Would you befriend Nagito? He'll wake up right?

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Bandai, Gozu and Miaya in Despair Arc when?

mikan best


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore, time to get her killed via NG
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
Considering his luck, yes, he will my friend.

Id wake him up just to turn him back to Despair

DR3:Future FTE OVA special when

He will wake up but get cucked by Hajime and have to watch him and his now SHSL cock fuck Chiaki.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.

user...Chiaki is dead.

She'll be brought back.

Only 1 in 3 chance though, right?

So one of the three DR waifus (Kirigiri, Chiaki, Juzo) is going to remain dead

>Would you befriend Nagito?
No. I don't want his bad luck backlash.

A miracle like that couldnt happen. Hoping this hard will cause you despair! You cant have a nightmare if you never dream.

Reporting In brother
Our boy is gonna make it, let us keep our hopes up for monday

No, he has a 100% accuracy rate, it's just that the timeline branches and there's only about a 30% chance they'll be the ones in the future he observed

No, only one will be alive.


So... still 30% of coming true?

Oh you.

I agree

Monday needs to come soon to silence these remaining juzoboys


Dammit you're right. I messed that one up.

Also before any mentions it I'm obviously just taking that 30% is approx 1/3

If it does come true, it's all or nothing.

>thinking they'll stay silent
Nice down's syndrome.

Best girl has arrived.




Ah, fair.

Sorry I posted the wrong sister

I like how characters always get grey eyes when they fall into despair, it's a nice touch.

Can anyone post the no man is an island image with all 77?


Chiaki looks very cute with those eyes

Tell me what's different about Despair fag Nagito?

They will be silenced along with you, juzoboy

Tell me what the fuck is up with your filename, spaniard.

>Implying I'm a juzoboy
These people been around since the start, it's like you're delusional enough to believe they'll go away with 1 week remaining.

If the Juzoboys are silenced will you finally fuck off too?

Are you feeling the despair yet?

When Chisa was talking to Nanami I felt really uncomfortable.

Fuck you Kodaka, how dare you turn my wife into a monster.


He loves to hate despair.

Sane Nagito just wanted more hope, despair Nagito wants more despair for an eventual hope. Thing is that, when you have so much despair, in the end all you're left with is that: despair.

Felt a shitload of despair after watching that

Basically nothing except he accepts the despair more then repudiates it, but still sees it as a stepping stone towards hope.

The two Juzo dub videos NBC took down for copyright. Maybe I'll put them and more on another site sometime. I'll probably keep up with his dub antics.

>thinking Chiaki will survive


sore ga chigaimasu

Putting brainwash video in the anime is a better option that trying to have Junko manipulate them in a proper way when there's not nearly enough time to do it.

Which is why this should have been a book.

That said...
If a miracle did happen, I'm sure her husbando and her beloved classmates would be the ones responsible.

Lets all take a moment to shit on Komaeda.

>a photographer, gamer, cook, coward mechanic, breeder, princess, manlet yakuza, japanese dancer, pig nurse, musician beating Junko head on with no plan but "hope".

HAHAHAHAHA. She survived dumbass.


What's up with that nose

>TFW replaying the SDR2 last case again to see Hajime and Chiaki BTFOing Junko with a miracle

Yesss... So very cute

>DR3 was made as fanservice
>Barely any focus on class 77
>None of the dead class 78 members show up
>little to no nagito shenanigans

pretty poor fanservice desu

I'm still gonna sexualize him.

I wonder how Juzo felt when Chisa died.
He obviously cares about her and thinks of her as a friend but I wonder if he thought he had a chance with Munakata now that she's dead.

It was fanservice.
Juno fanservice

Her last words were pretty boilerplate. I would have felt that with any character though. I just couldnt get chiaki as a real person.

I cannot unhear him as Zaveid. I hate it when VA's get re-used so frequently. Great VA, but boy am I tired of hearing another character.

Where is all the fanart of Best Girl?

Nagito getting blown out like this makes his smug towards Hajime more delicious. Wish granted.

Class 77 are just chumps

Pre-Despair Nagito would try to personally create hope out of the belief that he could one day become an ultimate hope that inspires hope in others.

Despair Nagito has become so corrupted by despair that he's lost all hope of being the ultimate hope so instead he tries to create another ultimate hope by spreading despair to the point where an ultimate hope will arise to defeat it.

Basically, Despair Nagito is Punished Nagito. His self-loathing is taken up to eleven, his ideology has been warped by his brainwashing and he sees himself as a martyr for hope.


>People thought she would be beta Akane

Could Naegi become friends with Nagito?

>Rick as SHSL Scientist
I'd watch it.

Nagito would be too butthurt that an ultimate luck was able to do something he couldnt: spread hope.

>The same autist saying the same shit every single thread
How much of an autist do you have to be to have such an obsession?

I'm not a Chiakifag but holy fuck her death scene broke me.

Actually this entire episode broke me. Seeing Chisa betray Chiaki, seeing Mikan betray Class 77, Juuzo being blackmailed. It's awful, someone stop Junko.

>he texted 先帰る to them

Hang in there, pal.

You called it?

I felt like garbage watching this whole episode. I knew this was the likely result, but still...

What do you mean by that?

She certainly looks like she has a teasing side to her with that sprite though, might be a rival

>that Chisa voice

I knew Chisa would be the one to betray Chiaki, that's about it. Which means my spook was wrong.

Based on her silhouette she vaguely resembled one of Akane's beta designs.

Reporting in, brother!

He wasn't me.
I opened it anyways, WHY.

>that image

Izuru's face when

So I imagine he continues to let Junko do whatever she wants now because by stopping her, he'd technically be stepping on Chiaki's death and contradicting himself? Nah that's stupid. He still doesnt give a fuck except gamer puss.

am i the only one who thinks kodaka isn't a hack

I imagine he does everything in DR2 as revenge for what happened to Nanami.

Dunno how he couldn't get his hands on Chisa tho.

Post Chiakifags crying about her death

Mikan "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Tsukimi
Mikan "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Tsukimi

t. kodaka


>green hair
>purple eyes
>did everything wrong
>same stupid "goldfish crap" metaphor
Why didn't Juzo try being a decent big brother to his gay little sister?



In English and in Japanese. Yes.

i love him even more now

Wow, I never thought of it like that. She just wanted Chiaki out of the picture to snatch up Izuru for herself.

>Why didn't Juzo try being a decent big brother to his gay little sister?
He was to busy punching people and fapping to munakata

Maybe a beach episode?
>Announces beach episode
>Makes it about fighting despair at some beach that looks like a warzone
>Double trolls everyone by making the second half about the Future survivors and class 77 really going to the beach

>mfw Chisa teases Izuru about Chiaki next week.

>Post Chiakifags crying
Here you go
Skip to 13:00
Skip to 33:40

No fucking way she would do that

Oh dear then. Hello again, in any case.


If she did that, she'd rival Tengan as the most savage person in the series.


Is Mitarai the most powerful character in the DR universe?

Can someone name the Zero Escape parallels besides Mind Hacking?

Chisa recognized him. It'd also be great for meta paralleling to mirai hen. Junko lost her chance to do so to Chiaki.

>mfw she teases Izuru about Chiaki on Monday because she knows they're coming to get her

In the end he is gonna hope so much that he is gonna re-animate the entire DR universe.

Seeing as he basically caused the tragedy, yes

It's pretty sad when you realize Junko didn't actually do anything.

I wanted to see an Izuru version of this, with him holding Chiaki and Junko in the back.

I'm no good at drawing though.

Well, had she not known about Juzos homolust and if Mitarai had just taken one for humanity and let Mukuro kill him. i think the tragedy as a whole couldve been avoided

She stole his techniques and created the brainwashing video


>People full on weeping at an anime episode
I mean I've teared up during some shows and games (even SDR2) but it amazes me to see people get this upset over a single death.

>and if Mitarai had just taken one for humanity and let Mukuro kill him.
She already made the brainwashing video at that point, So it would be pointless.
Also, no, The tragedy was gonna happen anyway since Junko still had Monaca and the robots/Mindhacking helmets.

Damn and I was wondering where I heard his voice before

This is the true form despair user

>>that Chisa voice
Wait until ep9 before judging.

"Romantic pair"... I guess.
If the madman actually goes through with keeping both waifus dead and has both heroes move on and hook up with different women, I am probably going to salute the motherfucker while butthurt fans set his house on fire.

I think I might just take Mai Nakahara's sexual moans over an English VA's sexual moans thank you.

If Junko had done what she did with class 77 to her own class 78 who would she have sent to be executed in Chiaki's place to have class 78 be brainwashed into despair?



You can tell who posted the pasta by the filename!

Also: good thing I can't read moon.

I am still waiting for his redemption!

Now all you need is a Hajime Wojak.

I, for one, welcome our new Twin tails Mikazuru child

It's gonna happen user. Chisa will be a savage ROD in Mirai-hen.

Not while Junko was around. You saw what she did to Mikan when she tried to rape Mitarai.


I hope this isn't the case. The last thing this series needs is more Mikan.

We've never seen class 78 interact, so I don't really know.
All we know is that they all got along swimmingly, to the point even Junko herself liked them supposedly.
But probably Naegi for MC reasons

The only way he can redeem himself in my eyes in my admitting his role in causing despair to Munakata and being cut down on the spot if he cant find a way to counteract Junkos despair video

>The one thing this series needs is more Mikan.

Is this even a question? Obviously Naegi. Who else would leave that big an impact on class 78 with their death?

He's basically the Chiaki of his class. Wouldn't be surprised if he was class rep as well.

>Wouldn't be surprised if he was class rep as well.
Can't see Ishimaru not taking the position, to be honest.

Do you think Mahiru took the photographs of Chisa and the kids?

What kind of stupid question is this? It would be Naegi. Nobody else.

Yes, he was Class Rep. Everybody liked him.

Definitely Naegi. Bitch basically tried to unfairly kill him off twice in 1 anyway

So, if she turns out to be the Kaede's waifu, does that mean she'll die too?

I couldn't get her face off my mind ever since I first saw it. It's painful.


Bronze medal just might happen.
>Heroines and Love interests
That's (roughly) what the BD bonus posters (of Kirigiri/Asahina and Chiaki/Mikan) are called.

>Asahina "She Bit The Dust, He's In My Muff" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Beyond The Grave, But Naegi Can't Behave" Aoi
>Asahina "Her Last Breath Made His Take Mine Away" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Down Kirigiri So You Can Take Me Around" Aoi
>Asahina "I'm Carrying Him So He Can Mount Me Later" Aoi
>Asahina "Pegged Out So He Can Eat Me Out" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Rode The Pale Horse So Makoto Can't Divorce" Aoi
>Asahina "She Wasn't Long For This World, A Shame She Never Saw His Schlong" Aoi
>Asahina "Killed In Action And Now I Give Him True Satisfaction" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Kicked The Bucket So I Could Fuck It" Aoi
>Asahina "Going West Made Him Obsessed" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Her In A Box So Naegi Can Stuff Mine" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Food For The Worms While I Get All Naegi's Sperm" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Put Her To The Sword And Made Himself My Lord" Aoi
>Asahina "She Was Infertile And I Was Worthwhile" Aoi
>Asahina "Scarred Hands Couldn't Stroke His Glans" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Made Her Dead As A Doornail And Now He's my Male" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was Bored To Death By Her, So I Became The Best For Sure" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Signed Her Death Warrant, I Signed Our Marriage License" Aoi
>Asahina "Death And Taxes Don't Matter When You're Attractive" Aoi
>Asahina "Makoto Gave Kyoko A Death Blow, Now I'm On His Lap Giving A Show" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was A Labor Of Love And Now I'm Going Through Labor Too" Aoi
>Asahina "No Love Lost Between Them, But I'm Gonna Make Him Come" Aoi
>Asahina "Whom The Gods Love Die Young, But That Doesn't Matter When He's Hung" Aoi
>Asahina "She's Outta Luck, I'm In My Prime" Aoi
>Asahina "All's Fair in Love And War While Naegi's Shoves Make Me Sore" Aoi

The dub is just shit in general. Legitimately puzzling casting decisions and awful acting even by returning cast members.

The games had okay enough voice acting, but Funi can just fuck right off with their shitty dub.

Unlike class 77 we didn't really get to see how class 78 were like with each other before the tragedy and despair arc hasn't shown them besides Junko and Mukuro so sadly we may never know how they were like with one another but what I get from DR1 is their relationships there mirrored their relationships before the memory erasure.

But if I had to guess who would have been chosen, likely Naegi. His bad luck would have him be the one chosen and it's his likable nature that had him get chosen. I'm sure the class must have liked him a lot. Some girls crushed on him and even guys like Togami probably respected him eventually.

So yeah my money is on Naegi.

I looked on the website and couldnt find this.

I'd be fine with hajime mikan since they did get along well.

Based dr/a/wfag


Ishimaru has zero people skills. He's nothing compared to Naegi.

Californian Panty as Junko is perfect though.

Why didn't she ever send anyone to the Chiaki funhouse?

Only one person liked Ishimaru.

She did say shes extremely fickle. Im sure the funhouse would bore her

Did you do the Costanza edit too?

It would be extremely painful

I don't really blame anyone but Junko. Mitarai didn't do it on purpose, he first was tricked into thinking that what he was creating was good and then he was cornered.

Yes, sure: many people acted in many stupid ways, but it all comes down to Junko and her plan.

Also I'm easy forgiving, I just really can't hold a grudge against the guy.

It literally can be nobody but Naegi. He's the one person who probably would have class 78 stuck together like glue with his optimism and hope nonsense. He'd basically male Chiaki.

Imagine how much despair his execution would bring to his class if they were watching it through mindhack anime.


>Imagine how much despair his execution would bring to his class if they were watching it through mindhack anime.
Edit of Class 77's mindhack group shot with Class 78 instead when?

>I seriously despair you guys don't do this

I want to marry Sonia!

That's not the one.

After weeks of this bugging the fuck out of me, I finally realized who Juzo reminds me of.

Literally nobody but Mondo liked Ishimaru enough to choose him as class rep.

While Naegi has girls like Kirigiri, Sayaka and maybe Mukuro voting for him simply because they wanted liked him a lot and then others like Leon, Hagakure etc would vote for him too.

Naegi is too likable.


... The world could use shortstack swimming hopelettes. I guess.
Maybe she really did actually like them. Again, to her, despair is the best thing ever, maybe in her crazy fickleness she really did learn to like their company and decided to get them to despair either to feel the despair of destroying the people she had learned to love or to genuinely get them to experience Despair just like she said.
TL;DR: Bitches be crazy

>tfw my waifu and secondary waifu died

I literally cannot handle this

I want to make sure you and Sonia have a wonderful wedding!

Lets pretend Hajime, Satou, and Natsumi's class was like a main course class. Who is their class hope? Natsumi sat in Chiaki's seat.

Okay, so these are my episode rankings so far. What's yours? Don't need to list them all per se.

09 (miaya/juzo/ruruka/kyoko death)
04 (tengan vs juzo, tengan vs munakata, monaca reveal)
08 (koichi sacrifice, ruruka is izayoi's killer)
06 (kyoko nightmare, kyoko investigating, byakuya/tokomaru/izuru show up)
01 (good debut, laying out the plot nicely, chisa exposure)
05 (class 76 confrontation, seiko death)
03 (naegi reveals NG & makes speech, good munakata/naegi dialogue)
02 (group starts to splinter, people defend/attack naegi, asahina fake-out)
10 (munakata vs naegi confrontation)
07 (ultra despair girls)

01 (chisa introduction, bringing the class together)
10 (everyone falling into despair)
05 (ryota backstory, junko/mukuro introduction)
09 (chisa lobotomy, class 77 going to rescue her)
08 (despair mikan, nagito's master plan)
06 (chisa investigating, junko & izuru meeting)
03 (twilight syndrome, juzo beating hajime)
04 (nagito focus, class 76 backstory)
02 (class bonding through games & fanservice, choosing class rep)
07 (student council killing game)

>Imagine how much despair his execution would bring to his class if they were watching it through mindhack anime.
I'm betting Chisa will do something to him like that on Monday. The two DR3 anime have had plenty of parallels so far.

>FF writes off his view on RoD as "muh hope platitudes"
>he was literally right the whole time

Yeah, I know it's down to Naegi's dumb luck, I'm just asking for the sake of it.

I noticed, whoops.
After having delays in sending a reply, in the picture, do the abs look a bit weird to you? It does to me, for some reason.

I am not clicking/expanding that, brother.

Thanks, user! It's going to be wonderful after all, my friends are going to see me marry her.

Despair has been utter shit from beginning to end.

Future has had drawn out episodes where nothing consequential happened, followed by episodes that move at light speed just to kill off characters.

Overall a 5/10 series. Only watching it to see how it ends the story.

>Literally nobody but Mondo liked Ishimaru enough to choose him as class rep.
Maybe, but that is in the setting of DR1. We are told they all got along with each other before the tragedy.
Plus, Ishimaru has backstory reasons to want the position and Naegi would probably step down after realizing how much he might have wanted it. Maybe join him as vice-rep.

Naegi is the one person who will be chosen for various reasons as others have stated. Would not make sense for it to be anybody else especially with what we see of Naegi vs Junko already in the games.

Are you sure you don't want to? You might like it. I can find something more pleasing to view, if you'd like.

Kodaka made some little stories about class 78.
Literally only Mondo remember Ishimaru's birthday.

I refuse to, Hajimeme will bring her back somehow. That was Izuru's endgame during the whole apocalypse, he didn't give a shit about "le hope, le despair" he just wanted his waifu back.


Oh well, that is that.
Poor Ishimaru, though.

Damn, now I want this drawn too.

I thought this during the first few episodes. I like Juzo way better than Varukana though.

Does anyone have the picture of Izuru playing a saxophone?

For /u/


I'll be honest, I did feel like crying when I saw her bleeding out and I can't even rewatch the episode, but I'm saving my tears for the confirmation one way or the other. Not gonna lie, my eyes hurt.

I wish I were Munakata. God, luckiest bastard alive.

I-I will pass, thank you.

I truly find these to be somewhat "disgusting", but I found it funny replying to you anyways. Just like with the Monacafag.

Not going too in depth, I overall agree with your ranking, well done!

Before Mirai/Zetsubou end make sure we have a Meme dump. Im going to try to obtain all the memes and make a mega for it

You're boy is gay.

>Despair has been utter shit from beginning to end.
Not really. Though Future is certainly better than Despair. It was still nice to get a look at what happened before and gain some new insights.

What hurts Despair is mostly Junko and the way the plot adjusts itself so that her plans work out. For example any one of the 14 class 77 students could have warned someone, anyone. "Hey, there's this crazy lady Junko keeping our teacher captive. We're gonna go rescue her now, kbye." These kind of simple things are all it takes for Junko's plans to fall apart, and it never happens.

>Future has had drawn out episodes where nothing consequential happened, followed by episodes that move at light speed just to kill off characters.
This is really lousy criticism. First you say nothing happens, then that a lot happens. Which is it? Even the former only applies to two episodes (07 & 10). The rest always had stuff happen which the threads could speculate about.

Do you even realize how many /u/ pairings are defined by tragedy?

And what effect would it have on anybody at that point? Literally all the FF participants are dead but 3 others

Yes they got along but that only helps Naegi's case even more because people would like him even more during that time most likely. I'm not saying everybody hated Ishimaru I'm just saying they wouldn't like him enough to vote for him because Ishimaru doesn't really know how to talk with people because of his personality

But I do see Naegi trying to step down so he wouldn't hurt Ishimaru's feelings but Ishimaru's pride may not want him to do that and just resolve to develop better relationships with his classmates so maybe one day he could take the title of class rep away from Naegi or some shit.

But his bromance with Mondo if it happened during that time may have had him forgetting about the title entirely.

Idk just pondering over how things may have been like for them during those times.

sleep tight, waifubait trash

Well Kodaka does have those little bits he tweets out to us about class 78's past together.

Like that Christmas party they had and Ishimaru's birthday. The latter literally nobody but Mondo showed up. Kinda saddening.

yes. No one in the numbered games get to keep their helper girl

/u/ has grown weak and whiny in the past few years. I'm sure most normal yurifags will half-expect it and move on, but /u/ probably won't.

>Like that Christmas party they had

Christmas party?

So what theories do we have for Mirai Mastermind's explanation?

>Zombie Theory
>Venom Junko
>Mindhack TVs
>Chisa Did It
>Zetsubou Naegi
>Zetsubou Asahina
>Farmer Guy Makeup Theory

That's fine, feel free to stop replying to me when you stop finding it funny, though.

Reserve course's class hope would have been Renzo Hasegawa. He was a student that tried his best to study and make friends. He was also president of the school book club. He had a thing for Natsumi because he is secretly a big masochist and he loved it when she called him trash. His dad is pretty loaded but lacks a motherly presence in his life due to his mom dying when he was young. He was very depressed when Hajime was the third of his class to go missing but kept the classes spirits up. While Junko was abducting reserve course students he helped some of his classmates escape but was captured and brainwashed. Junko forced him to kill himself in front of Yukizome Chisa. He fought as long as he could.

Normal people have stories too.

It's not like Ishimaru threw a party and invited everyone. Mondo just decided to have a surprise celebration.

Im going with the Munakata clones theory



Sleep tight, Chiakers.
And don't forget: >>Heroines and Love interests

>Mondo just decided to have a surprise celebration.

....because nobody but Mondo remembered and nobody but Mondo attended. I'm pretty sure he'd tell his classmates. They just didn't come

Obviously. it will be ghost Junko

where does it say that? I tried to find on the website.

Every since this copypasta showed up these threads have been complete shit. Absolute fucking GOT tier cancer.

Not that guy but I think it's legitimate criticism to say that the pacing is inconsistent. Especially in the recent episodes which have accelerated the pace rapidly because they're running out of time.

Sleep Tight Chiakers

Oh I see thanks. Guess Naegi really was a ladies' man during that time. He could have banged Sayaka who dressed up in a sexy Santa outfit just to impress him and then bang Kirideeri later on.

Missed opportunities manlet.

>Every since this copypasta showed up these threads have been complete shit.
Episode 3?


>>Zombie Theory
Haven't heard this one before

You must be a newfag because Juzoboys are the ones who make this place less cancerous

>And what effect would it have on anybody at that point?
Kyouko intervenes, shocking everyone, even Chisa.


>Sayaka who dressed up in a sexy Santa outfit

>AI Chiaki was mostly resigned to her death

>Real Chiaki died crying, was scared shitless, and ended up in despair

Looks like Alter Ego didn't copy everything about Chiaki

Juzo bois represent

The bracelets.
The fact that there's a traitor who is going around trying to kill everyone.
Memory erasure.

Komaru's Komarus...

she's ded user let go


I appreciate your dedication to sonia posting desu


I'm not a Kirigirifag either but there's a high chance Kyouko is honestly still alive.

There's a theory that since the bodies aren't really revisited for long, and they are seemingly never in the exact place they were left beforehand, there's a certain curiosity as to what is happening. Some people theorized that the ways that each person was murdered by the "killer" corresponds accordingly to the last person killed.

>Chisa impaled and left to die (???)
>Gozu is restrained and left to hang (Chisa)
>Seiko is slammed violently into the wall with the wall absolutely destroyed (Gozu)
>Ruruka is mutilated in an extremely bloody manner that screams malicious intent (Seiko)

- Ai Chiaki died saving everyone.
Real Chiaki died while the others were being brainwashed.
- Ai chiaki knew that she was an AI,Real chiaki is an human being that didn't wanted to die

>yfw Naegi didn't try to have a threesome with Miss Sayaka Claus and Kirideeri at the Christmas party

which sucks. I really want real chiaki to get that miracle.

I literally want to shove my face in Mukuro's armpits and take a deep whiff

she's not user. it's ok she had a good life

I want to bathe with Hiyoko so badly. I wanna wash all her stink away, even behind the ears.

Damn, that actually makes some sense.

Her miracle already happened. She wanted to be alive in some way to help her beloved friends. She got to do that through AI Chiaki.

If Chisa, in all honesty, managed to actually kill Kyouko. I would praise Chisa as a god for as long as DR continues to live.

>impaled and left to die
Like a certain gamer.

You kill yourself. Acting like a little girl playing with doll and making them racemix.

What the fuck is this shit?


That isnt her though. It's depressing.

the things Makoto could of done there

user, i highly doubt nagito did it.

That's the point. It's supposed to not be her but her in sense of symbolism

Your post confuses me

chiaki maybe?

You're forgetting one detail about Ruruka in regards to malice
Her mouth is stuffed with her candies and she's surrounded by her candies after death.

They are different characters. Real Chiaki didnt accomplish squat. Just a lamb for the slaughter

>implying the beta manlet could even handle a threesome with both girls

They'd break his dick off

i think mukuro is a possibility.

Would bathe her with my mouth to be honest.

>Real Chiaki didnt accomplish squat
She brought everyone together user

>The latter literally nobody but Mondo showed up. Kinda saddening.
that kinda kills the whole "they all got along and were happy together =3" vibe you get from the first game

There's an interesting theory that each murder represents Chisa's state of mind at the time. With the murders becoming more and more brutal, Ruruka's death indicates Chisa's just fucking lost it and is now full on Ultimate Despair.

I love Peko!

To get brainwashed.

The more Hajime over class 77 in mirai hen the better.

Maybe they had things to do and Mondo being an idiot scheduled the birthday party on a day literally nobody would be able to come.

you juzofags aren't really gay, right?

it's just a joke, right?

Nothing? Cause I'd be fine with Haime Mikan

Well its towards one person. Not like class 77 liked Nagito that much either

I'm not gay, my friend.


Man, how I like her stupid grin

Agreed. I'd much rather see Hajizuru than a class of incompetent people


I'm not gay but I have absolutely no problem with our boy swinging that way.

Of course not. We just want Juzo to fulfill his fantasies...his deep dark fantasies


Reminder that Hiyoko only smelled bad after she stopped washing herself during her last few days alive during a killing game on a remote island in a VR simulation after her only friend got murdered.

She's a good girl who washes herself properly just like you and me.

Since Junko and slave sister will never ever truly be explained beside "Fuck i love despair", Is he the most interesting character in this fucking Danganronpa world?

I don't know why but I feel as if he is

Am I going to turn into a Hopefag?



But does she stink as bad as Toko?

The thing is though, where are they going? The killing game isnt close to them is it? And it's almost over.

Mahiru has some god tier hips

>Hiyoko attracts the "I wanna sniff or do X fetish to this waifu" faggots

That's all I needed to know.


This ending is slowly making me go gay for Hopeman

I should be allowed to post this since it's straight from the game.



She deserves to be punished for being so filthy.

Also, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into the pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to go commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono on by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling that one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ant in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and tries to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she likes it. And when she comes to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing at her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into the pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

I am not, brother. But I couldn't care less about anyone else's sexual orientation.

Hopeman is indeed great, nothing wrong with being a Hopefag!

I literally said I wanted to clean her stink away. My waifu shouldn't be smelly, idiot.

I was talking about Mukuro though

They also attract the Lolitrash appreciation squad. Which is why they feel so threatened by women with mature and developed bodies(like Mikan for example)

Reddit is that way.

Post the large version.

I kind of hate that Peko killed her...She wouldve been a good match for Hajimeme

Mikanfags are the worst. She will literally cuck you when she has the chance.


Do you need a hug user?

I always though Hiyokofags who shat on Mikan were just making jokes about what their waifu did in the games

Mikan is an extremely poor example because she's complete trash and everyone with good taste (like Hiyoko's fans, for example!) hates her regardless of what her body is like.

Sorry but my Hiyoko is a matured adult.

Agreed, they're both the most sensible of the bunch

Finally I found someone else who knows that song.

Bless your heart.



Dont reply to me or my waifu ever again

They'll fine some way to barge into that location. Not sure how but they will

This image is true because other then the AI and Nagito, they are all worthless shits.

Will Chisa have to say her fuckin' prayers?

You knew everything.

Everything about me.

anyone else bummed by how souda was developed in sdr2?

he seemed likeable and nice if a little dumb in the beggining, and then they went with le creepy stalker xd

>The bloodiest social link of all time

It plays in my head everytime I see Juzo now.

Too bad the inevitable Abridged Series will milk it for all its worth

Even my despair.

He should've died. He's not even randumb funny like Hagakure to justify his life. He's just a not literal cuck.

Digits of hope

Sonia is pretty perfect though.

Who is ready to hail Hope on Monday?

I doubt it

Yes I would, he is my husbando.

So this is the power of luck, huh?


Honestly wished they wouldve killed him off instead of Gundham in the funhouse. Wouldve made more sense since hes already a fucking mechanic


Despair hen makes it feel like all of class 77 will wake up but not until the end.

no one seemed to like him so there was no drama factor

> 91
> 99
> 11

Subarashii yo!

original post


that's because that shitty pervert/stalker personality they gave him completely ruined his character.


We really need a actual Persona edit of this.



>forgetting the pic

>no boat fight
>no gundam/nidai/jozu normalfag fight
>mindhack anime
>reviving a character just to kill them again

explain to me why Zetsubou-hen needed to be made.

Didn't know there was a larger image.

I'll make sure to replace my shitty one, thanks.

Well Satan, it needed to be made to elaborate on the FF and Chisas story. Also pic related


Well Satan, I'm pretty sure Kodaka made Zetsu-hen for two reasons:

>torture and murder porn

I can't actually think of anything else.

Just in general other than episode 1 and the Nanami death scene, despair has been super shittily animated, and they cut corners whenever they can, like with skipping Nidai and Gundam's fight. I don't blame them or anything, considering this 2 arc thing for such a small studio was a ridiculous undertaking to begin with.

We would never have known how truly, absolutely shitty Mikan is without it.

We'd have thought she might have been a little bit redeemable if we only had DR2.

It can only be Naegi mate.

>watch ep 10D

I don't know what to feel anymore. That was depressing.

Pretty sure Gekkos boobs arent that big

No more games, Kaede.

You know why I'm here. Don't make me raise my volume level.

>wanting to see nidai punch people and gundham sending hamsters up people's pants.

There should have been a lot more Hajime.

>We'd have thought she might have been a little bit redeemable if we only had DR2.
But Despair show that she was brainwashed.

One is from the PSP version, the other is from the Vita version.

Kodaka just wanted to see his waifu animated again.


Assuming the robot was made accurately, she's rather flat.

>bringing only fists to a gunfight
You fucked up

>smile on my face the entire punishment scene
>chiaki finally on her last breath
>"I don't want to die!"
>smile fades
Fuck me man. I hate feeling that bad.

Not that user but, it's an unofficial title just called that due to the way the anime has been shaping up.

Drop that shit.


I ain't thicc bitch

That's the difference between you and I, Kaede, and one of several reasons why I deserve the protagonist spot...


Well done Nagito well done! HOWEVER....


You guys seem to like pointing guns. Wont you actually shoot someone please?

Police squad has arrived. You were saying?

Both of you knock it off.


>actually firing your gun



Goodbye, Nanako-chan. Don't wait for me.

Best girl.

How persona can he get?

She's the best at goofing off

Hes going to get Izanagi in the last episode and undo everything that happened

I love these 2 reasons


If you have Hajimemes post em

¿Dónde están los memes?



Kaede, relinquish the protagonist spot.

You have ten seconds to comply.


I don't have any memes to contribute though.


sleep tight chiakers

Sleep tight, Chiakers.
(; _ ;)7

wtf I hate Cred Forums now

He would be best bro if not for his stupid fixation on Sonia.


Delete this!

Calm down Hopebot
Relax and go upload your data to Miayabot already

>Nagito is cuter in the anime
>Chiaki is uglier

Then you're also gay for Naegi, Kumagawa & Shinji


Not him but we should all be gay for Kumagawa


This is all because of Yukizome's incompetence.

Fuck that bitch


I thought the whole thing was too ridiculous to be depressing.


I mean he actually always managed to get a good laugh out of me so I would miss him

But I would've traded him for Gundam easily

I still can't accept that it was Gundam who killed Mechamaru

I am now 2 days without fapping because of what happened.


I wasn't a Nagito boy before the last episode, but this episode and the episode where he pulls out a fucking gun made me love him so much more.

>not masturbating to the despair and becoming addicted so that you can only get off when despairing

I'm gay, but I don't like Juzo. I much prefer Ishimaru.

Welcome to hopefagging
We hope you enjoy your stay



Juzo's affection was handled really well. (as opposed to many other things that weren't handled very well in this show.) It was never the focus of his character or a meme like Teruteru is, yet there were hints. Punch on, Juzo.

>Nanami-san, I've become a demon

He can just design another AI Chiaki if he really wanted to


>6 years and no season 2

Nanami-san was our hope

Tsumaranai, Nanami-san.

You mean shitposters are acting like faggots? who knew?

To tie up the HPA arc in such a way that a reboot seems like a really good idea.
I say this enjoying the anime so far.



I wish better swirly eyes for the BDs. Their busy schedule is really showing in these last episodes, the animation has been pretty clumsy.

Will they explain how he learned about the HCP and Junko? And why he didnt just shoot Junko?

So what is Izuru's plan after this?

upload future.exe

Personally I think it's funnier if they don't explain it.

tfw Juzo's dying thoughts were likely that he was killed by the guy he loved because his feelings were found out.

Nagito wanted Junko to beat him because that way a hahaha gamer and japanese dancer ahahaha could beat her.

Nah man juzo killed chisa but too scared to admit it to purse owner

I think that the very ending of Despair 10 was the best so far.
There's something about the 'Nani' and the hard cut I love. Keeps me interested without a bullshit ending like 10 Future was
>Guys I know who the mastermind is

>I think that the very ending of Despair 10 was the best so far.
What? It was so formulaic and obvious.

pic related is the best scene in despair hen.

If she actually did that I could see him lashing out like he did against the Shirou/Kuro Kuma heads in AE while trying to imitate emotion.

where did that "junko running" shot come from?

We will defeat this despair!

I think the ending of Despair 10 was even more clicheed with "why am I crying" than a mastermind cliffhanger but to each their own.


I really hope we see Izuru rounding those morons up.


Izuru going "eh?" at the end is still cute.


Reminder that Junko was Brainwashed by Tengan and the true Ultimate Despair.



>mfw Junko became even more shit

I swear there was a version of the Munakata scream someone made where it was replaced with that.

this is wrong
wrong I tell you

DR2 dub voice >>>>>> this voice

That's all there is to it

The games have an okay dub so why in the holy fuck is the anime dub such a piece of ass?


>no naegi!junko


Anime has to match mouth movements so the script sounds unnatural. Also the game dub and anime dub are done by different companies.

You wouldn't stalk Sonia, would you Cred Forums?



Izuru is far worse


Ass, you say?

Jesus Christ this dub is getting worse and worse.

I wish Funi realized that DR3 is essentially the "third game" of the series rather than a "second season" of the DR1 anime. They should have ditched the DR1 anime VAs entirely.

Of course not, I would never betray my pal Soda like that.

No but I would stalk Gundham so I could steal his techiques and his scarf

Literally bored high schooler, doesn't mean it's fitting though.

Why the fuck is JYB so fucking shitty here? He wasn't bad in the game.

The game VAs live on the wrong side of the country and Funi isn't exactly going to fly them out for this.

How does this show end up feeling even more anime-y in English?

Yeah but. He literately sounds so fake.


Except they did get several of them back for OTHER ROLES.

Seiko's VA was Junko and Genocider. Kizakura was Weedman.

Now why the fuck would you do that?


And the fact they brought back most of the VAs from DR2.

And yet, they couldn't get Cherami Leigh back to play Komaru. They gave it to the person who played her for one line in the anime.


Juzo is the only one who has an okay VA in the dub


I hate how it fucking gets me every time

Someone please post dub Izayoi to save us from this shitfest.

Gee, Cred Forums, THREE dangitgrandpa threads?

>Hire Junko's normal voice actress
>Have her say a couple lines as a character who appears for 2 minutes




This will never not make me laugh and what at the same time

My second favorite after STOP

Does anyone have it?

In fairness, she only did a couple of Junko's personalities. Junko had 2 VAs in the games.

Despair about it some more

Get ready to add the dub yell in a couple weeks

>That subtle foreshadowing
Yeah we know you like ass juzo

Never fails to make me chuckle


Komaru's voice was cute as fuck in the game

I fucking love Dub Juuzo and Dub Izayoi, rest can fuck off as far as I'm concerned.

holy fuck that editing

Someone should edit the episodes so that everyone is speaking Japanese except for Juuzo and Izayoi.

I agree. Somehow Kodaka managed to make a better homo character than most animes without even trying. What a hack.

This. And with Toko's irritating voice, next episode is going to be a tough pill to swallow.

But hey, at least they got Cristina Vee back as Monaca. That's more important than Komaru and Toko, right? Right? It's not

I'll make clips so we can all suffer together.

This is the smile you failed to protect, Cred Forums.

It's gone now. Forever. What would you have done differently?

Bully chiakers into dropping out

Helped Chisa push her in the elevator.

They made her face too long on this, but god damn that line makes any death 10x more heartbreaking


>falling for a cheap emotional manipulative trick such as "I don't want to die" or "Why am I crying?"

Fucking never make her in the first place and write a good despair arc instead

Have Chisa kill her in front of the class




She was a good waifubait, maybe even the best

I would've stopped Hajime from accepting that shitty project.

That's hilarious. You got more dub Izayoi?

Juzo is probably the one character most similar to Hajime in temperament funny enough.

Plot Twist - The exit to the Death Maze was actually the Elevator. If she had just turned around and "abandoned" her friends everything would have been fine. Juzo predicted she wouldn't.

Post more shit dubs in the next thread

Fuck I meant Junko.

>Implying Juzo isn't the Mastermind

The Juzoboys are already mind hacking you too?

Nah, Junko really didn't want the class hope to live, in order to give birth to depair hope must die first.


But how would you have saved Chiaki?

Here's the already made thread we'll transition into

No smile is lost if there is but one user left to fight for it.

If Hajime was with her things would go different.

That's why Chisa was at the top waiting. Probably. I guess "Fine" wasn't the answer I was looking for, as I'm sure watching their class rep betray them only to get beat down later would still lead to despair.


I don't want to be his friend, I want to be his boyfriend!

He would have been in the reserves or out of it in some other school.

How? He's not a main course.

So I'd like to know how in the fuck Chisa is gonna get out of the secret room? Is Munakata gonna find her, or will Junko let her out?

And what are her capabilities as a Ultimate Despair? Her talent can't bring despair, and she's not particularly strong enough to fight.

>Dub Izayoi
He has like five lines

There are two p's in disappointed you adorable little faggot.

And they're amazing lines.

>and she's not particularly strong enough to fight.
Go rewatch the first Despair episode. She's pretty strong.

Memes para todos!

If she's so strong, how come she couldn't beat Junko?

Thanks for the compliment, no one ever has complimented me before!
Yeah, I'm aware but I saved the file like that and never bothered to rename it.

I want to marry komaeda!

Because Junko didn't do a thing, it was Mukuro.