This is a 3x3 thread postem/ratem

But i want to ask you guys something:
Theres this new guy at the uni i go, he watches anime and probally visits this board but whatever.
He added me into a facebook group about anime with a lot of people, i already left the group and never posted anything, but one day i saw a 3x3 post there.
And there was the normal anime you see in everyones 3x3, eva, gurren lagan, tatami galaxy, k-on, the thing is, there was a shitton of bad anime on the same list that had those usual 3x3 anime, i was really getting offended by seeing charlotte and cowboy bebop on the same list, unirocally sword art and jojos.

Do these people only like "classic" "good" stuff because everyone says its good?

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I dont think these people even realize their bias.
My own list is biased, i just think some people watch anime for the others and not for themselves.

>this is a uni student
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I know my taste is pleb tier, but I like what I like.


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>Theres this new guy at the uni i go, he watches anime and probally visits this board but whatever.
>He added me into a facebook group about anime with a lot of people, i already left the group and never posted anything, but one day i saw a 3x3 post there.
>And there was the normal anime you see in everyones 3x3, eva, gurren lagan, tatami galaxy, k-on, the thing is, there was a shitton of bad anime on the same list that had those usual 3x3 anime, i was really getting offended by seeing charlotte and cowboy bebop on the same list, unirocally sword art and jojos.

-1 Juirui
-1 Redline

-1 SnK
-0.5 CG
Bottom left?????

-1 Nodame

bottom left is the taiwan adaptation of itazura na kiss. I prefer it to the manga/anime

Why do you think code geass is better than redline or even jinrui?
not op.

Is there a reason why you always call it Juirui?

>itazura na kiss
HUH. I've actually watched that anime a looooong time ago. Never really liked the anime since it was just a girl loving a guy everyone seems to love and him not really caring about anything because he's so smart. It got on my nerve at times because literally everyone wanted to fuck him and it felt like a running gag without a punchline.

>go somewhere
>h-he's mine!
>go on honeymoon
>same shit
>office work
>same shit
It really got weird when at the end, their child is even fighting the mother on who can love the guy the most. I mean, come on.

But how does the adaptation compare?

Code Geass is pure entertainment and is rather clever most the way. The -0.5 is more for R2 being a complete mess that was unlike the original first season. I still find the ending to be very well done. It's essentially the same ending as V for Vendetta but done better.

Redline is great animation wise but fails structurally. I'm a guy who grew up watching shit CG cartoons, so good animation doesn't impress me. You have two reasons to watch Redline, the animation and/or the racing. For Redline, it's the driving/racing that fucked everything.

On that front, it fails badly. A good comparison is the Speed Racer 3D movie which is basically an anime Speed Racer movie that happened to be 3D. It follows a lot of the same beats with a few added races and fight scenes in the middle.
First race -> build up for the final race + learn about the ultimate rival driver + build a new car -> final epic race.
The problem with Redline is that all those elements are shit. Machinehead has a great commercial introduction showing he never lost. But when he races, he's boring. He just uses THAT and while they did hint at THAT existing, it doesn't make him a good race, just that his body is a car and therefore makes him good. That's lame.In Speed Race, you got the sense that the top dog was a badass which is extremely satisfying when Speed does fuck his shit.

A large problem of Redline is essentially the last race. Redline is supposed to be THE race. The race without rule. The fucking name of the race of the entire movie, but the entire race is shit because there's too much Robogovernment and then a Godzilla comes and destroys the whole race. It would've been interesting to have that element in the background as the racers avoid the huge monster, everyone shooting everywhere and the Godzilla, but it takes center focus and ruins the final race. It's insanely weird how Yellow Line, the first race, is more interesting and without rules than the first.

I hated the anime

the taiwanese version is also frustrating but you see him slowly become more human as it goes on. the japanese version his turnaround is a bit of a deus ex machina. but I think he's actually really well written in the taiwanese version. there's a lack of realistic male characters in asian dramas, and I could relate to him, even if the rest of the show is still, as you mentioned, a running mess

it helps if you like chinese stuff

What about juirui you fag.

>reply to a post
>write five paragraphs
>don't address the only question that post asked

The dash for the finish line is boring as well. The girl just uses THAT and it's just a literal dash for the finish line while holding onto the steering wheel. Animation wise, it was greatly done, but it wasn't engaging because there was no skill or thought into it.
In Speed Racer, they needed to make a new car because it was the final epic race where all the big contender would participate. In Redline, JC doesn't use his car because he's always at the back of the race because of mafia plot. The only reason he needed a new car was because his old car got fucked and because it needed to use THAT for the mad dash at the end.

If the car had survived and could already process THAT, there wouldn't be a need for a new car and a good portion of the mid point of the movie is worthless.

To me, it really seems like the whole SEVEN YEARS HAND DRAWN weighed heavily and they wanted to rush the ending to the point where it ruined the movie.


Juirui just bored me.
Didn't care about the characters, the jokes didn't make me laugh, the world didn't interest me and the little elves were just meh. The show had zero emotional impact on me.

Clever. Verrrryyy clever, user, throwing a cookie to the biggest autistic nerd of these threads to keep your disastrous thread alive. Aren't you a smart person? You deserve a prize. Here!

How are you going to throw me off with k-on and make me think you have shit taste, and then ACTUALLY HAVE AMAZING TASTE. I WON'T BE RUSED AGAIN, MISTER.

I'm glad someone remembers katanagatari,

>write two replies
>with several paragraphs each
>still don't address the one question

Code Geass was entertaining, funny, and enjoyable. R2 was completely worthless but the ending made it endearing.
Redline had good animation but was a bad racing movie.
Juirui had zero emotional impact on me and I didn't care about any of it.


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user I was legitimately just posting about the taiwanese adaptation cuz I thought someone here might be interested

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5/5, I love all the music anime on there
4/4 anime, 5/5 anime movies

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3/3 tv
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Saw Belladonna in the theater in June. It was pretty cool
I think I might have seen top left, but I don't remember
I miss him. He was cool
I love Wanpaku Ouji

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8/8 middle left, takemitsu zamurai? Didn't read it yet, but I'm planning to. The art style look really interesting. And with that reply I already contributed to the thread. No hard feelings~

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It is Takemitsu Zamurai. You seem like a pretty huge faggot but I'd still recommend it to you. The artwork is often breathtaking.

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It's finally over guys. I'm feeling my eyes closing. Good thread. I think I'm going to start watching One Punch Man for the four time later, when I wake up. After waching this video I got all pumped again

And yes, I was being cancerous on purpose teehee

Cool. I've been enjoying life a lot lately as well. Just not educationally because this is allegedly my hardest semester of all 4 years and it's gonna blow

Anyone with Jintai on their 3x3 is a communist and anyone with LoGH on their 3x3 is a fascist.

I can agree to that.
Why don't we rate people based on what you think is their projected political philosophy?

I find it a lot more interesting than Redline. Code Geass isn't as absurdly well animated though, but that doesn't mean ppl can't enjoy both.

Animation quality doesn't matter unless you have zero animation.
Another problem of Redline is that it was more interested in its worldbuilding than the racing itself.

5/5 anime

>i just think some people watch anime for the others and not for themselves.

Why would anyone watch anything or do anything to impress other people? That's just insanely shallow. Experiencing art is meant to tell you more about reality and existence.
Although, if that's what it takes for people to experience decent works, who am I to judge the reason that leads people to experience them?

Watch, play and read everything while living to your fullest.
Honestly, just give him a list and tell him to bingewatch most good shows you think he'd like.

Not them, but I think people often watch classic and acclaimed shows either for variety or obligation. Once they actually watch whatever it is they don't normally watch, they may find they like it, consider it a personal favorite, and/or try to get others to watch it. Personally, I really like crappy 80s ovas, but I also love stuff like Only Yesterday, because of the stong emotional response it got out of me and Mind Game, because I thought it was visually and narratively interesting.

>Experiencing art is meant to tell you more about reality and existence.
I disagree. Beauty, what ever form it my be in, is one of life's simplest and greatest pleasures; it doesn't have to serve as a means to an end.

Yours looks nice.