What the FUCK was her problem?

What the FUCK was her problem?

She's inferior to Nyamo.

It's tough being best girl.

lack of a partner

this was shown

Japan thinks insufferable bitches are funny.

Cake madness.
Cakes, if left alone for too long, go crazy.

I'd tell her to prove it.

Why is Tomo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

>implying anyone in this show was shit
This show was god-tier

single alcoholic

You know how sometimes you wipe after taking a particularly moist shit and you think it's enough, then you stand up and it's like, "nope, not enough?" Tomo's more annoying than THAT.

Because she is not Osaka.

Tomo is a lovely girl

She needed a man.

Strategically-applied duct tape would drastically improve her personality.

Yukari! I got proposed to! I said yes!

She's sexy like Fujiko.


And cute

OK, I'll give you those things.

No, I'm an adult, how the fuck are you that incompetent?

Reminder that Yomi loves anal.

Reminder that Yomi is fat

No, she loves food

What was she going to do with the knife?

clitoral stimulation

Kagura was pointless.

Sexual frustration.

She made my dick hard, that's good enough for me.

Sounds dangerous.
And hot.

I would have been her partner.

You're telling me that you don't get the poop sweats on hot days?

Daily reminder that Kaorin slept with Sensei for better marks

Okay how FAT are you?

That was better in the anime


ultimately, shitty personality. I know a few of those and they're single in their 30s.

Those 4koma with the girls having dicks is what got me curious about futa.
My life has been a downhill spiral into degenerate fetishes since I discovered Cred Forums in 2006 and azumanga was posted fucking everywhere.
Thanks assholes.

you should be happy to realize your true self, user

do NOT bully Kaorin

>I know a few of those and they're single in their 30s.

You know what to do.

I dont think I would. she was pretty annoying.

her friend however, that's another story

It is the truth. The way of how Sensei attach to Kaorin and how she avoid him is the evidence.

I hope when Yotsuba goes to school (if it happens in Azuma's lifetime) that Osaka is her teacher

No, It's evidence she gets creeped out just by seeing him.

You means those special kind of schools where both student and teacher are special?

well, he is rather creepy. but also a really good man at heart with a family, he's taken, Kaori should back off with her lewd thoughts, teachers, classmates, is that anything that girl wont want?

That I can't deny.

I know exactly what you mean, but have no idea why you used that as an example.

Why are lonely female teachers such a trope in manga and anime?

she needs the D

>yfw Kimura's wife is voiced by the same VA as Alicia

maybe it is their ''hot single mom in town'' kind of thing

The manga is better but the anime is great on its own just for how it makes gags like this one even funnier.

He has a nice smile

No man to receive dick from

Mai Waifu

I'll be the judge. SHOW 'EM

Cake madness can get pretty severe, luckily this one was cured.

I'll fight you.

You'll never take Yomi to Magical Land and eat her ass

Fuck you. They needed the athletic brown tomboy worshipping demographic. I'm greatful for it.

>black dog

Fuck, I feel old.

I want to bully Tomo. Let's see how she likes it.


Well, shit

But if the engine and brakes break, then it won't be really stairs because if you try going up, escalator will go 'down' under your weight.