Unusual anime opinions

Steins gate and penguindrum were below average
also Soul eaters ending was ok

Dislike of the Steins;Gate anime is not unusual.

>Soul eaters ending was ok
I thought it was great.
Courage Punch was hype as fuck.

>she never had punched any enemy
>not a courage majougari
fuck you
fuck op too

most of Cred Forumsutists says its shit

For all the shit it gets, the Tsukihime anime was better than most of the series that come out these days.

Agreed. The VN is way better.

Love Live! is the best anime in history.
I'm not baiting,I really think it is.

K-on is best SoL ever created
and yes its better than aria

Black Bullet was actually good.
Not the best anime but it's not as bad as people say it is.

Na, that one goes to NNB

I will never understand this opinion and am glad that NNB has become a meme first and a show second.

OP is heterosexual.

mirai nikki is fun

the big 3 are shit and shouldn't be allowed on this board

G Gundam is my favorite Gundam, and I actually prefer traditional 'cockpit' mecha series like MSG and Eva.

I liked SENot more than SE. Mostly because we will never have a SE remake with the real ending.

One Piece is really bad shonen. Artstyle is horrendous. I know thats how oda intends it to draw but all those fugly lanky characters witthout any proportions and consistency. With that art it cant bring any serious feelings in me
also most arcs feels the same
>New bad pirate
>people cryin
>luffy says thats not how good pirate acts
>he gets beaten
>m-muh nakama powerup
>strawhats wins

Besides bleach rushed ending by editors and war + kaguya in naruto both of them are clearly better

I'm not altogether fond of the Naruto franchise

>all anime is trash
>we all watch it only for the """""plot"""""

>Soul eaters ending was ok
Which ending you talking bout,

manga or anime

cause both where shit

Mangas artstyle was unbearable to read

Fairy Tail has awful fanservice. It's a pitiful excuse for a fanservice.
Battle shounens shouldn't have lewd fanservices anyway

Aqua is best girl.