Ookami Shounen

Chapter 18.
Adapted using the translation in the thread from earlier.



The translation for the dialogue here was a little strange, so this page seems a little off.

Do we have ch17 already?


Not fully translated, I guess.

Not that I know of.
I just put this together from the thread earlier today.



Chapter 17: Chapter 18.5:



Another odd page, but I assumed it was Botan speaking here.







And that's all from me.

Super appreciated user. Actually reading it in the word bubbles has an impact that plain old text translations don't.


The worst for Botan probably won't be that he crossdressed or that he lied. The worst for her is that she's gonna find out he did it to get closer to Aoi.

Thanks OP.

Is it ending?!

Oh man. Thanks

It probably is. I give it 10 chapters at most.

Either way, it hurts.

both the girls found out at the same time. damn

No, its that he lied. Since she asked him to never do that in an earlier chapter.

Aw, Botan's adorable line 鈍いあたしでもわかる ("I'm dumb, but even I can understand this!") got flattened out into "I should have realized!"

That second thought box is こんなことが言いたい訳じゃないのに, and I'm not sure what it means but either "Not that I want to say this kind of stuff" or "I don't want to say this kind of stuff."

fail is on me. awkward line breaking made me think it's two separate phrases.

Not a problem, how's this?
Changed the wording slightly so the next line reads more naturally.

And the other fix.

That is possible, but I don't think so, because then who or what is 鈍い? She doesn't think Itsuki is stupid, just being sneaky.

Why is there a line break―I don't know but maybe they are treating あたしでも
as a single word plus particles, so it wouldn't fit on the first line? This manga doesn't break words in the middle.

Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to change it. I should have been clearer. The second interpretation is probably the right one, because I think that line is part of Itsuki's train of thought in this chapter about what he really wants to say. "No... That's not what I want to tell her... Wrong. I don't want to say this kind of stuff" and then eventually the black panel in page 13, "The thing I want to say. / The thing I absolutely have to say. / Is..."

Did you also do chapter 17?

That can be forgiven after a dramatic moment, she finding out he likes someone else is worse.

>because then who or what is 鈍い
exactly. granted I was sleepy af last night, so I translated it into
>鈍い (even misinterpreted it as 遅い lol) あたしでもわかる
I'm too late (as in, "someone has fallen in love on him before me") I should have realised (that)

oh botan, you are too pure for this world