Why has Cred Forums declined in popularity over the past few years...

Why has Cred Forums declined in popularity over the past few years? Are the anime coming out lately just not stimulating enough for extended discussion?

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It all feels like yesterday.

Everyone new is just lurking for two years, just wait a bit.

I left to Make America Great Again

Lots of people age out of Cred Forums after awhile. The chans have been demonized in the media, so I'm guessing there isn't a lot of new blood coming in. Plus the allure of the chans was always their in-group identity. Now Cred Forums is on the news and gets posted on youtube. It's lost its secret club feel.

>wishful thinking
I'm here since last May, lurked that season, and posting like a madman since summer.
I'm in my late 20' . I think I aged 'in' from pol and g.

2016's is gonna be so lame. There's Erased cuckposting, Kuma Miko's ending, Re Zero and what else?

The forced unfunny meme of our generation, squap.

Yesterday is always better tomorrow.

I migrated from Cred Forums being a filthy x/b/order but rarely post anything. There's a whole load of animu I've enjoyed since I started coming here, but I prefer to lurk rather than post.

I Wonder, too


I've been coming here since '07. I used to browse a lot of boards, Cred Forums being one of my most frequented. These past few years I've stopped doing most things on here. Nowadays I just lurk on Cred Forums, in fact, this is my first post in 2ish weeks.

I expect I'll stop coming altogether soon enough

did these get worse every year

I don't come to Cred Forums as much anymore because there are a lot of offtopic shit threads and non-stop meme spamming.

I feel almost nothing looking at this.
Maybe it's because I keep retreating further into the slower show threads every year.

Honestly, twitter fills a lot of my anime discussion needs now. I've been posting less and less.


And I feel it is for a growing amount of people.

You Cred Forumsedditors are the cancer killing this site. Die, you piece of shit.

Cred Forums's gone to shit, I hope it dies so i can be free.

We were always being demonized, and the boards that got demonized the most (Cred Forums in the old days, Cred Forums now) only grew as a result.

I actually think the public is much less averse to Cred Forums in general than they used to be. I can't say I've paid much attention to media/the public in the last few years, but last I checked we'd shifted from "dangerous hacker supergroup that will steal your credit cards, bomb NFL games, and probably give you a virus if you visit or something like that because it's 2006 and none of us know how computers work " to "the place where all those funny memes come from, but also kind of racist."

Cred Forums should die down soon .

Cred Forums lost the good stuff when the majority shifted from mostly seasonal threads with occasional off-topic shit to shonen fags.

Seasonal/weekly shit usually updated with enough frequency to keep things fresh. Most of the generals on Cred Forums are about long running shit that move at the speed of molasses.

Everyone got tired of seeing repost after repost after repost of the same shit. Instead of working from the base joke and making it something new everyone just post the exact same copy paste in each thread.

I'd honestly be surprised if Cred Forums retained even half of what it had 3 years ago. Even fucking /vp/ has more original threads then Cred Forums does nowadays.

Seeing this and Kohina in OP's pic is making me want to watch Kokkuri san again for the 4th time.

What's 2016 even going to have aside from Ian McKellen reading the Fate quote?

Mayoiji and Juzoboy threads I guess. Maybe kuma miko?


Boku Dake
Mai's boobs
Bleach ending
Nisekoi ending
Kumamiko ending
Pikari face
Berserk 2016
Probably Kimi no Na wa
Probably 3gatsu vs. Hibike/KnK stuff

I just want to see something like this again

Have you considered suicide?

Next season looks great compared to all the others from this year so hopefully we'll get a higher ratio of good threads once it starts.

Most of the anime is bad, and most of the good manga is monthly and/or not discussed at all. Anything popular has been turned into totally-not-generals and has had all it's quality discussion and original content steadily smothered in it's sleep.

>Cred Forums doesn't spam threads anymore so I know what's actually fun to watch

Maybe this is more of a reflection on the garbage Japan shits out and people's general disinterest in it

when the fug is the new FMP supposed to come out anyway?

What the fuck are you on about? We had over 50 Re:Zero threads up at once like a month ago. And before you say "but that's not fun to watch," remember that the post you're replying to was about fucking Umaru.

>almost 2 years old

Fuck off.

/n/ - News should have been left dead after everyone was banned for not trains on the train board shortly before it was deleted.

Quality post.

If you need a collage to tell you if something is good then you need to kill yourself.

>Cred Forums is no different from /vg/ now

When and why did this happen?

Psycho Pass 3 when? I need those threads

Making 24/7 general threads requires the barest of minimums of efforts, so the gorillion retards that pollute this site just go ahead and keep doing them, since quality control on the user end is basically impossible, and anyone that had even a little interest in making OC were run out of the board years ago by the no fun patrol, so this is what you have left.