Pokemon Generations

Surprised how we don't have a thread talking about how amazingly shit the first 2 episodes are yet

thats your place kid

>anime is for grown ups

Were you expecting anything more?

the 10 year olds and the odd old ass retro fag that stumbles on /vp/ would probably think this is good... when its not... far from it in fact...

They are shit, yes. There's not really much to say. Although magnemite opening a door was cool.

it lost me when it was revialed as dub only

If the English is the original then it's not a dub

They are trying to intentionally kill the franchise.

That's the only explanation.

Aren't those kids in the background the island big guys/kahunas/gym leader equivalents?

Why are they in school? Is the new series about them studying to fit in the role that they have in the games?

>we want to appeal to a broader audience.

>2~3 min per episode
Did you really expect anything good would come out it? This is pretty much a bunch of pokemon ads put together.

slap Red on anything and nostalgiafags will get hyped

If the end of the series is them becoming what they are in the games, then what is Ash's purpose in this series? To defeat them like in the games?

Wouldn't that mean Ash will actually fail to graduate?

It's shit, but by virtue of not having Ass it's already superior, or rather, less shit than the ashnime.

Also Red confirmed for becoming Champion in all the regions he traveled with Pikachu as his shouldermon, so the Red vs Ash debate is now finally settled.

Its the usual regress the characters and rehash old developments dynamic. Trash will probably look like a complete retard the first half of the show.

>he didn't enjoy tactical Pokemon SWAT action

the pokemon anime has literally never been good, why would anyone need to talk about something everyone already knows

Elite tactics.

X/Y looked great, but with this I'd almost believe you.

>/vp/ is still forcing this meme.
No one gives a fuck about a series of pokemon shorts in the first place.

This serie is such a tease
Now I'm imagining a grand scale Pokemon anime articulate around the fight between the justice and the crime scene
Mix this with some world building glimpse of the Pokemon world, like seeing a paper with a hero from the game doing something and the impact it has on the story
God it could be so amazing
I blame the jew for this

That's like saying because /m/ exists Cred Forums can no longer talk about mecha anime
That's not how it works you faggot

On the one hand it's neat that for once an anime is available worldwide at the same time.

On the other hand it's unfortunately garbage. 4 minutes to cover a whole "generation"? I personally don't even care past gen 2.
What the hell are they thinking?