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Request edition

Feel free to talk about your favorite Mongolian eroctic wood cravings. However if anyone is interested I am going to Akihabara this morning to pick up:

To get the booklet since I already uploaded the main book.

This one I am getting to complete a bounty, because I like FMP and I am going to be a the store anyways.

I really don't have anything else I want to pick up, so if you all have any suggestions and it matches my taste, I might pick it up and scan it.

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>Request edition
>how to get your thread killed

>request edition
kill yourself.

Buy the new Mirino doujinshi.

This thread calls for a nice piece of

would it make you feel better so show some of the stuff I plan on uploading this weekend

I have the other two Tejina Senpai as well that I am working on as well

last one granted this will be the first tank I tried to scan so at 200+ pages it will take me a while

i need some NTR involving shotas since this thread is dead anyway

Oh yes this pleases my dick

Do they have to be available on that site?


I'm at a complete loss for words.

Op here everything on Nagomi is also at their store in Akihabara. If you ask for anything no on their site there is a chance that it won't be in Akihabara


Some of my favorites:

Noted, I kinda like the first one

I'm having some odd issues with Exhentai all of a sudden. I just switched to a new pc and when trying to log in it said my username didn't exist despite having been online earlier today. I changed the password and still no luck, then I tried a new account and for some reason that didn't work either. This same username still works fine on e-hentai and the forums which is making this whole thing even stranger.

Is the site simply down for maintenance, or am I just missing something fairly obvious? Any help would be appreciated.

Stop using the plugin



>using a plugin
Enjoy your stolen account

>So he can have all 5 of my currency

Are there any wise or skilled anons good at finding lost translations lurking about? I'm trying to find a scanlation that seems to have been taken down a while back now and I can't find a trace of it anywhere.

The comments in the korean and original raw posts confirm that there was a english translation posted at one point a couple years ago, and I remember reading it a ways back, cause trust me I don't speak a lick of anything but fragmented english and I remember the story page for page. I originally thought it might have been wani'd in the "great purge" but it was published by XO, so that shouldn't have been the case. Then I thought it might have been licensed by Project-H cause they did a tank last year, but their site shows absolutely nothing pointing to that. It might have been an amateur job, I can't remember if it was professionally cleaned or not, but it is out there somewhere.

Was it the entire book or a chapter?
May also have had an entirely different name.
Your evidence is shaky at best.

trying to remember a title, it was bro/sis with black hair i think
>walk home a ways apart trying not to be seen together
>start making out as soon as they get through the door
>sister runs around teasing bro
>bro catches sis on couch, sex

i think they move upstairs and the mom comes home as they finish? i forget. ring any bells for anyone?

Can't say for sure if the last chapter was done since its a separate story, but the main story, which is 95% of the tank was completely translated.


It's time to learn to draw and make your own porn.

No couch, but maybe "Point-blank Love" by Homunculus? It matches the first two points.

does anyone have the doujin where a girl's friend comes to her house for a sleepover and she ends up sucking off the older brother while he's asleep and when he waked up after cumming she forced him to fuck her? i think it was low lolicon

I think I've read that before or something very similar... sorry I can't help, but these are some sorta similar:

There's also a Cuvie one I remember but I couldn't find it since it's in some magazine.

>I really don't have anything else I want to pick up, so if you all have any suggestions and it matches my taste, I might pick it up and scan it.
Was gonna say GFF's new granblue book, but apparently it's not available online so I can't even list it.

How about Shinjiro? His art is good, but it's GranBlue:

no requests please faggot

Fuck off.

>still using Panda
>not just buying a FAKKU subscription and enjoying a stream of constant, refined quality with guaranteed translation quality
Feel free to join the FAKKU master-race anytime guys.

no luck, damn this is gonna drive me nuts. it was back when pururin was still up but i havent found it since

>Fap exclusively to high quality art
>Once in a while that mspaint tier shit that makes me hard as diamonds
>Best fap in months

For fuck's sake boner get some standards.

Please that's not MS paint, just a more angular style than others.

Nice bait. There is no sense of form and the perspective is fucked up.

>a more angular style
Speaking of angular.

Pretend I posted this instead.

Do you have this?

What was the name of this?

She joins some club to relief the stress of sports clubs but only did it impress a teacher. I like to fap to it imagining its a maka doujin

I know what you're talking about and I can't remember the fucking name of it.

Inoue Kiyoshirou

Yeah that's one of my fav incest works mang

Found it, it's "Sibling Lust"

Lustful Siblings by Isako Rokuro

Well that might be your problem, did you try searching for just the name of the core story, or the entire tank itself? If they didn't do the separate chapter they might have just given it the name of the chapters

my fuckin nigga

>sanbun kyoden c90 doujin still not scanned

At the shop want are some good pick ups

>implying I don't just go to the library every month and pirate shit off the internet and return to the woods

C90 Centorea book


what is the absolute worst art you've ever seen
and don't try to be clever and say any famous artist as a joke to get lots of replies it's so fucking predictable that you who's reading this was about to do it

How do access sad panda

March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. 4 Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. 5 When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the panda will open itself.

Any of these OP:
Henkuma -
cyocyo -
moketa -
satetsu -
serere -
solopipB -

Tanaka Aji.

My preference is exactly the kind of stuff allowed on /e/. Is there a tag for this or do I just have to negate all the other tags?

If I'm not to late to make suggestions.
these by metal-wind
or which I'm not sure on the artist's name but I can't find it anywhere

The henkuma one is on your site:

I'm not seeing it on nagomiweb, but if you happen to see these around I'd really love to see them
and especially this one. It's sold out everywhere I see except for
Great art and cute little baka. VR soon I hope
>Posted: 2016-09-09
Oh you piece of shit

sauce pandabros
Pay it forward.

[20$ has been sent to your account]

I see a couple of people asking about blowjobs, but what are some of the better paizuri artists?
I don't mean limited to just focusing on it but more both parties really enjoying it.
Muronaga Chaashuu Is great.
Kurokawa Otogi too. Alexi, and Kloah are about the only other ones that come to mind.

What are some good picture books for a gentleman with oedipus complex such as myself?

Here's something.

Cute and dickwarming.

Made a bounty for some Karasu.

Also Kloah's C90 work is out, it's a guidebook to sex English for the Japanese.

>that 3DPD on page 4
And nice, a decensored version that doesn't look like shit. I'll wait a bit more until the version in English gets decensored too.

anyone knwo where this reaction image form?
Why is this monkey so cute holy fuck

Not what pay it forward means, but thank you for the pixie gold.


this guy knows what's up

Need help remembering this naughty mango

>Gyaru girl gets punished by teacher
>Get sent to a public service club to help clean with them
>Gyaru complains a lot
>Lures the president to an arcade
>President comments at least the arcade is clean from trash
>hot gyaru sex
>They return and president comments she didn't do any work
>good end they are dating now

Any torrents available for saitom box?


Just finished Kisaragi Gunma's tank with the sex contests. Truly a masterful coming-of-age depicting friendship, rivalry and determination.
because wanishit

Post some good loli impregnation stories

Even Sasamori Tomoe knows glasses make everything better

How do I decide what to fap too, I spend so much time edging flickign through things I've downloaded looking for the most satisfying pages to release on and often get stuck because there's so many good things.

Dude i fap like 5 times a day you should be like me

>5 times a day
way to go for severe depression way
I fap once per 2 weeks using a onahole mind you

So good, curse that censorship though it's criminal. Also I never new I had an unbirth fetish.

Post untranslated original story (non-parody-doujinshi) shit you want done that has good art and isn't loli or homo, the TL fairy might visit you if it's good.

Don't be stupid and link an entire tank though.

I'm going to ignore everything you said and just post this:

Here's couple of ideas.

What's that doujin where two school girls kill a homeless man's dog, then get raped by a bunch of hobos with genital warts and aids?

Shit, I kept searching for JS instead of JC. You're the man.
The BREAST I could find.

Some short ones I've wanted to read

Bumping this

>succubus stayed life 3
That should be out any day now, for real, you can trust those people who said they're on it.

I'll do this if no one else takes it up

My neck hurts

origin of pic related?

It should be pointed out that the chapter in Koh Vol.7 is -probably- (judging from the title) a sequel to a chapter that was published in Koh Vol.1
Unfortunately the prequel/1st chapter/whatever has kind of crappy art compared to the sequel/2nd chapter/whatever (the artist quickly improved a lot after being contracted to Koh)

Yeah I know I read that one too

I don't know whether that one's translated already but I don't think it's worth it

I'm having one too


I have a feeling you like Kaiten Sommelier

>Kaiten Sommelier

You know that feeling where you read something at some point but somehow managed to forget both the author and the title and now all you have to go on are the memories of a few panels?
Fuck that feeling.

and that feel no one else remembers it


(C90) [にじいろすいしょう (七色)] 手コキ先輩の本

How do i use the tags? I can only select one

Too confusing

And yet thousands of people have no problem understanding it.

not really, what gave it away?

My IQ is below average so i need you to tell me how to do it

>Request edition
You made editions more cancerous than i realized you could
you outdid yourself
well done
now end your life

I don't understand this. OP was asking others to request things of him. Why are you guys sperging out over that? Do you just see the word "request" and then your vision goes blurry in autistic rage?

Get it while you still can

adding edition to subject fields is introduced by crossboarders from /vg/ or something

My interest is piqued

Mogiki Hayami releasing actual MILFs and not M(ale)ILFs disgust me.

You mean DILF?

educate yourself

Mogiki draws a lot of shemales.

New Penguin Club Sanzokuban is out.

Which means it's time to hunt for a translator for third chapter of Tamagoro's story. Support for the bounty would be welcome.

I see

Thanks but I'm good

This grill's expressions gives me DIAMONDS

is it this

>a guy, his best friend and girlfriend are at his home
>the guy goes out to buy drinks
>the GF hates the bestfriend
>the bestfriend seduces the GF and convinces her that anal sex is not cheating so they fuck
>afterwards they go all out and also have vaginal sex

Anyone know which doujin im talking about? It was about 40 pages

>It's [Current Year] and Japan still censors their porn

When will they get rid of these stupid fucking laws, h doujins would be beyond fucking incredible if they were all uncensored, and I'm not talking about little black bars but this retarded full censorship and pixelation that keeps showing up, fucking awful. No first would country should censor thier porn I'm surprised nips don't petition their government to get the law changed.

>more Thick onee-chan and shota

Yeah, with the Tokyo Olympics happening in a few years I'm sure the government will be ecstatic to ease their pornography and censorship laws

So what you're saying is after Tokyo 2020 we can expect to see Japan return to peak degeneracy?

Fucking shitty Olympics ruining everything.

yeah thank the fucking americans

Anyone know the artist that did the cover of Comic unreal

It says right on the image.

cant read moon tho



Guess it's time for you to learn then.

Take a few hours and learn hiragana and katakana. It'll surely be useful in the future as well.

You're way too new to be here if you don't recognize that artist.

No, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tightened their censorship laws and then kept them that way forever
Politicians are not usually really enthusiastic about giving support to laws/regulations that support/facilitate porn because muh public image, muh morals, muh constituents not liking it, etc.

implying to change the Japanese Constitution just for 20k otakus.


google translate allows you to draw shit now you know.

When I upload on the normal site it gets uploaded to panda too right?

yes thanks


Mogudan you noob

Yes, with some delay.

Ex galleries are delayed by an hour


does Cred Forums like traps

Really? It seems to appear fine for me

Anyway here it is. Blowjobs for everyone!

If they're actually girls and have big fat tits

Seconding sauce

It'll appear on the front page later. You can access the gallery, but it's not visible yet.

It's practically impossible to ease laws related to pornography because of how the legislative process works. A politician would have to introduce legislation that says something like "from now on we can show uncensored peepees and cunnies on our doujinshi." What do you think that would do for that person's career?

Here you go senpai

He/she'll be known as the pornlitician and every porn consumer will vote him in the future?

"Cunny" is a gross word, should probably say "Giney."

>conservative right-wing party
>easing porn laws
Pick one
Not gonna happen until Abe is prime minister. Hell, it's probably not gonna happen period, conservative parties are not exactly known for having a good relationship with pornography (friendly reminder that the current Murkan Republican platform has declared porn a "public health crisis" that needs to be addressed)

>Tfw a new work from your favorite artist is uploaded
Today is christmas

Doing god's work, user


>ANOTHER aya shachou work uploaded

Dumpster scans don't count as uploads. I think it was also on Kalevala's list, hold out for those scans.

Good shit. Maybe mention its ch 2 just in case someone wants to do ch1?

Hey man, I'm just happy she's making more stuff. Her art has really improved.


>need to donate to patreon now for mangaviewer to work on panda
Any alternatives?

>Really? It seems to appear fine for me


>Anyway here it is. Blowjobs for everyone!

>resolution 2147x3000
Whats the source? Has this been upscaled from Comic Koh 7? (1722x2500)

He's a dude, user

If you're interested, I can edit the first chapter for you (you can upload it to the galleries, I don't really care)

>Request edition
Kill yourself.

Obviously the other upload of Koh.

Does the presence rule not apply for the chastity belt tag? It's fucking worse than the pregnant tag.

Refer to

Damn moonspeak.
Any similar artists?

>Any similar artists?
As in male artists with female-sounding names?

No, all exceptions are listed as such in the wiki. Report mistaggings on the forums. Or here for some anons to help.

why aren't these tagged with the artist name?

oh shit you're right

Hey! Why have you used the shitty scan version to work your translations on? Higher resolution (by margin) but poorly leveled and scanned with blurry not sharp image.

Use this as source next time. (friendly advice)

Don't know, start a rename petition and correct it
Artist is Rara8 (らら8)

what's kobuta no yakata mean then?

Name of the group/circle

No, as in similar in style.

[Rara8 (Kobuta no Yakata)] Reibo Misaki ~Kinpatsu Musuko to Onaho Haha~ [English] [desudesu]

how's this look?

Other way around, it's "[Circle (artist)] etc. etc."

You have it backwards. Artist goes in the parentheses

oh shit my bad

>Request edition
>Feel free to talk about your favorite Mongolian eroctic wood cravings.

give me /ss/ and/or grown, mature milfs



All of these have basically 1 page usages and shouldn't have the tag.

This is a disaster in general.
I only have it set to doujinshi/manga, but seems like there's only a couple it should be used for rather than 34.

what are some naughty korean picture books with buff girls

Any update on what you managed to pick up?

Is there ANYTHING better then lore friendly doujins?

I figured since everyone was telling me to kill myself I should just shut up until I was ready to post. Along with these I have the 3 Tejina Senpai doujin I post earlier.

This place is strange, but I did learn my lesson. I will never ask for suggestions when I make my Tokyo run. Also for anyone going to Akihabara on vacation, the Nagomi store is pretty cool. You just go to a computer in the store to pick what you want and then a guy goes in back and gets it for you. Melon, Tora, and Mandarake really should pick this system up.

It's just autists flipping out at the mere mention of the words "request" and "edition." They didn't even read your post past that point.

how about

Also I am done with black dog. This last doujin is the worst by far. Less than 30 pages of the same chikan shit he has been pushing out for the past 10 years

It's fine to ask for suggestions on what to pick up. Just people are being retarded about how you worded it.
That system seems ok, except that you can't browse the work like in a normal bookstore.
Looking forward to the top left two, and the Tejina doujins. Sadly you didn't seem to actually grab requests.

Alright guys. What's the most extreme thing you guys have read?.

Show me your list of extremes

Yeah I only checked in on the thread a few times while I was heading down, and like I said most people were just telling me to fuck off. By the time I got to the Nagomi store I couldn't check my phone as much. Aside from the Nagomi store all the other stores have a hard no camera rule. I didn't see any of the suggestions until I got back.

I will be going back again in the morning to pick up a Tamagoro booklet, so I might be open to suggestion then, but like I said seeing how it went this time I am not too sure.
Simply 2lewd.

titfucking isn't as popular as blowjobs I guess? I'm surprised at zero responses.

>I'm surprised at zero responses.
You shouldn't be in general.

>shota still doesn't get to fuck her ass
She seemed to really like it in the first chapter. Hope it happens at some point. Still really hot though.

Does this artist even have anything scanned/a tag on panda? looks hot as hell.

Is there any tag for hatesex?

>subpar typesetting
>no redrawing
>bad editing
>"I think I did good"

No, you didn't, and take this as criticism. Since everyone has to start somewhere.

No, but if you make a list of galleries for it, there basically can be.

I need this.

The only hatesex I saw on sadpanda that isn't rape was that Hyouka one.

Does this pixiv profile's owner have work on sadpanda?

Why can't you check for yourself?

I'm not sure how the kanji is pronounced when they're together like that, and the sadpanda tags are in romanji usually. 畳と桧 doesn't get any results.

Yes, but the titles usually have the Japanese provided. Hence, do a general search, not a tag search.


Who's the best bestiality author and why is it Chikiko?


Artist you feel are past their prime

Kisaragi Gunma-Last good books where Sweet lesson and Mai Favorite

Black Dog-Laughingchikans.jpg

Mogudan-Bland books and girls that clearly show he has never need a naked women

I mean Sweet Hearts for gunma

Higashiyama Shou, his stuff has looked like shit for ages, since he was accused of tracing.

Rustle, not sure if it's because he's going blind but his Little Girl series looks disgusting now.

On the other hand though, Naoshi Onizuka has steadily just got better and better, he was good years ago and he's even better now.

Isako Rokuro

I am willing to give Rustle a pass. His work in the past was great and for a guy going blind to still put out work, well I just can't hate on that.

As for people who have gotten better I have to go with Tamagoro. He has been doing this for a while but lately he has really come into his own. He has range, being able to do loli and big breast, also I am loving this happy slut archetype he has been pushing.

Sabashi Renya really doesn't get enough love. He has been putting out good work for a while now, and each of his books seems to be better than the last.

Scans of the 4th chapter of Shiwasu no Okina's new series are available on the Mikocon site (and in slightly-lower resolution on the SnO thread on /h/)

Crimson Comics, granted I never liked them from day one

Done scanning stuff for now now I am on to cleaning starting with the Soma booklet then Black Dog, and will end with the 3 Tenjna Senpai doujin
all i ask

You had one job


I haven't updated this yet to the September 2016 Exhentai database version yet, but I will sometime within the next few days, probably. Currently uses August 2015's database.
For people who want to look for some to suggest.

Trying to remember a ffm.

>Girl in love with another girl who've a boyfriend
>Boyfriend want this girl to watch the one she love being fucked by him
>She masturbate when she see the one she love do doggy style
>The boyfriend ask to his girlfriend to lick her friend's pussy.
>The girlfriend do a cunnilingus to girl in love while being fucked.

I wish there was a very_long_hair/absurdly_long_hair tag on sadpanda like on booru. That stuff is my jam but "hairjob" doesn't really cut it.
Who are some artists that draw really long haired girls? I only know of Mumu.


I need this.


I can't afford a subscription to Fakku, as nice as it would be to have one. Are there any sites that have Fakku rips? I know of Hentai Cafe, but it's pretty lacking in content.

You're really going at it, aren't you?

Well people keep redirecting me, might as well try where they suggest. Thanks for noticing me senpai

Have you tried the #sadpanda IRC channel?

You'd already have them if you spent half the time you do begging every board on the website to spoonfeed you on actually looking for them.

I can lurk for a few months to hopefully find it or have a helpful user help me. It's not like I don't help people when they ask, if reluctantly.

I hope you enjoy them in a few months.

Thank you.

might as well stick around.

Children are to be seen, not heard.

On Cred Forums they are to lurk, not post.

I remember reading something that had this same situation (female co-worker goes on break with the manager and lewd moans can be heard). Turns out it was just a back massage. Later the male MC fucks the co-worker, and it also turns out the manager is recording them and enjoying himself. I can't seem to find it pls help

>Don't be stupid and link an entire tank though.

Those of these that have not been translated need to be translated.

anybody got some good stuff with dominant women? no bdsm, just girls in charge, or taking advantage.

According to the e-hentai definition of femdom, that's what you want.

E-H app is only showing me pic related. When I open a link (from Cred Forums) with the app it somehow shows content but can't read or download. (It crashes the moment I try.) Must be a g.e-hentai instead of exhentai to see the preview page.

What is happening and how can I fix it?

Is Fue done with ero manga? It seems like he's not creating any new work anymore.

Is gujira still doing that non-h manga about his fetish?

Is Himeno Mikan done with ero manga? It seems like he's not creating any new work anymore.


Have you considered using a different app?

Here's a non-parody that someone started translating already... 2 years ago.

I just know this one.

There are a few listed in the Hentai Resources here.
There are certainly others that exist.

Eh aren't these desktop only clients?
Nice, cute faggots in English.

I don't have android, so I can't test them.
Here's an example listed there:

You may have a more general problem though.

What would that be? gyaru traps?
Fue is scheduled for the the next milf issue. If he will be in it or not remains to be seen. It's an oyakodon 4p with the mother and sisters. Next issue should actually have all of the heavy hitters in it. Should being the key word though.

No, a manga about lizards.

Throwing it out there:
Would anyone be willing to do transcription (NOT translation) at $1 per page?

Gathering the line into a parse-able form, before translation, is easily the biggest time sink.

I am running a request, but I don't think anyone wants to be rewarded with Monopoly money:

>You may have a more general problem though.
Ayy autism?

Can't even find the apk maybe I need to compile it...

>I can't click on releases.
Ok, here's your spoonfeeding.

or this one:

Ravioli ravioli show me the loli only.

Yo Ashiomi Masato draws the fattest (nicest) asses I have ever seen in a doujin


I'm sorry please forgive me

>That zero one.

Like actual lizards? What is it? mangaupdates doesn't list anything/

>I'm so tired! Reading English is much more exhausting than reading Japanese!

Honestly I feel the same when reading Chinese vs. reading Japanese.
I learned Chinese just to read hentai...

Yes, Gujira has always had a hard on for them, just look at his twitter.

>Menthonium tweets "Dreaming of Meat Futons (???)"
>Fukumaaya tweets "I'm sleepy too! Sugoi!
(Menthonium's actual tweet is 肉布団の夢みる but I can't puzzle out the characters)

>Menthonium tweets "I want Ice Cream!"
>Fukumaaya tweets "Eating Ice Cream"

>Menthonium tweets "I'm stuffed. And the food was spicy."
>Fukumaaya tweets "Food! Hot!"
W-Whats going on here? They're not fucking right? My two favorite doujin artists can't be fucking, right?!

>can't even spell their names correctly
>automatically assumes sexual intercourse
>"doujin artists"

Thanks senpai

Thanks a lot ~ it's a bit late sry for acting mentally challenged...

Can I get some vanilla stuff with lolis?

Loli isn't vanilla.

What's wrong with translating from the image directly?
I don't see the need of a transcription.

If you seen a fair number of doujin you some of them are written with chicken scratch. Also I would also imagine that it would be easier to translate if you could set it up so you have a line of Japanese text and being able to put the translation under it.

tl;dr: the world of north korean sexy cave drawing is complexed.

He wants to run it through google translate, obviously.

That's more than some people charge for script only translation. You could probably get people to do so here.

肉布団 = using the person you're sleeping with as if they were a futon
Essentially, clinging together.

Is there anything good and decent involving pregnancy?

No monsters, NTR, mindbreak and other bullshit. Just pregnant beauty getting fucked by someone who impregnated her in the first place and enjoying it.

So saying their together isn't too far fetched an assumption?

Uh, it's not related at all. He's just saying he's going to have a dream about 肉布団

Can I request translation in these threads?

No one can stop you.

Well, then.

I really want this translated so bad.

I actually redrew quite a bit but I kind of stop giving a shit at the halfway mark lol. I don't usually edit things I just TL. Opportunity cost, you know what I mean?

Sure man shoot me your email

My suggestion is to put your money where your mouth is.

do you have any idea how much time it would take to clean/redraw and translate a whole tank. Unless you are willing to pay someone to do it you can't expect someone to just do it for free.

You never know where money has been.

what is the best tag and why is it impregnation

>best tag is one of the most mistagged
What does the tag even mean to you?

It wasn't the case for Nagano 1998

dialogue/plot implying impregnation or at least high risk of conception, or explicit depiction of fertilization

That's not what the tag means.

the white pee goes inside the pink peepee

Sounds more like:

Hey faggots can you feed me the hottest/newer trap works? Been out of Cred Forums for a long time now, shaking off the dust and shit. Cannabis tier please

are they gay lesbians on the level of Irie Aki and Kaoru Mori?

either the dialogue states conception, the plot shows it by the woman becoming pregnant, or the action shows it by explicitly depicting fertilization. how is that any different?

or at the very least, i'm looking for some dialogue implying high risk of conception. i never tag anything myself, but that's what i tend to find when i search the tag and it works.

>implying high risk of conception.
That's the same as the woman saying she wants to be pregnant or "expressing a wish" which the tag definition says is expressly disallowed.

definitions don't matter. people should just tag stuff however they understand it to mean. tag prescriptivism is so stupid.

no, it isn't. according to me, it means some implication of a dangerous day, or use of fertility drugs, or whatever. you can't tell me what my own definitions mean.

You can be banned from tagging though. Which is a good thing seeing as how you're fucking it up for other people.

This is why we can't have consistent tags.

Tags need to be codified or they are meaningless. If everyone just did as you said we would have even more incorrectly tagged things than we have now

as i said, i dont tag anything so what does it matter what i look for when i search a tag?

i don't tag. i simply support the rights of others to freely tag as according to their understanding.

it's only "incorrect" by your definition, not ours.

Does anyone know if scans of these doujins exist?
I've been looking at a lot of Fishine (Hirame) stuff lately and I can't even find a place to buy these. I the links in a pastebin cause Cred Forums thinks it's spam.


user, you need therapy if you think the voices in your head are other people.

Panda's tag system is setup to make it easier for people to find stuff. They are the ones who manage it and pick what tag means what. If you don't like how they do it then don't use it. Miss tagging things will only get you banned from tagging and make it harder for everyone who uses the system.

they should have a private tagging system as well then. i don't know why they expect people to tag for others rather than only personally for themselves.

Fun Fact: ESL > EOP.

Not really, speaking one important language properly is better than speaking English and Moon shittily user.

Only if your definition of vanilla is the complete absence of any fetish. There's plenty of lovelove loli vanilla stuff around but I can't immediately remember anything and I'm feeling too lazy to check my collection right now.

So this is how the average panda tagger thinks whenever they see a gallery with a short girl.

is there an onsen tag?, is it possible to exist?

Those thing need to be maintained, with as many users as panda has you really thing they want to spend the time maintaining a personal tagging system for everyone on the site. That is asking a lot just to please the few people who don't like their tag definitions

Power Rankings from lowest to highest:
English Only
Non-Japanese native speaking English
Non-Japanese native only speaking their language.
Non-Japanese native speaking their language and Japanese.
Japanese Native speaking English
Japanese Native speaking anything aside from English
Japanese Native
Japanese Native who refuses anything aside from Kanji.

No, locations aren't allowed.

If you make a list of relevant galleries and provide them, something can be done about it.

>Japanese Native who refuses anything aside from Kanji.
So Chinese?

no, only the person would be involved and add all the tags for themselves.

Unique tags: 361,574

A huge majority of those are group, artist, character and series names.

TL of the final chapter of that Meme50 series about the calligraphy teacher and the young kid when

All of them.

Wrong. It's a mystery what the vast majority of them all.

No way EH costs 100k a year to maintain. Isn't most of the heavy lifting done by [email protected]? I can't imagine server side processing costing 100k.

There is a lot more to what you're asking for than just adding tags. Those tags need to live somewhere. Currently the tags are linked to the galleries they are for, all of this takes up space on their servers.

What you want is for them to keep these public tags while also letting you post private tags. That is a ton of extra information that needs to be managed. I mean yes it is doable but I can't see why they would when most people don't have a problem with their current tagging system.

That was 2013.
Probably costs $250k per by now at least.
It is one of the most popular websites in the world.

I was under the impression that [email protected] served the images

How the fuck do they even stay afloat?

Ads, like everyone else, and some donations.

>It is one of the most popular websites in the world.
you what

[email protected] 98% images served. That was 2014. Probably closer to 100% now.

>How the fuck do they even stay afloat?
The kike makes more than $300,000 a month from donations.

Do you think he runs that website out of his good will?

Look it up for yourself.
It's a lot higher when combined with exhentai.
Check others as well.

Global Rank: 658
Japan: 140

Estimated worth of this website: $ 451,000,000

>The kike makes more than $300,000 a month from donations.


You know for a guy who runs the largest free hentai site on the internet, the fact that he makes a good deal of money really shouldn't be that big of a deal. I mean if he really wanted to nickle and dime the users there are ways to do it, and as big as they are now you know most would put up with it

can you talk more about it?

That stat is based on tag IDs, not active tags. A lot are discarded.

The main servers still do a ton of work (especially for those that don't browse with [email protected] cluster on). See the site's architecture for details (I need a updated version of that at some point).

Alexa is terrible for metrics, use SimilarWeb.

I track donation stars; on average it's about 0.1% of that, and that's on really good months.

why do you spam gay furry scat porn everyday? Do you get paid?


It's popular; gotta give the people what they want.

Joe why no onsen tag? There's a billion onsen works.

fucking casual



Still a looooong ways off; new forums aren't even ready, much to my chagrin.

You were already told why Satan.

1) Wiki is mostly handled by me so if something is missing from the Fetish Tags page just lemme know. Already noted those listed there, thank you.
2) The New Tags page was Binglo's idea so I don't maintain it.
3) What other tag mysteries are there exactly?

>locations aren't allowed
That's retarded.

> Uploader All-Time #3
> Tagging All-Time #4
> Cleanup All-Time #7
> Rating & Reviewing All-Time #6
Joe is a hero.

Why do you love that site so much?

Good people, good content, and a relatively good meritocracy in place.

Not when you get there through disgusting western ms-paint sonic comics and shit.

>The New Tags page was Binglo's idea so I don't maintain it.
I know, I just haven't bothered to contact him.
Isn't updated either.

I spent a few hours a reading the vigilant forum a few days ago. It's rather terrible.

>What other tag mysteries are there exactly?
Several, but let's just go with why there are ~41,220 active tags without a namespace. I don't know how many are misc though. I assume it's mostly stuff that hasn't been deleted. I haven't gone through it really. Some are quite amusing.

You don't get on the toplists without lots of hits bruh. Different strokes for different folks.

Where in the world is there a text version of Oshioki Twins? It must exist, because someone posted this once - but I cannot find it on any search. I've put in at least 2 hours.

>Genuinely beliving you're making the site better by flooding it with what is objectively 100% garbage western deviantart-tier shit that only the worst bottom-feeder faggots would enjoy

> Uploader All-Time #6
> Tagging All-Time #2
> Cleanup All-Time #1
> Rating & Reviewing All-Time #3
pop9 is a greater hero.

Sometimes people translate and edit a single page and post it in these threads to troll people. Sad, but true.

Those are the retards who actually see the ads, you fuckwit. You need them.

Guilty as charged. Watching confused EOPs just feels too good honestly.

I don't need anyone.

Yeah, Binglo's abandoned a bunch of lists he started. To be fair so have I, it's all too tedious.

I would think most of the non-NS'd tags are slaves or blacklisted. I know that there are a few hundred obscure artists/circles that need namespacing. I asked for a means to find them ages ago and Tenboro (hopefully) put it on his to-do list.

Don't judge so much user. Do you think your tastes are seen any differently from other people's perspectives?

>Not just going the mikocon route and making panda a paysite for those with real taste

I would be up for it, contact me at [email protected]

>Do you think your tastes are seen any differently from other people's perspectives?
>Implying the opinion of anyone who faps to poorly drawn furry bara diaper sonic shit means anything
Joe pls.

How do you even find that smut you upload, Joe? Is there something you wish to tell us?

If is to be trusted, there are ~23k slave tags, which still leaves ~18k active tags, as in exist on a gallery, that are misc or none at all. I'll have to do more investigation later.

Hmm, ~3,000 uploads I don't recall ever upping any Bara...

Strangely enough, Cred Forums has led me to a lot of content sources.


I thought it was a book at first, but now I'm not too sure...

Still no luck on this.

Guess it's a lost cause, oh well good news is he has a new tank coming out in october, hopefully this one gets scanned.

It's an 8 page black and white illustration book.

>request edition
Lmao glad to see cuck-Cred Forums going places.

I'm here for one reason, to get a source for a very old SHIT-ASIAN doujin that was a part of old yearly dump thread on Cred Forums. Do any old-fags remember and know the name of the particular doujin where naruto turns into a girl, fucks sasuke, and then get pregnant and tries to hide it from sasuke? Any help would be appreciated, I can't find it anywhere using tags like naruto sasuke pregnancy gender_swap etc.

pic unrealted

Is this post satire?

So it is a book, checked 6 sites that he sells stuff on, and it wasn't on any of them.

When artists put out really short books like that, sometimes they make them event-exclusive and only print a few. Could be the case with that.
In any case, it's probably not something worth fretting over.

If you had read the OP you would have known the request was for stuff he was going to pick up on his trip to Tokyo the other day. Thanks to guys like you he is now off the whole idea of asking panda threads for suggestions.

Also I should have read the rest of the fucking description, my bad. It says on his pixiv that he has no plans to sell it through any shops.

Close, I saw this as well, but despite sharing many similarities, the doujin I'm talking about actually manages to be worse in every way.

Shut up you fucking retard, if someone can't handle being told to kill themselves for reason that are no fault of their own they don't belong on Cred Forums. This isn't reddit nobody cares.

Yeah let's tell everyone who would do something for our benefit to fuck off. I could understand if he was lording it over us or something, then yeah rack him over the coals. However I don't think telling people who want buy and post things for us to fuck off will result in them offering to do so again

*rake him over the coals.

Holy shit did you actually just post a correction? Missing your reddit edit features yet? You filthy fucking autistic retard. Fuck I hate you people. You're bad for the worst reasons ever you cock sucker.

Fuck I don't think anyone here is even old enough to have been born when the doujin I'm looking for was drawn. This is what happens when you let a nigger moderate, and then allow naruto threads, get aids moot you fucking normal.

Who are you talking about?
The admin of Cred Forums has always been hiroyuki.

2/10 trolling.

You and every shithead that thinks that way are what is wrong with the impregnation tag.

Holy fuck that dildo and anal beads. Ow.

kill yourself

And yet compared to most of his stuff, still kinda vanilla for him.

>vanilla as a relative term
It only gets worse.

Is there more of that? Does he at least get to watch?

Please help me fap, Cred Forums.

I am looking for some straight sweet vanilla to fap to. I am a simple man. No weird shit. Any tits size are fine as long they aren't torpedo shaped or Raita's style. The girl can be any age as long as it isn't the MC's mom. OC is preferable but a parody is ok as well. No 2hou or Kancolle tho.
Thanks in advance.

Example of my favourite Vanilla

Look at the fakku rips, most of that is vanilla.
or anything by napata really.


Meguridokoro, it got purged from ex but it's on nhentai

also this

Anything with tomboys/incest with anal?


f:tomboy f:anal l:english incest

tomgirl > tomboy
Here's some tomgirl anal incest.

If you can't handle at least that much on occasion I have to wonder what the fuck are you still doing on Cred Forums.
Don't tell me you hate being called a faggot too.

>X-Eros #45 filled with almost 9/10 "literally who?"s

I'm glad to see X-Eros suffer this fate.
Go nuts on most of those.

>not being civil
Times have changed.
You haven't.
Your kind no longer matters.

Next you'll say something like
>back when I was on Cred Forums in the mid 00's....
No one cares.

And yet it's still good.

Not the guy you're responding to but I feel my two cents might mean a bit. I really don't care too much about name calling and the like, I just don't like wasting my time. If I as for suggestions and only get trolled all that tells me is that asking is a waste of time.

Rest assured I will still upload the stuff I get, this is my hobby after all. I just learned that here is not the place to ask when I can't think of anything new to get a hold of.

For anyone who cares I am heading out right now to pick up the New Tamagoro booklet

It is only 6 pages so I will post it when I get back . As for the Tejina Senpai and GoPri mix fry book they still need to be cleaned up a bit so expect them later this week

wow COMIC-X-EROS #45 sure is full of literally whos and amateurs

What edition of what wani mag is that single untranslated Amatsuka Gakuen chapter supposedly in? If it's not too horrible might just do it.

This was really cute.
I swear I'm not gay.

The only untranslated part is from ExE.

Was wondering why I couldn't find it, someone here was saying there was an untranslated chapter in an old wani mag, or maybe it was just some other untranslated Katsurai oneshot I skipped over.

I think the best part is that those shitters at Fakku have to deal with translating all those shit literally who and amateur hour stories that not a single person gives a fuck about.

He really doesn't seem to care much about finishing that story. From what I saw it appeared in X-Eros 17, 22, 37 and then he skipped to ExE.

I'll take literally whos over the same artists drawing the same stories over and over like in Kairakuten and Shitsurakuten

I'm sorry man, these threads are not the same as they used to be, there are too many people just trying to fit in or they are coming from other boards but the overall quality of Cred Forums has been worse than ever. No wonder you can only rarely see translation dump threads anymore, only for long running manga.

Butcha-U is pretty varied with his stories. From Sex Sweepers, into that gyaru girl and mom they are quite different scenarios.

Sex Sweepers wasn't Wani.

I know that. The gyaru daughter and mom story is though, and that is still a different scenario from his other stories from non-Wani works. Meme50 generally has some variance too. Though most of his girls are all thick now.

Thomas/Fujiya Honten puts out different stuff too, as does Ash Yokoshima.

Kosuke Haruhito is a nice artist.

>from non-Wani works
Not relevant to what I'm talking about. That is, the content of Kairakuten and Shitsurakuten.
And let's just nip this conversation in the bud. Listing a few artists, whether I agree with your assertions or not, isn't going to change my opinion on the magazines as a whole.

who's your hentaifu

Sakura is hentaifu of the year all years

Why are strong characters always so much better than normal, meek characters

I have standards, at the very least.

>Would anyone be willing to do transcription (NOT translation) at $1 per page?

Why? People do translations for 1$ per page so why the hell would you pay someone the same for plain transcription and then go through the trouble of translating yourself?

Not expecting much but I am in akiba again going to nagomi. I am only picking up one thing if you all have any suggestions I am open to them if they are to my taste

>Implying it's actually suffering.
Currently 10th at DLsite's monthly ranking. Only magazine above it is 2D Dream at 5th, and the next one is Unreal at number 20.

45 was a particularly weak month though.

you like loli, if so pick anything that looks good

Are there any doujins/manga with a cake/onee-san that has sex with a shota that doesn't know about sex or pregnancy at all, and she ends up pregnant, being impregnated, or eluding to it?

The closest i've found is that one with the old woman raping a shota and it's not my cup of tea.

Anyone have any more accidental sex?

where' this from

post pictures of grils browsing naughty picture books cure shortstack accidental paizuri accidental momcest

Not eluding

> kidnappers are tormented by their kidnapees having constant brother-sister wincest
> they don't join in and are grossed out then apathetic
> call parents for demands but the sister tells them to fuck off
> ends with sister happy that she's pregnant

Just caught up with Mujaki no Rakuen, muh dick. I fucking hope Uran eventually does some H stuff with these girls even though his H does look like them already, I'd love some official stuff and especially with Rio in this outfit.

you're right

Give me your best untranslated gyaru and/or sluts.

I still love the cousins quite a bit. The sister is amazing too. Amazing how much of a slut she is. or she might just have a car fetish. She's been caught fucking in the car twice and she started fucking him one time while shouta was asleep behind them. I hope for a chapter when she's dead drunk and molests him. The blonde cousin still was the first one to take his virginity.

Is that Mutsuki, which chapter is that I don't remember it?

She's actually my favourite girl, the chapter where she dominated shouta was fucking excellent.

Former is one of the worst TLs I've ever seen

>have a gf
>literally F-cup pochako tier
>bang her in a hundred ways, using vibrators and shit
>she came multiple times, even banged her while she was cumming and a vibrator rubbing against her clit
>no ahegao
>she's still perfectly fine after that

Mongolian wood carvings lied to me. I was taught grills will have slurred speech and become weak in their legs when I make them cum so much.

0/10 would never believe erotic mangos again


pick up the centorea doujin by orange bull and bomb shelter please!

I'll send you a message on the forums when I'm home, easier than doing this via email

Not bad

What ever happened to Ube anyways? He get too old and gave up? Died? Does non-h now?

What about Teri Terio?

No other artist will ever be able to mince comedy and hentai so well as Teri Terio did. Makes me sad.


Yeah stores in Akihabara are not to keen on people taking pictures inside.

Pretty much if it isn't found on Nagomi your chances of me even considering it are low. I live an hour away from Akihabara and while a cool place I don't like spending hours there looking for stuff. Nagomi is my first stop because I can order from home and just walk into the shop with the books waiting at check out.

ok mate

sorry for the dumb question but is methonium wani?

His latest works are, his older works are GOT.

since this thread is wrapping up I have to ask, for those of you who scan a lot of books do you find it hard to fap to it later? For me since I spend so much time looking at the pages as I scan and clean it I feel I need a cooldown before I can fap to it. Unless it is one of favorite artist I need a day before I can fap to something I cleaned and scanned.

I don't scan but I do editing, and I need a few months before I can fap to anything I've edited

I can see that it is like you spend so much time looking at the pages that you just can't get off to them. It is even worst if I notice something I missed, it takes me right out of it and I have to edit right away or it will just get to me everytime I look at it.

this is great

Kankin Chuu
Ask and you shall receive:

Weirdly enough, it's the opposite to me.
When I'm editing I keep looking at the pages so much and thinking so much since it's kinda mindless/boring that I can't control myself.

If I recall correctly my first editing took me about 17 faps to finish it.

I grew some resistance by now though and I only need 3~5 for each chapter.

I only fapped to aiue oka

I was wondering wtf was going on

What do you guys think of this naming scheme?

who care...

Is there any summary of the magazines widely posted? I'd like to start reading them directly but I'm unsure of how many they are and what genres they contain
Doesn't have themes right now but I might add them.

Pick an artist you like and fap to magazines he contributes to

thanks d00d
Good point I guess.

Typical retarded blackmail and drugs. Just fap, text is unnecessary this time.
>delinquent futa school

I can't stop laughing
doujin-moe leak of these tank when?
don't tell me they're harder to pirate than FAKKU!

This whole book is extremely... extreme

does anyone translate stuffs like this from an anthology or is it gonna one of those untraslated hidden gems

also sauce on that semen demon

gesundheit is my new favorite artist

Asa-chan guest art for mochi book.