Which KyoAni eyes do you like the most?

Which KyoAni eyes do you like the most?

3rd and 5th rows.

None, they look dead.



Violet, Chitanda, Kumiko, Shouko and Mirai in that order.

VEG > Shouko > Tamako > Chichan > Sento > Gay from Free > Mirai > Gay from Euphonium > Rikka > the rest in whatever order

Lucky Star obviously.

I liked the complementary-colored highlights in the Hibikek eyes. It made them look extra vibrant.

Mai's are the most beautiful, they perfectly convey when she is being warm, playful or determined, plus the color is marvelous like a very rare gemstone.


It's hard to associate anything Nichijou or older with the later shows because of the art. Heck, it's k8nd of hard to associate most of those shows with one another unless there's an obvious connection, like the Key 3 or the K-On!-style Haruhi.

Hyouka, of course.

You Hibike fags will go to any lengths to justify that mediocre show, eh?

Mai is beautiful, but they put a ton of work into Chitanda's eyes in that show.

They look pretty plain.

>that last one
Just when you thought it couldn't get more detailed, it does. I see hope in 2020 for the poster.



Gotta go with our girl Reina


Probably Marketto and Hyouka ones, though I'll compliment the Phantom ones overall for probably being the first one with a mini plot instead of just being decorations