't think anyone seriously believes the whole thing was fake but rather, the figures are exaggerated.

The animation project wasn't meant as a straight adaptation of the diary at all.
However if it was, this would probably be a good indicator, not that anyone on Cred Forums has read it as far as I know but from Folman interviews I doubt they dwelled much on that, he aimed the book towards children iirc.
The animation project is separate although uses a similar style in parts.

>I don't think anyone seriously believes the whole thing was fake
They really are that dumb user
>but rather, the figures are exaggerated.
I agree but its probably just an extra million more then what really happened. Not an excuse for jews to do the dirty shit they do in hollywood or iseral though

Why does she looks like Ao Oni?

Do you think he'll go see it?

What the absolute fuck is the context for this?

She looks so smug here

A rapper who calls himself Xan Frank. He says Anne Frank is his hero for some reason. And he tattooed her face on his face.

>tattooing you're waifu on your face
He's transcended us all

In a perfect world, yes. The guy's pretty much a hermit though. Don't think he'd sign up for that.

Ironically enough, his wife is a filmmaker.

Are you implying anne frank is a smug anime girl now?

Why is she so smug?
Why is everone else seemingly frozen in terror looking at her?

It's not a diary she has there. It's a death note.

>anne frank using the death note to kill top nazis
Where do i kickstart

So is her diary actually worth reading or is it just "ugggh, Gretchen was wearing that totally out of fashion coat again today, also some Nazi's came by or whatever."

>alt universe where Anne Frank uses a death note to turn the tides of war before going mad with power

Does anyone recognize that transit map in the background? Which city?

Yes if you're into menstruation and the pains of being a teenage girl.
Have you ever read your sisters diary? You know all that embarassing shit she writes in it? That's Anne Frank's diary.

>Have you ever read your sisters diary? You know all that embarassing shit she writes in it? That's Anne Frank's diary.
Her father is a money grubbing and evil person for exposing his daughters privacy to the world for profit

>Her father is a money grubbing and evil person

You're not baiting me today Cred Forums! I'm not going to give in.

I mean, bisexual curiosity isn't really this huge taboo anymore. They can show Anne getting horny looking at a statue of Venus, or how she wanted to grope her female cousin's breasts and if I recall do mutual masturbation. Or the obvious one of wanting to fuck Peter.

Fuck off, you get plenty of retards from the quarantine zone believing there were no death camps at all.

Actually he censored the diary removing any writings dealing with sexuality or her personal health like periods or whatever.

Funny most people have the opposite feeling that he was a money grubbing Jew creating a false Saint out of his completely human daughter.

>"Now you listen here you little shit"


I think social isolation played a large part in some of her eccentricities.


That green zombie nazi in the background will never not make me laugh
He profited off of his dead daughter, thats pretty fucked up

Link now you faggot

Why is she in a field of dead worms?

>it's done
>Churchill, I killed Hitler
>bravo young lady, now if you can get rid of that pesky Joseph...
>All in due time Mr Churchill. Speaking of which...
>you haven't forgotten our deal have you?
>No no no of course not, newly elected Ms Prime minister
>Good goy

Alegories and shit or whatever fuck you.

>She starts using it to get on Hitler's good side

>He profited off his dead daughter
Well he IS jewish

I remembered this being a fucking joke. Fucking hell (((they're))) really going mental.

With all the restraint the previous posters showed, you had to make the obvious (((joke))).