Waifu Material

I know it's cringe, but why do I feel so compelled to her?

probably because she reminds you of yourself.

She's Cred Forums: the person
annoying, greasy, and generally is just an annoying person to be around, all while thinking they're really not a bad person

jesus....I guess there's no avoiding the truth

because you have shit taste/are a desperate beta who'd go with anything

Tomoko the one I bing look for all my life Tomoko would Complete me.

I wish Tomoko was real I would make her happy.

Because she's really cute.

because you can't smell through anime

Because she shares your hobbies and is nonthreatening because she's worse than you.

What draws me to her?

no i'm not black

She's the closest you'll ever get in terms of "fucked-up-ness"

Why am I compelled to her by the love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior?

>I'm not black
Damn user.

It's the pickle brows. She's like a fried chicken sandwich from KFC... oh wait you're not black.

Because she has many flaws.
Perfection is just boring.

Because she's outwardly socially awkward and doesn't internalize her anxiety which could only grow into a truly grotesque abomination of neurosis and wind you up on Cred Forums.

I know they're fake, but why do I fell so compelled to her.

idk if this is helping my cause at all, but others seem to agree ;-;

Because deep down, we all want love we just can't have.

Because you love her, stupid.

Well, I've come to the conclusion that she is indeed perfect waifu material. What do i do with this knowledge?


God using Tomoko to make people know what it feel like to love someone.

Think up of ways you would be man enough to make her to pose to you like this.

How does it feel knowing that any love you feel towards a 2D character only exists because the author has manipulated your emotions with a idealized concept that doesn't reflect actual human qualities?

Will you let Tomoko save you.

You know this a joke.

Be honest to yourself user
You love her much more than you think

I didn't choose mai waifu. She chose me.

Most people on Cred Forums say they have a waifu they don't really have a waifu.


And she really nice.

So a desperate beta who wants another desperate beta?

Which is rather hilarious because she'd ditch him for someone better looking in a heartbeat.

WTF did Tomoko want to become the new mascot to stop this.

Mokocchi is not an adorable mascot like Yotsuba but she has a sense of ironic humor
I like both of them.


Pretty good actually. After 12 years of living with a woman who did the exact same thing, having my emotions manipulated by a couple of elevens who will never know me or give enough of a shit to exploit me is just dandy.

Tomochi a cute.

the way to want her is to be man enough to train her to be a better person and your personal fucktoy. anything else and you are rather pathetic

That fuck up .

Is everything gonna be OK ?

Because she's relatable through having many of the same flaws as you while still being a cute anime girl.