You may not realize it...

You may not realize it, but Black Panther basically opened the door for Kraven the Hunter and The Rhino to appear in future Spider-Man movies. So Sinister Six is probably becoming more likely

What a perfect look for Rhino.

I think he should just be like, a guy in a jacket or hoodie, possibly with the word RHINO across the back of it. And everyone should call him Aleksi (or better yet Alex) because calling him something stupid like THE RHINO is just ridiculous.

Also he should be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, that's the most streamlined way to explain his training.

This for the MCU not Netflix, buddy.

Doubtful, you know how the MCU suits think. We will only get Spider-Man villains who haven't appeared in any of the previous films, because it's THEIR special snowflake MCU Spider-Man, which has to be completely different from anything before

Ever see Iron Man 3?

Ah, so he'll just be a street thug named Aleksi then.

Great idea, Mr. Nolan.

Well, that plan worked so you can't fault them.

Shut up Amy, nobody liked your Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rhino and nobody would like this one either, kys.

Just because something sells doesn't mean it's good. Most people buy Pizza Hut, doesn't make it a good pizza.

In any case, whether you're a fan of Homecoming or not, I will at the very least say I didn't mind what they did with Vulture, and a lot of the remaining spider villains in question have pretty shitty origins/lack of personality anyway, so I kind am interested to see what re imaginings they can fart out.....

Just don't tie EVERYTHING to alien tech, Stark, or make them all robots....which let's be honest, could very well happen with the MCU

>"Peter did I ever tell you about that street thug who stole my prototype R.H.I.N.O. armor?"

>Sinister Six

Oh boy can't wait, guaranteed 2 billion right Amy?

Why are comic book movies so ashamed of comic books?

Bait but still got me mad

I want my Black Panther/Spider-Man Team-Up movie. Have Peter’s high school visiting a Wakanda outreach program, and Kraven crashes the party. Shuri and Ned can geek out together, Peter can make some vibranium upgrades to his suit so it’s more “his” and less Tony’s, and T’Challa can have his “Coming to America” moments as he learns about Western culture.

I'd hardly call ASM2's Rhino an attempt
No one said anything about that retarded ass SONY solo movie. Everyone wants Peter vs the 6


If the suit is skin tight and can't be removed, how does he poop?

Still holding out hope on that one
But it can be removed. Gargan is the idiot who thought his suit was permanently fixed to his body

What does Rhino have to do with Africa?